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  • ブログへグローバルな製品レビューを設定します。
  • ユーザーレビューの承認と管理
  • ポイント、星マーク、パーセント、円グラフなどの複数の評価スタイル
  • 値、外観、品質などの追加のレビューフィールドを作成することも可能です。
  • 製品レビューの最大スコアを設定し、スコア入力にテキスト入力、ドロップダウン選択、または星の数を使用できます


  • 投稿メタ設定
  • 投稿メタのデフォルト設定
  • レビューの詳細
  • レビューのグローバルオプション
  • review-list
  • review-list-2
  • style-percentange-2
  • style-percentange.
  • style-pie-2
  • style-pie
  • style-point-2
  • style-point
  • style-star-2
  • style-star
  • form-style-1-squre
  • form-style-2-star
  • form-style-3-slider
  • form-style-4-bar
  • form-style-5-movie
  • form-style-6-pill


  1. プラグインファイルを /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name ディレクトリにアップロードするか、WordPress プラグイン画面からプラグインを直接インストールします。
  2. WordPress の「プラグイン」画面でプラグインを有効化します
  3. すべての設定は管理サイドバーにあります。-> Wp Ultimate Review メニュー
  4. (Make your instructions match the desired user flow for activating and installing your plugin. Include any steps that might be needed for explanatory purposes)


Ultimate Review の使用方法は?

WordPress ダッシュボードにログインし、左側のメニューから Wp Ultimate Review アイコンをクリックします。


2023年5月4日 1 reply
I really like how this plugin works and solves some review issues we had. However the plugin had no captcha options. So we get daily spam reviews from bots. I have been asking multiple times in 1.5 years for a captcha integration but the devs do not seem to care. I also noticed you can edit a review, just not the score. I asked if this could be changed. I was told this would be implemented in next update. Which ws said to me almost a year ago now.Such a shame, i could have used this on many sites and would gladly pay for a pro version. For now it seems we have to let go and find another solution.The devs are now on our blacklist. We will not buy anything from these devs cause they are careless.
Average review plugin, It does display reviews but no where near what I need unfortunately.
2022年10月24日 6 replies
When you enter the administrative panel, you can not click on any section and the parasha music anthem of Ukraine starts playing. I thought that they put some malicious code in there. Removed it completely and installed a new one, nothing changed. There is nothing in the database of the data plugin, I thought there was something there. I had to send this plugin to the trash
They gave me the latest plugin update that can solve a bug I found. As I couldn't wait for them to release the update on the platform, the sent me the updated plugin personally. Thanks.
Really good plugin. It does everything I needed, it's very easy and the support is really good, I did get a response almost instant. I'm really happy with this plugin!


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Version 2.1.0 // 2023-03-27
-Improved: Security, WP Nonce and sanitization.

Version 2.0.3 // 2022-12-20
-Tweaked: Alert message

Version 2.0.2 // 2022-08-23
-Fixed: Rating counter shortcode issue
-Fixed: Reviewer language broken issue
-Fixed: Minor UI issue

Version 2.0.1 // 2022-04-19
– Fixed: Meta box content issue.
– Fixed: Settings page’s alignment & Tooltip issues.
– Tweaked: JS & CSS.

Version 2.0.0 // 2021-11-25
– Updated: Review Graph Style UI with Thumbnail in Setting Page and Post Edit Page
– Updated: Review Score Input Style UI with Thumbnail in Setting Page and Post Edit Page
– Added: Product and Post/Page criteria settings page

Version 1.4.3 // 2021-08-31
– Fix: email field can not be disabled issue is fixed
– Fix: rating percentage issue
– Tweak: CSS and JS improved
– Compatibility: compatible with WordPress 5.8
– Compatibility: compatible with PHP 8

Version 1.4.2
– Fix: missing pot file added

Version 1.4.1
– Fix: review form not coming using shortcode issue resolved
– Fix: language file added

Version 1.4.0
– Added: Global option “Enable user review” to turn off/on user review form
– Added: Global option “Enable author review” to turn off/on author review
– Fix: mobile responsive issue
– Tweak: Pie chart design improved
– Tweak: CSS and JS improved

Version 1.3.0
– Added: Global option “Overview average rating text” added for changing the word SUPERB!
– Added: Global option added for showing the “overview average rating text” if the rating is grater than or equal the given value
– Fix: Typo is correct
– Tweak: CSS and JS improved

Version 1.2.2
– Fix: Custom post types can be selected from settings

CSS and JS Improvement

UI Design Improved

Update heading tag
Added condition in hook

Removed ID
Updated review data
Fixed Review post

CPT Updated
Editor support


  • initial release