このプラグインの公開は2021年9月9日に停止されており、ダウンロードできません。 この公開停止は一時的なもので、完全なレビューを待っている状態です。


Gave this a shot since it has a developer-licensing model (unlike other well known megamenu plugins for WordPress). However, this plugin is not fit for purpose: - It basically just allows you to add widgets (by which I really do mean WordPress widgets, i.e. what you see in Appearance > Widgets) to a menu and then drag them around. But every change to the layout triggers a refresh. Not exactly what you'd call a "drag and drop app". It's slow and clunky. - Items added into the menu regularly disappear while you're editing. Moved something from one place to another? Good chance it'll disappear. Not always, but maybe a 50/50 chance. - There's no option to save the menu while you're working on it. You just have to close it and then save the whole menu. Fine. Except things may very well have vasnished when you reopen it. - I couldn't find a quick and easy way to add links into a megamnu. If you need a megamenu with 4 columns of submenu items you have to create 4 menus, remember what they're all called and then add them as "Nevigation menu" widgets. So if you have a menu with, say, 7 megamenus and each megamenu has 4 columns (a pretty simple and commonplace use-case) then you're going to need to create a total of 29 menus. Have fun naming and maintaining all of those! And don't forget to check that none of their widgets have disappeared while you were working on building them… - And having gone through the pain of actually setting up a menu in this plugin I then tried looking at it on the front-end. It was ugly as sin. Okay, it could probably be tidied up with some CSS, or perhaps the Pro version comes with nicer looking themes. - After verifying the menu was ugly, it then refused to open again no matter what I tried. Refreshing didn't work, changing pages didn't work, re-saving the menu didn't work. No errors in the console. Nothing to go on. - So my advice: don't waste your time. Move on and keep looking. One day I will find a Megamenu plugin that doesn't fill me with rage. One day… Pre-empting the developer's boillerplate response: No you can't have a link to the site. This was all performed on a local install that has since moved on, and I have no interest in helping you debug your plugin; I've got other things to be doing. For reference it's a mostly vanilla install with Visual Composer and WooCommerce installed, and the Visual Composer Starter theme. Standard MAMP stack, nothing out of the ordinary in the setup. No errors to work from to debug the issue.


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