WP Simple Booking Calendar


Do you need a booking calendar to show the availability of your holiday home? If you are renting your holiday home to tourists from around the world, you should use this Free plugin on your website! This booking calendar comes in handy any time you want to display the availability of a holiday home, room, bed & breakfast, office or even a piece of equipment.

Installing and embedding the booking calendar on your page only takes a couple of minutes

Thanks to the latest updates, this availability calendar is now easier to use than ever. What WP Simple Booking Calendar does is allow your website visitors to check the availability of your holiday home with just a few clicks. Plus, it gives you complete editing freedom!

The Free version gives you access to all the basic features you might need to keep track of your bookings. For advanced features such as custom legend items and advanced editing and publishing options, you can always upgrade to the Premium version. By ordering the calendar’s Premium version, you’ll gain access to a wide range of customization options and editing features.

How does WP Simple Booking Calendar come in handy?

  • Displaying the availability dates of your holiday home
  • Showing people when your new holiday home is available for rent, thus reducing the time spent communicating with them via phone, chat or email.
  • Can also be used as a shift calendar or for displaying the availability for a room, office or piece of equipment


  • 1つのカレンダーを作成
  • シンプルでユーザーフレンドリーなインターフェース
  • Displays availability
  • PO ファイルを使用した言語翻訳オプション


  • Create an unlimited number of booking calendars
  • 複数の月を表示
  • ワンクリックで複数の日付を編集
  • カレンダーの近くに凡例を表示
  • 独自の凡例を作成 (独自の色と言語を適用する)
  • 週の最初の曜日を変更
  • Change the start month/year
  • Add and save booking information for each day on each of your booking calendars
  • ユーザー管理: 特定のユーザーを特定のカレンダーに割り当てる
  • 情報付きのツールチップを表示する (すべての日に情報を入力できます)
  • 週の番号を1から52で表示する
  • Hide booking history from your visitors
  • Enjoy a variety of language preferences that are simple to use and display
  • Generate a shortcode to display the booking calendar on a page or post
  • WP Simple Booking Calendar Widget (booking calendar as a widget)
  • Sync (export) your calendars to Airbnb, FlipKey and other VR sites (using iCal feeds)
  • Responsive calendar themes
  • Multiple calendar overview
  • カレンダーとデータのバックアップとリストア
  • 現在の日を強調表示する
  • WordPress マルチサイト (ネットワーク) サポート
  • Professional support


Exporting to Booking.com, Airbnb, FlipKey

Do you feature your holiday home on multiple websites and need to sync availability data from one website to the other? With WP Simple Booking Calendar you can easily export the data from your calendars to Airbnb, FlipKey, Google Calendar and other websites.


Download the Premium version at wpsimplebookingcalendar.com to discover its unlimited advantages.


  • The booking calendar in a sidebar as a widget
  • Different styling
  • Editing the booking calendar


  1. wp-simple-booking-calendar ディレクトリを /wp-content/plugins/ ディレクトリにアップロードします
  2. WordPress の「プラグイン」メニューからプラグインを有効化してください
  3. メニューエントリから ‘WP Simple Booking Calendar’ をクリックします
  4. カレンダーを作成するには、ページの上部にある「新規追加」をクリックします。
  5. Click ‘Save Changes’ to save the calendar
  6. ショートコードを使用して任意のページまたは投稿にカレンダーを埋め込む。
    [sbc title=”yes”] または [sbc title=”no”]

A widget of the booking calendar is also available


How can I embed the booking calendar on a page or post?

エディタの下にある ‘Generate token’ フィールドを使用します。 トークンの例: [sbc title=”yes”] 。 このトークンをページに貼り付けると、タイトル付きの予約カレンダーが表示されます。


ショートコードを title=”no” と編集する。

I have another question

詳細については wpsimplebookingcalendar.com をご確認ください。


Not very user friendly

It does the job, but the backend interface is not very user friendly: there no way to mark booking graphically, you have to select the dates manually in pull down lists, you have to remember to apply, THHEN save the changes you made or they get lost, you can't synchronise different calendars, so if you have a group booking, you still have to book each room individually, etc. tedious! Front end works and looks fine, and dthe pluggin is light. As pointed out in other review, the free version is next to useless.

Excellent plugin and support

Good and functional plugin for rentals availability. I successfully use the premium version on a website with 300 accommodation units. All issues and even some customizations were quickly resolved. Great support.

Recommended Calendar Plugin

Have been using this plugin since 4 years ago and this V.8 is powerful. For those who tried free version I suggest to buy the pro one. The plugin is simple but powerful with great support too. Happy to have it 🙂

Speed and efficiency for support

Problem : Even if "Icalendar Sync" is marked as "enable" in General Settings, impossible to see any link in Sync board. All my Legends are also marked "Sync as booked" with a "v". I do have a Calendar called "Disponibilites" that works perfectly since 2017. Response and solution : This should only happen if you don't have any calendars added in the plugin. But there is one... 'after tests'... It seems this was due to the version of the plugin you had installed. I've updated the plugin and it seems to be working now.

Clean plugin but no booking options at all

The name "WP Simple Booking Calendar" suggests it has some kind of booking administration.. but with free version you can only display a calendar and add availability.. that's it. 2 stars because it looks very clean.

Best support ever!!!

I had handpicked the plugin because of good reviews - thay are true... This is not only a very easy to setup and use - this is also managed by great people! With Divi theme installed the CSS from theme and plugin conflicted and i could not figureout what to do. Roland from WP Simple Booking Calender helped me out very fast and effective. Besides that the plugin is truely simple and comes with 3 nice layouts. all my best to the team and everybody who uses this plugin 🙂


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開発に興味がありますか ?

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  • New: Added Gutenberg calendar block


  • Fixed: Removed PHP create_function deprecated function.


  • Misc: Small interface change.


  • Misc: Modified the way the WP Simple Booking Calendar post/page meta-box works, to be more clear to the user.


  • Fixed lowercase day abbreviations and month names


  • The admin panel is now fully responsive
  • プレミアム機能の一覧を更新しました。


  • ハッシュの微調整


  • セキュリティ強化 (すべてのURLに一意の識別子をハッシュ形式で追加)


  • WordPress 3.8 用の小さな CSS の調整


  • Changed .live() to .on() for better compatibility with jQuery


  • Fixed Warning: array_key_exists() error some users experienced
  • enqueue_scripts を修正


  • 最初のリリース