Front-end Editor for WordPress



  • 投稿の下書きと編集。
  • 自動保存。書き終えた際にすぐに。
  • Contextual tools. Bold, italic, strikethrough, link, headings, lists and blockquote.
  • WordPress メディアライブラリからメディアを追加。
  • リスト (*, – or 1.)、 引用 (>) 、水平線 (—) の入力しやすいショートカット。
  • リストにあるようなメディアを自動的に URL を貼り付けた際に埋め込み。
  • You can also link text by just pasting the URL over it.
  • アイキャッチ画像を追加 (テーマがサポートしている場合)。


This plugin is designed to be “plug and play”, but also configurable and extensible.



  • fee_toolbar_caret for the caret,
  • fee_toolbar_inline for normal selections,
  • fee_toolbar_block for block selections.


add_filter('fee_toolbar_inline', function($buttons){
  return array_merge($buttons, array('subscript'));

追加の CSS と JS を提供する必要があります。TinyMCE へのツールバーボタンの追加について詳しくは Codex のページTinyMCE のドキュメントをご覧ください。


You can link to the editor from anywhere on the website with the normal edit link to the admin, and it will be picked up by the plugin. Use edit_post_link or similar.


add_post_type_support( 'page', 'front-end-editor' );

Please make sure you also support the REST API.


If you’d like to disable the editor for certain posts, you can use the supports_fee filter.

// Disable for the post with ID 1.
add_filter('supports_fee', function($supports, $post) {
  return $post->ID !== 1;
}, 10, 2);


Works fine with 2 customizations

For those who work with a newer WP version with the build in REST API, you can add :
function check_rest_api_plugin() {
In class-fee.php in the root of the plugin folder. Now you dont need the WordPress Rest Api plugin.

It seems like PUT and PATCH are not supported anymore and the new route for updating is a post to /pages/500 for example.
You can fix this by editing fee.js in the js folder.
Change line 23 to:
return Backbone.sync(‘create’, model, _.clone(options)).then(function (data, text, xhr) {
So update method to ‘create’.

Hope this works for others, cause this plugin seems to be the best free front end editor 🙂

Just Don’t Work

never got off the ground!. No instructions, no settings. Front-end Editor requires WP REST API that will cause errors with Jetpack, Deactivate jetpack and still not work.. giant waste of time

A easy, working plugin to do as this plugin claims to do, allow registered user to edit their own post is much needed!..

Fantastic idea, but going to need allot of work

Only problem I see here is integrating this will all of the custom fields and post types that have evolved. This plugin is going to need a simple API that programmers can interface with allowing them to create intuitive ways for users to handle Shortcodes, shortcode IN custom fields, custom fields created with things like Redux and ACF…

Please do this, its a huge task, maybe if WordPress took people off of Gutenberg and put them onto this we would have a fantastic product!!!

Perfec plugin editor frontend

PROS: Incredibly easy to install and use, without doubt the best editing plugin in front.

CONS: When adding a video to the entries page, it stays blank and until you do not post it does not look … There is a problem adding videos


Less than thrilled.


  • Easy to install.
  • Works.


  • Broke Jetpack Custom CSS
  • Requires REST API
  • Doesnt register Custom Admin Boxes


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