このプラグインの公開は2020年12月18日に停止されており、ダウンロードできません。 この公開停止は永久的なものです。 理由: 作者からのリクエスト。


Tried a few similar ones earlier, all have various issues. Only this one does what I need for the most part, except there's no refund status update or msg history in My Account page, I know there should be one called " My Refund Requests" page appear there, but there's no such endpoint, I saw all the relevant posts there, and I've tried those methods, none of them work, so I hope there'll be a fix in the next update, btw, I'm a premium version user, thanks for the great work.
My website even can't complete the checkout process after installing this plugin. An error appears: class.yith-ars-coupon-user-email.php: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in class.yith-advanced-refund-system.php. The checkout process is fixed after disable/uninstall this plugin.


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