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7月 31, 2018
The plugin looks great (really simple). But there is no documentation anywhere. There is 3 or 4 articles to do simple action on the webtoffe website, but nothing more. It says open source but I didn't found any versioning of sources ... It looks that if you want a viable solution you've to pay, woocommerce subscription, or the custom woocommerce subscription proposed on the webtoffe website ? It's sad.
7月 20, 2018
Great. I translated it into Japanese and prepared a translation file, where should I send it?
5月 31, 2018
I am SO happy I found this plugin. I simply can't afford to pay Woocommerce's $199 price tag for their subscriptions plugin, and so far, this does *everything* I want! Also, it's easy to configure and use. On the Support side, I had a question and got a super quick response. Thanks so much, WebToffee people!
5月 22, 2018
Does what it needs to do and the support is very fast and acurate! Keep up the good work!


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