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For me, this plugin is working well. I love this plugin because it provides simplistic and necessary functions.
2018年12月17日 2 replies
The plugin seems excellent and I personnaly love your other plugin. But this one is not working....
Wasted over a week because i kept getting bounced around from one support to another. Using the pro version and you would think they would figure that out but told me to post here. Did extensive testing and posted here and got a basic answer that doesn't help. But i'm done wasting my time and have removed the plugin and switched to Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce as it works perfectly.
Si no tienes un sistema de recuperación de carritos estás perdiendo ventas, está claro. El plugin está muy bien, pero para una estrategia completa mejor el premium. En cualquier caso esta versión gratis está muy bien, al menos para probar la funcionalidad, sin automatismos.


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