このプラグインの公開は2020年4月15日に停止されており、ダウンロードできません。 この公開停止は永久的なものです。 理由: 作者からのリクエスト。


I will change my review if someone can show that this is not a clickbait "error" (I'm being kind). Every, and I mean EVERY image I have tried adding to my library a popup appears that says it is only available in the Premium version, for $29. I have not found one "free" image yet, even though that is how this is advertised. Very misleading. Developer, what says you?
Not usefull. Picture is inserted for one day (happy) and two days later the picture is gone.
2020年1月22日 2 replies
This is a really good plugin. As promised, I am changing my review to good when the plugin was updated. You can ignore all the content below. Thanks! ------------- I completely changed my mind about this plugin. I was recommending it and now I can say that it is DANGEROUS. It only works for post featured images. If you INSERT the image in the blog post, it will HOTLINK pixabay, and your photos will disappear from your post after a few days. Now I am updating hundreds of posts after all my images are gone. Why on hell would you hotlink pixabay? why you do not warn people about it? Thanks for making my weekend a pain.
no block support UI misleading...shows premium feature in free version.... until you click on it Other options out there
2018年9月19日 1 reply
The concept of leaving a good review for a product like this is a double-edged sword. On one hand I can't say enough about how phenomenal this plugin is; on the other hand, you might be starting a website that'll compete with mine, and you'll get to benefit from using this plugin, making a portion of my life miserable. I'm tempted to leave a one star review to put people off from getting this plugin. But that would be unethical. I bought both the Pixabay and Pexels pro versions. Both are phenomenal.
Many of the other "find and insert free images" plugins are buggy, I tested them all. Some work, some are buggy. So far this one is one of the best ones. Easy to use interface. Works on multisite installations. 6 stars!


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