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2018年7月10日 1 reply
Great plugin and and easy application. My only suggestion would be this: Would like to be able to make a copy of a button, call to action, etc – where the only thing I need to change is text and links.
2017年7月24日 1 reply
WPi Designer Button is a very nice and fairly advanced Button-plugin – one can always ask for more. It is easy to work with: first create your style or use some of the pre-defined ones – then do the button with the specifics – generate the button – and you have a ready to go [shortcode] for implementing on your site. If you like the button – there’s a copy function – edit text/link/whatever and you have one more – very easy and simple indeed! Swift support and agility to overcome problems or requests for enhanced features. I would give it 4½ star due to some small features missing – in my perspective – but that score is not an option, so I’ll be happy to give it 5 ones for a very nice plugin – and hoping for more in the future. Good job!
2017年5月12日 1 reply
Hi Prali, I really appreciate you from my heart for such great, neat and clean plugin. I have some idea to make it more functional. While I have created button with pop up functionality. while I want to use that button in CTA. But to use that button I need to use short code. Can you do something by which new buttons can available internally in CTA. Please add one more functionality for write and add custom css. Thanks Aniket
2017年1月23日 1 reply
When I want to create a new button shows the incompleted window http://images.tinypic.pl/i/00862/d1jfb8q9qr2r.jpg I have 5 button created 1 years a go… a cant edit now, I cant create new. I reinstaled plug but problem is still.
2017年1月12日 1 reply
FIVE STARS! This plugin works wonderfully for my needs. Also, when I had a problem due to a Wordpress updated breaking how I was using the short codes, PRALI the plugin creator was prompt in responding and actually provided a plugin update to help work around the Wordpress problem. Amazing support you just won’t typically see. Regards, sjmyst


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