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Restrictions too much. For example, file upload size. For example, total disk space. Also elementor does not work on editing pages.
Templator saves so much time. You don't have to save templates and upload them to all websites. You just have your own cloud! Outstanding plugin when you have multiple websites and/or clients. Their support is amazing, fast and friendly. They also are open for feedback and improvements. I love it!
This is a great plugin, a real time saver Fantastic work!
Astra Theme, Customizer Search, Astra Sites, Portfolio, etc.. The BF-team keeps amazing me with actually useful products that save something very dear to me.. Time. Being able to share pages, sections, widgets, images, etc.. across your own websites is a game changer indeed. Impressive.
Being able to design a template using a page builder and exporting that very template to the cloud and being able to import it into any site you want is a great tool! This is something that can completely replace old methods of storing templates such as using Google Drive or Dropbox. This service allows you to categorize, upload screenshots and search through your templates that you make. Yet another great product by this great team of developers!
Wow, this is a game changer - reuse hard work instead of re-designing. And all that in a smart and professional way. The plugin and service already works really fine though it's still in its early stages. I am really impressed so far and this plugin & service will be awesome helpers for my future work!


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