Jetpack CRM – Clients, Leads, Invoices, Billing, Email Marketing, & Automation


Did you know, entrepreneurs earn more money with a good CRM?

Jetpack CRM は、WordPress 向けのシンプルな CRM です。より多くの利益を生み出し、より幸せなビジネス交流を毎日簡単に行うことができます。

🚀 | 📚 ナレッジベース | 🧬 CRM 機能

📈 Jetpack CRM Benefits:

  1. Simple & Practical: Useful features that impress customers
  2. すべて「あなたのもの」: ご自分の WordPress にインストールしてください。鍵はあなたが握っています
  3. Free: No giant monthly fees. Good value extensions are optional

🧬 See all CRM Features 🎚️

🤵 Who’s already using Jetpack CRM?

Thousands of entrepeneurs use Jetpack CRM everyday. We’ve noticed a common trend to the following use cases:

  1. eコマースサイト (最高 のWooCommerce CRM、PayPal と Stripe との連携)
  2. エージェンシーとプロのフリーランサー
  3. スタートアップと非営利団体
  4. Local business & small teams (From personal trainers to yoga academies!)

Because Jetpack CRM is so adaptable & extendible, there are many individuals who don’t fit these groups, but find innovative ways to use our CRM to manage their contacts.

🧰 What is Jetpack CRM good at?

Jetpack CRM は、わかりやすくインパクトがあるように設計されていますが、だからといって柔軟性がないわけではありません。ここでは、Jetpack CRM 得意なことをいくつかご紹介します。

  • An invoice plugin for WordPress. (It’s also an invoice plugin for WooCommerce.)
  • A client manager for WordPress. With a Client Portal for contacts to view quotes, invoices, transactions, and files.
  • A lead generation tool for WordPress.
  • A plugin to make quotes and contact proposals right in WordPress.
  • A billing System for WordPress. Jetpack CRM can be connected to Stripe and PayPal via extensions and work as a payment gateway.
  • A plugin to manage your business transactions and payments in WordPress.
    You can use it as a CRM for WooCommerce, tracking orders and automatically syncing payment transactions.

🚲 How to get started (Try out this CRM)

From reading this to understanding Jetpack CRM will probably take you 10 minutes. Familiar with WordPress? You’ll be set up in under 5 mins.

The Jetpack CRM plugin installs in seconds, (with a super-quick welcome wizard to get you started). Adding a contact is straightforward. Creating a quote, or invoice, even simpler. Give it a go, you’ll see!

⭐ Jetpack CRM を使いこなす

1. Install this WordPress CRM plugin
2. Step through the guided Welcome Wizard
3. Add your first contact (lead or customer)

Easy CRM’s get used. Easy CRM’s make your contact data work for you. We aim to make this easy, so you can get on with running your business.

Need a helping hand? No worries. Just ask here.

💸 ビジネスを効率的に進めるために

Keep your business information in order. Make proposals and send them to your contacts as quotes. Make and send invoices to your clients and get paid through the client portal.

Our billing system will allow you to track transactions and payments that your clients make for your products and services, (simple, effective accounting).


Did we already tell you Jetpack CRM is free? Well it is.

We support Jetpack CRM, (update it, fix it, love it, refine it), because we use it ourselves everyday.

To that end we’ll keep this updated. Throw us suggestions, grab an extension, or simply use the free Jetpack CRM WordPress CRM plugin to make your businesses better. Tell people. We’re here for win-win business 🙂

P.S. When you do need support, please use this page

🛡️ Made by Professionals, backed by Automattic

Mike and Woody are the people behind Jetpack CRM. We’ve been here a while. Between us we’re accountable for a few million WordPress-related downloads. We’ve built many tools over the years, easily 50+ plugins, and 10+ themes. We make our living through WordPress.

* そして、ふたりとも Jetpack CRM を毎日使っています。

🚀 へ

Supercharging Jetpack CRM with Optional Extensions

(Jetpack CRM 用の適正価格の追加機能)

We’ve built a few extras for Jetpack CRM, but they’re mostly offering functionality outside of the core CRM, so we’ve seperated them into individual “extensions”. These all have some supercharging effect on your CRM, but none are essential.

👉 View all of the CRM Extensions

Jetpack CRM 拡張:

🥼 Jetpack CRM を今すぐお試しください。

Download our WordPress CRM plugin from this page, or Visit the Download page

🗺️ Jetpack CRM Customer Relationship Manager (v4.0+):

We’ve added so much value to our new v4.0 that it’s hard to give you a list of all the features. Here are the main picks, but we suspect that if it’s a no-nonsense feature that makes sense in a CRM (e.g. basics like billing or invoice’s), you might find that it’s just-in-the-box!

  • ⚙️ コア機能

    • Contact Management: Add and manage Leads, Customers, or other Contacts
    • Quote Builder: Write & Deliver stunning online proposals to clients
    • Invoice Builder: Easily and quickly bill clients and get paid with online billing
    • Transaction Manager: Log payments and refunds against contacts
    • Client Portal: Allow contacts to view proposals, invoices, and files on your website
    • Front-end Forms: Collect leads from your posts, pages, or widgets, straight into your CRM
    • Task Scheduler: Schedule and manage a calendar against contacts and companies
    • Segments: Create dynamic segments which allow you to group contacts based on data in your CRM
    • WooCommerce Sync: Sync customers, transactions, and invoices from WooCommerce
    • Self-hosted: Because you run Jetpack CRM on your WordPress, you keep your data, always
  • 🧑‍💼 Contact-Centric CRM

  • 📅 Easy to Manage, day-to-day

    • Tag any object: Tag contacts, quotes, invoices, transactions, etc., to help manage lists
    • Custom Fields: Add as many custom fields as you need for your business insights
    • B2B (Business 2 Business) Mode: Add and manage companies and contacts at companies
    • Built-in CSV Customer Importer: Import from a wide variety of sources with CSV files
    • Super-easy Extensions Manager: Easily turn CRM features on or off
    • CRM WordPress ユーザー権限: チームに適切なアクセスを付与
  • 🚀 モダン。軽快。アクセシブル

  • 📈 スモールビジネスを成長させましょう

    • 中小企業の日常的な業務をサポート
    • リードジェネレーションのツールキットでの最適なハブ
    • より多くの顧客を獲得してビジネスを成長させるための拡張機能のセット
  • 🏢 B2B Sales

  • 🧑‍💻 開発者対応

  • 🧙 Easy Setup

  • 🛡️ Automattic のプロダクト

    • Jetpack CRM は Automattic ファミリーの一員です
    • Superb as a WooCommerce CRM
    • Consistent development and improvements
  • 🏷️ White-Label CRM

    • Rebranding Engine: Brand your CRM with your company name or a contacts (and logo!)
    • WordPress 上書きモード
    • Fully takeover WordPress and make Jetpack CRM a standalone CRM (optional)
    • Branded login and disabled front-end make this resellable too!
    • お好みのメニュースタイルをお選びください: スリムライン、CRM のみ、フル
  • 🧾 CRM Audit system

    • Automatically log contacts events like “new invoice” or “filled out web form”
    • Keep a track of contacts calls or meetings
    • See all contacts activity at-a-glance from the contacts record, (useful for accounting)
    • NEW: Automations extension provides automatic actions on events!
  • ここには書ききれないほどさらにたくさん…

    • PDF 請求書、請求明細書、その他のクライアントツール
    • Invoice builder with line items, hourly or item rates, email invoices and get paid via client portal!
    • Tax Table management – assign multiple local/national taxes to Invoices or Transactions
    • 見積書テンプレートを使えば、提案書のテンプレートを事前に準備できます
    • Contact form 7、Gravity forms、Jetpack Forms、独自の CRM フォームモジュールなどのさまざまなフォームをサポートし、リードジェネレーションを実現
    • メールキャンペーンを使ったメールマーケティング
    • Automatically sync WooCommerce data into your CRM!
    • Import PayPal and Stripe data into your CRM (requires extension)
    • Build Automations and slick workflows around clients and billing
    • すべての機能を見る

👔 中小企業、スモールビジネス、WordPress 起業家

Built for business managers and bootstrapped entrepreneurs, Jetpack CRM is the perfect start-up tool to manage your business essentials. We’ve added just enough billing and accounting for freelancers and small teams, without getting lost in the potential feature bloat of full accounting and erp software. We didn’t add HR tools, but we do have user management. Customer Relationship Management is meant to make lead management easy. Start with a contact form builder and lead generation, track contacts through funnel analytics then use newsletters and email marketing to grow your profits by selling to contacts at companies.

Jetpack CRM は、スモールビジネスを改善するための最初のステップとして最適です。無料でお試しください !

📃 プライバシーポリシー

For our full privacy policy for Jetpack CRM plugin and Jetpack please see here

Jetpack CRM と WordPress CRM

When choosing between a SaaS CRM and a WordPress plugin-based CRM, we’re confident that after you’ve tried JPCRM for lead capture and lead management in your small business, you’ll see that it’s quite a natural fit. It’s logical to have your lead generation tools or contact form builder next to your CRM. Where better to optimise your funnel than by tracking results right in your WordPress CRM dashboard?

Whether it’s as a WooCommerce CRM, a simple lead management and funnel tool, or the ultimate dashboard for your business manager, Jetpack CRM improves your business insights.

🚀 | 📚 ナレッジベース | 🧬 CRM 機能


  • ダッシュボード
  • 連絡先の管理
  • 連絡先を表示
  • セグメントエディター


  1. まず、WordPress がインストールされていることを確認します。
  2. 以下の手順でプラグインをインストールします (すでにご存知かもしれません !)。
  3. WordPress の「プラグイン」画面でプラグインを有効化します。
  4. 初めてプラグインを起動すると、基本的なセットアップを案内するウェルカムウィザードが表示されます。
  5. Check out our Learn page to get started

For more documentation, please see the CRM knowledge base:

WordPress のダッシュボードからの自動インストール

  1. 管理画面へのログイン
  2. 「プラグイン -> 新規追加」へ移動
  3. Jetpack CRM を検索
  4. Click install and activate, and then follow the Welcome Wizard

WordPress ダッシュボードからの手動インストール

  1. Download the plugin by clicking on the blue ‘Download’ button above. A ZIP file will be downloaded.
  2. Login to your site’s admin panel and navigate to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload.
  3. Click choose file, select the plugin file and click install
  4. Activate the plugin, and then follow the Welcome Wizard

FTP を使ったインストール

  1. Download the plugin by clicking on the blue ‘Download’ button above. A ZIP file will be downloaded.
  2. ファイルを解凍します。
  3. Launch your favorite FTP client. Such as FileZilla, FireFTP, CyberDuck etc. If you are a more advanced user, then you can use SSH too.
  4. wp-content/plugins/ にフォルダーをアップロードします。
  5. WordPress のダッシュボードにログインします。
  6. 「プラグイン -> インストール済み」へ移動
  7. Activate the plugin, and then follow the Welcome Wizard


Is there any limits to contact or invoice counts in Jetpack CRM?

There are absolutely no limits in Jetpack CRM, apart from the usual ones applied by your host (database size etc.), you can create as many clients or invoices as you’d like!

Jetpack CRM は本当に無料ですか ?

Totally. The core is a solid, useful, Customer Relationship Manager right out of the box. You don’t need anything else to get started managing your leads, and customers. We do build extensions, (because we need them), but they’re not at all essential. Further, they’re cheap in comparison to the pay-per-month CRM options.

Can I develop on top of Jetpack CRM?

Of course. Please reach out to us via the in-plugin feedback page if you want to, we’ll help you get started, or check out our Developer resources.

CRM の今後のロードマップは ?

v3以降はロードマップを公開していませんが、将来的には公開するかもしれません。将来の拡張機能について、Coming Soon ページで投票できます。

CRM の拡張機能はどこで見ることができますか ?

CRM のすべての拡張機能はこちらからご覧いただけます:

Jetpack CRM に連絡先の検索機能はありますか ?

Yes, Jetpack CRM comes with a search feature that allows you to run a customer search, contact search, and then act on it, letting you easily manage contacts. There’s also search for transactions, quotes, invoices, companys, lead forms, and tasks.

なぜ WordPress で独自 CRM をホストするのですか ?

Data privacy, control, extensibility. GDPR compliance. You’re probably already paying for hosting too, so you’ll save there. SaaS has its place, but there’s so much value in hosting your own (e.g. for GDPR rules you need to know where your contacts data is kept)!

How do I get my existing contacts into Jetpack CRM?

The free core is fully integrated with WooCommerce using the built-in WooSync module. It also has a basic CSV Importer which works well and allows you to import contacts and import customer data. You can also use our paid extensions for additional features: CSV Importer Pro, PayPal Sync, or Stripe Sync – these automatically pull up all your contact data (including transactions) and then keep it up to date for you!

If I’ve been using another CRM, can I import all my data into Jetpack CRM?

Most CRM providers allow you to export your contact data in CSV format, which can then be used to upload into Jetpack CRM. The CSV Importer Pro extension can then be used to import contacts and customer data. CRM is a very broad landscape, so each CRM may have different ways of storing data. See our CRM Knowledgebase for more information, or ask in the forums!

Do you have a B2B mode?

Yes, Jetpack CRM has a Business to Business mode. Enabling the B2B CRM Extension adds a “Companies” layer, which lets you have contacts under a company.

How does B2B mode (Companies) work in Jetpack CRM?

Jetpack CRM allows you to manage contacts at companies from within the CRM. This adds a hierarchy to your CRM, letting you add a contact to a company using our contact manager. Currently you can bill (invoice) companies or contacts respectively, but in the future we want to make this much more integrated.


  1. Make a company (e.g. “Davidsons Ltd.”)
  2. 連絡先を作成します (例: 田中太郎)。

… 新しい連絡先を作成または編集する際に、ステップ1で作成した会社に連絡先を割り当てることができるようになります。

Invoices and transactions can then be assigned to either “Davidsons Ltd.” or “Dave Davidson” directly.

Does Jetpack CRM work as an ecommerce plugin?

Jetpack CRM allows you to create and manage quotes, invoices, and transactions against contacts. While this setup may be used in some senses like an ecommerce platform, really the aim with Jetpack CRM is to effectively manage a contact list, including manually billing them (e.g. getting invoices paid online). This works well, via our client portal, but if you want a fuller ecommerce setup, we recommend using WooCommerce, which we integrate with, (it’s really great).

Can I use this as a WooCommerce CRM?

Yes, Jetpack CRM is actually ideal for using with WooCommerce. You can read more about Jetpack as a WooCommerce CRM here.

Does Jetpack CRM work as a booking / recurring subscription plugin?

Bookings: While Jetpack CRM has a useful Task scheduler which can help manage tasks against contacts, we do not have a pure booking layer. For this we recommend using WooCommerce and a WooCommerce bookings plugin, integrated into Jetpack CRM via WooSync.

Recurring subscriptions: Much as above, you could create an invoice via Jetpack CRM, then make it recur via Stripe and have that synced into Jetpack CRM via Stripe Sync, but in this instance we’d recommend using WooCommerce subscriptions.

Does Jetpack CRM include lead capture forms?

Jetpack CRM では、リードキャプチャフォームを使って簡単にリードをキャプチャすることができます。これらのフォームは、投稿、ページ、ウィジェットに追加することができ、リードがフォームに記入すると、その情報はそのままCRMに入ります。

リードジェネレーションのフォームにはどのようなものがありますか ?

Jetpack CRM には独自のフォームビルダーが同梱されており、ショートコードフォームや iframe フォームを使って、投稿やページにフォームを挿入することができます。より高度なフォーム機能を必要とするユーザーのために、Jetpack Forms をサポートしています。また、有償の CRM エクステンションにより Contact Form 7 や Gravity Forms との統合も可能です。

Can Jetpack CRM help me pay sales commissions?

We occasionally get asked if Jetpack CRM can help calculate and pay sales commissions. We do have some users who are using the CRM for this, but there are no direct features out of the box which will provide this functionality, these users are simply totting up the transactions assigned to contacts based on their ‘owners’ in Jetpack CRM, then paying these commissions manually. We may in future expand our reporting to offer something along the lines of a sales summary per agent.

How do I send email campaigns from Jetpack CRM?

To send out email broadcasts such as newsletters or other email marketing you will need to purchase Jetpack Mail Campaigns, or a bundle which includes it. In short, it’s worth paying for a quality mail sending plugin because it can make the difference between your newsletters being well received, or ending up in the spam box.

Jetpack CRM はどのような自動化やワークフローに対応していますか ?

Jetpack CRM has it’s own Automations extension which uses Triggers, Conditions, and Actions to automate workflows based on CRM events. This can be used in lead generation, email marketing, or internal business admin. If you have an idea for a workflow or automation you’d like to see, please do submit it as a feature request.

どのようなアドオンがありますか ?

We have over 30 premium extensions available in our CRM extension store. These are totally optional, but supercharge some aspects of the CRM, (e.g. StripeSync automatically pulls in your customer and transaction data from Stripe).

Most users tend to purchase bundles of extensions, which allows them to ‘make their perfect CRM’:

View CRM Bundles

ライセンスキーはいつ必要ですか ?

You can now add your license key into your Jetpack CRM settings page (under ‘CRM License’). This is only required if you wish to use paid extensions. To get started with premium CRM extensions, please visit our extension store.


How do I purchase more than one license?

Jetpack CRM を利用している代理店は多いので、これはよくある質問です。

To get stared please see our bundles page – if you’re likely to need 10~ licenses, the best bet is to get started with the Reseller package. If you want to build up more slowly, please purchase the Entrepreneur bundle and let us know via a support ticket if you would like to add additional licenses to your account.

返金ポリシーは ?



2023年3月1日 1 reply
I was one of the developers for XRMS CRM and had installed and supported it for many clients over many years. It is very similar to, which are both enterprise solutions for enterprise companies with large sales forces. When my client profile changed to mostly small business, I felt Jetpack CRM was worth a try. When it was first released it was flimsy, but because they continue to grow, and are open to enhancement requests, it has become a perfect sales and customer management tool for a Jewelry store to manage contacts, schedule clock repair visits, and complete billling and accept payment on site. I also support it for several network marketing small business clients. I believe in time it could even scale to medium businesses whose webs are hosted on shared platforms. After 3 years of using it, I am impressed by the level of support we get for the Enterprise License. It comes at a fraction of the cost for or Oracle Siebel CRM (both of which I have used and managed extensively in large enterprises. They are superior for medium to large businesses "out of the box"). If you're a small business with a CRM savy WordPress tech support person on staff or on contract, I recommend giving Jetpack CRM a try.
2023年2月27日 1 reply
We had a minor issue on the contact list but this was swiftly solved by the Jetpack Support Team. Thanks!
2023年2月20日 2 replies
Honestly, if you are buying this to manage your business, forget it. It's not a production ready CRM... Not even close. They also don't offer any refunds so whatever money you spend on it, just count it as an education.There are so many things wrong with the software that there's simply too many problems to list. It's not ready for production and whomever is working on this CRM has apparently never used a CRM.In a nutshell, this is a beta software with many errors and lack of functionality. When submitting support request, they often come back with canned replies. Functions are added but don't work or product errors.You time is valuable. Don't waste on this product. I cannot foresee this ever being able to be a software ready for production. Not in the next several years anyway.I'm thoroughly disappointed in this product. There are no refunds. While the refund would be nice, it's the time wasted on setting this thing up just to find out that it's broken at every turn... that's the real bummer.
2023年2月14日 1 reply
exactly what I was looking for, easy to use, great support.


Jetpack CRM – Clients, Leads, Invoices, Billing, Email Marketing, & Automation はオープンソースソフトウェアです。以下の人々がこのプラグインに貢献しています。


“Jetpack CRM – Clients, Leads, Invoices, Billing, Email Marketing, & Automation” は11ロケールに翻訳されています。 翻訳者のみなさん、翻訳へのご協力ありがとうございます。

“Jetpack CRM – Clients, Leads, Invoices, Billing, Email Marketing, & Automation” をあなたの言語に翻訳しましょう。

開発に興味がありますか ?

コードを閲覧するか、SVN リポジトリをチェックするか、開発ログRSS で購読してみてください。


5.6.0 – 2023-03-23


  • Contacts: Change customer references to contact in all but Woo and commerce contexts
  • Compatibility: Indicate full compatibility with the latest version of WordPress, 6.2
  • Move all files that were inside the zbscrm-store folder with a flat structure to the new jpcrm-storage folder that uses a hierarchical structure
  • Extensions: Highlight popular Woo extensions on extensions page, plus alphabetize results


  • Add a missing < which prevented a script tag from being opened.
  • Allowing XMLRPC and REST requests when the frontend is disabled
  • Client Portal: Fix bug that prevented access from being disabled using the contact page
  • Client Portal: Fix numeric fields, date fields, and textareas in the Client Portal
  • Change escape function for API generated activity
  • Contacts: Prevent JS error when custom avatars are not enabled
  • Contacts: Fix PHP error when using empty values for Address Custom Field (Date)
  • Contacts: Fix a contact field issue when a Woo order subscription is updated
  • Contacts: Fix avatar getting removed when saving a contact
  • Contacts: Fix escape in contact list filters
  • Contacts: Fix issue where exporting contacts shows “County” when it should show “State”
  • Contacts: Fix the escape used in the “Bundle holder” notification when uploading files to a contact
  • Dashboard: Allow custom profile pictures to be shown in the dashboard
  • Invoices: Escape an invoice ID in ZeroBSCRM.admin.invoicebuilder.js
  • Tasks: Correct text where tasks where being referred to as events
  • Placeholders: Fix secondary address placeholders
  • Placeholders: Fix several placeholders throughout CRM
  • Placeholders: Fix minor admin only issue on placeholder fields
  • Exports: Fix some export cases by adding a check for the segment index
  • Taxes: Fix tax page deletion for single entries
  • Taxes: Fix tax rate creation link on tax rate settings page
  • Forms: Swapping edit and new form titles to correctly reflect page
  • Dashboard: Show default avatar under activity, when contact image mode set to none
  • Client Portal: Fix accept quote in Client Portal button not working for PHP versions 8.1 and up
  • Taxes: Fix potential XSS in the Tax Settings page
  • Contacts: Fix wrong naming from Customer ID to Contact ID in the Edit Contact page
  • Contacts: Importing contacts using CSV files no longer erases fields that are missing
  • Client Portal: Background for the menu in the Twenty Seventeen theme is no longer dark gray
  • OAuth Connections: No longer shows critical error after saving credentials
  • WooSync: Remove PHP notice when a WooCommerce order is in a Draft status
  • Segments: Fix list pagination
  • Fix special characters in textarea fields (contacts, transactions, quotes) to prevent producing visible HTML entities
  • WooSync: Change status only for contacts with the Lead status

v5.5.3 – 26 January 2023

  • Fixed: CRM no longer breaks WordPress sites running on PHP 7.2
  • Fixed: HTML escaped code in contact list filters for segments

v5.5.2 – 25 January 2023

  • Fixed: Custom profile images are now shown in the Latest Contacts dashboard
  • Fixed: Potential XSS in the Custom Fields setting page
  • Fixed: Custom profile pictures are no longer removed when updating contacts
  • Fixed: Potential XSS in invoices with manual input references
  • Fixed: Code snippet was removed from the top of the Forms new/edit page
  • Fixed: Remove HTML code in the “Bundle holder” notification when uploading files to a contact
  • Fixed: HTML escaped code in contact list filters for segments
  • Fixed: Improved security regarding filenames for uploaded files
  • Fixed: The creation date for contacts is updated on any WooCommerce subscription event
  • Improved: Added translation for contact fields when exporting contacts
  • Improved: Added Invoice Status to PDF Invoice template
  • Added: Export Segments to .CSV
  • Added: WooCommerce order status mapping to transaction status
  • Added: WooCommerce order status mapping to invoice status

v5.5.1 – 16 December 2022

  • Fixed: Inline field editing no longer prevents listings from being displayed
  • Improved: Security around phone numbers viewing
  • Improved: Added a migration to remove outdated AKA lines

v5.5.0 – 13 December 2022 (MailPoet Sync)

  • Fixed: negative and zero-balance invoices now show tax subtotals when applicable
  • Fixed: Bug where core field conditions Status and Email didn’t translate well between Advanced Segments and core Segments.
  • Fixed: WooSync removing contact fields while syncing
  • Fixed: Empty index.html files are now being added to contacts folders to prevent directory listing
  • Fixed: Date and datetime picker issue in Segmentation
  • Fixed: Incorrect total value shown for contacts when invoices were deleted
  • Fixed: Added missing custom fields in WooCommerce’s My Account when using WooSync
  • Fixed: Segment editor bugs around some Advanced Segment conditions
  • Fixed: Properly delete associated aka (aliases) when deleting contact
  • Fixed: Security improvement to prevent XSS attacks escaping output HTML
  • Fixed: Reference error which was blocking custom date field editing.
  • Fixed: Bug where by some migrations were not finishing
  • Fixed: “Your tasks” link now properly filters to your tasks
  • Improved: caught PHP warning when creating a new contact with navigation mode enabled
  • Improved: one can select “none” for shipping tax rate when editing transactions
  • Improved: Refactored date and datetime picker logic to be more robust
  • Improved: Segment conditions now have proper positioning and categorisation
  • Improved: Styling in Segment editor with the recent addition of lots of new conditions
  • Improved: Files for companies, invoices, and quotes are now stored in separate folders
  • Improved: Security around Email viewing
  • Improved: contact profile activity timeline properly renders newlines
  • Improved: custom date fields now have additional _DATETIME_STR and _DATE_STR placeholders
  • Improved: default fonts are now bundled with the core plugin
  • Improved: Hardened security around CRM client portal account privileges
  • Improved: Hardened security against admin-side file uploading
  • Improved: Migration system now has multi-load-point potential.
  • Improved: cleaned up incorrect/broken learn links
  • Added: MailPoet Sync module (Import MailPoet Subscribers into CRM Contacts)
  • Added: Export CRM Segment to MailPoet Subscriber list functionality
  • Added: MailPoet Contact List View Filter
  • Added: Autologging of MailPoet Subscriber changes on contact
  • Added: MailPoet Contact View information tab
  • Added: Custom profile pictures for contacts now use a new field
  • Added: Migration to correct incorrect errors for custom field based Segment Conditions

v5.4.4 – 14 November 2022

  • Fixed: prevent edge case where folder creation may overwrite file
  • Fixed: cleaned up unneeded files in plugin zip
  • Fixed: System Status sometimes didn’t detect default font as installed
  • Improved: extra fonts now persist between updates
  • Improved: consistent menu order between menu modes
  • Improved: allow style attributes on more HTML elements in quote templates
  • Improved: Segment condition inputs are now type-aware

v5.4.3 – 10 November 2022

  • Fixed: uploaded files could not be accessed when using Apache
  • Fixed: 500 error visiting Client Portal invoices page if logged out and easy-access disabled
  • Fixed: transaction date fields properly show timezone offsets
  • Improved: custom WP date and time formats no longer cause errors when editing transactions
  • Improved: redirect to Client Portal login instead of error if accessing an invoice object URL when logged out and easy-access disabled
  • Improved: hardened security
  • Added: File listing tab in the contact’s page now shows information about who an when a file was uploaded
  • Added: transaction paid and completed date fields now allow manual adjustment of time data
  • Added: transaction editor now uses native browser date and time inputs

v5.4.2 – 2 November 2022

  • Fixed: Bug in 5.4 which was giving PDF generation a hiccup
  • Fixed: Bug in WooSync where customer notes were not being added
  • Fixed: Added a workaround for varying encryption cipher support
  • Improved: HTML in contact logs now displays properly in the contact single view Activity Log
  • Improved: Allow more common-sense HTML elements in Quote Templating

v5.4.1 – 27 October 2022

  • Fixed: catch migration error when using PHP 8
  • Fixed: catch migration error when using non-default table prefixes

v5.4.0 – 26 October 2022

  • Fixed: Bug in tax table management where duplications could be added
  • Fixed: Bug where WooSync would not make new invoices for orders where order id and Invoice id collided
  • Fixed: Bug where by WooSync duplicate customer note logs
  • Fixed: Error when accessing Client Portal settings when Client Portal is disabled
  • Fixed: transaction type is properly imported with WooSync
  • Fixed: error if using old database servers when searching contacts
  • Fixed: caught PHP notices when checking for existing object metadata
  • Fixed: transactions excluded from calculated totals now show a zero value in invoice partials
  • Fixed: one can again regenerate API credentials when using PHP 8
  • Fixed: allowed some previously-translatable text to be translated again
  • Fixed: calculated tax works with negative invoice line items
  • Fixed: Email file attachments (invoices) don’t work with Gmail sender method
  • Fixed: Style glitch for Payment rows in Invoice Totals table (PDF)
  • Fixed: database index tried to add twice on new installs
  • Fixed: Segment conditions for custom fields now respect the custom field type when using Advanced Segments
  • Fixed: Bug in segmentation logic which effected Advanced Segments ‘date added’ condition.
  • Improved: WooSync now follows WooCommerce tax code usage
  • Improved: Database access layer around the storage of log metadata
  • Improved: Segment preview audiences are now linked to profiles
  • Improved: CSV filenames are now hashed during import for better security
  • Improved: numeric custom fields now allow negatives
  • Improved: better backend support when uploading files to contacts
  • Improved: Updated PDF generation library to latest version
  • Improved: Hardened PDF generation routine against local file exposure
  • Improved: Segment previews now show randomised contacts.
  • Improved: Hardened file checks in CSV Importer
  • Improved: Segment condition ‘Date range’ has been split into ‘Date range’ and ‘Datetime range’
  • Improved: wrap more strings for translation
  • Added: Ability to Pin and Unpin important logs from a contact
  • Added: Segment editor now supports condition categories and descriptions.
  • Added: New feature: Totals tables to contact list view
  • Added: new “jpcrm_client_portal_after_save_details” hook
  • Added: Segment condition type: Variable date windows (e.g. within the past _ days, or in the next _ days)
  • Added: Segment condition type: Numeric >=
  • Added: Segment condition type: Numeric <=
  • Added: Segment condition type: String “Does not contain (!*)”
  • Added: Segment condition type: Date >=
  • Added: Segment condition type: Date <=

v5.3.1 – 29 September 2022

  • Fixed: PHP notice in WooSync syncing
  • Fixed: zbs_end_emails_ui hook sometimes fired twice
  • Fixed: error when listing contact or company files
  • Improved: Increased reliability of lost-connection notifications in WooSync

v5.3.0 – 28 September 2022

  • Fixed: WooSync properly maps the “On hold” transaction status
  • Fixed: custom date fields now work correctly under WooCommerce My Account
  • Fixed: Client Portal is now properly aligned when using the Twenty Twenty theme
  • Fixed: catch an edge-case API error when no results are found
  • Fixed: invoice exports no longer give PHP errors
  • Fixed: “Powered by” messaging now consistently respects its setting
  • Fixed: “Older than X days” filter works again
  • Fixed: reCaptcha form settings are no longer reset
  • Fixed: “Select All” button on export page now works
  • Fixed: sort by total value sometimes gave an error
  • Fixed: uploaded files could not be accessed when using Apache
  • Fixed: “My Invoices” link in WooCommerce My Account no longer triggers an error
  • Fixed: plain permalinks can now be used with the Client Portal
  • Fixed: “Thank You” page from Client Portal is now accessible when using easy-access links
  • Fixed: escape translated apostrophes in client portal metabox
  • Fixed: PHP notice on task manager when not an admin
  • Fixed: segment editor shows correct match type
  • Fixed: quotes and invoices in the Client Portal now respect theme colors
  • Fixed: custom permalinks no longer break the Client Portal
  • Fixed: various security fixes
  • Improved: better handling of HTML-encoded content on export
  • Improved: Refined the way we protect sensitive data storage
  • Improved: removed unused legacy API files
  • Improved: renamed undocumented “api_status” endpoint to “status”
  • Improved: better handling of relative date output
  • Improved: show correct dates in invoices despite timezone variations
  • Improved: consolidated various “Powered by” settings into two general settings
  • Improved: deleted contacts no longer generate PHP notices in email manager
  • Improved: better performance on large sites
  • Improved: better API error handling
  • Improved: prevent exporting an object type if there are no objects to export
  • Improved: API secret is now hashed upon generation for better security
  • Improved: new API credentials have “jpcrm_” prefix
  • Improved: CRM-only menu choice during welcome wizard no longer enables full WP override setting
  • Improved: better messaging when generating a WP user fails
  • Improved: prevent saving an invalid email to a contact
  • Improved: tweaks to list view settings UX
  • Improved: refined messaging on WooSync hub page around paused sites
  • Improved: performance boosts to WooSync for large sites
  • Improved: removed JS error from console when on the dashboard
  • Improved: replaced outdated feedback page with CRM Resources page
  • Improved: contacts created via WooSync are now assigned to a company if specified
  • Added: custom date fields now show on the Client Portal
  • Added: get CRM version info with the “status” endpoint
  • Added: invoice list view now has “date” and “due date” columns
  • Added: new backend webhook system via API
  • Added: new setting to disable WooSync order status mapping
  • Added: optional transaction status column in the Client Portal
  • Added: “jpcrm_after_contact_update” and “jpcrm_after_contact_insert” hooks

v5.2.0 – 11 August 2022

  • Fixed: bug in Segments which would sometimes block multi-field querying of the same field
  • Fixed: Custom CRM Header link was resulting in a broken link
  • Fixed: error while sending e-mails when the Client Portal module is disabled
  • Fixed: external source record lines are now properly removed on object deletion
  • Fixed: invoices updated by WooSync retain their logo
  • Fixed: listviews wouldn’t load if tags had improperly-encoded characters
  • Fixed: local Woo order hooks are ignored if local connection is not active
  • Fixed: WooCommerce order linetime prices were incorrectly mapped to the CRM invoice in some cases
  • Fixed: WooCommerce order updates didn’t always update the associated CRM invoice
  • Fixed: WooSync and GiveWP no longer overwrite the WP user ID link in the database
  • Fixed: WooSync now properly sets the contact status
  • Fixed: Zapier logic was not loaded properly
  • Improved: better PHP 8 compatibility
  • Improved: if a GiveWP donation has a date available the CRM will import a transaction using that date
  • Improved: invoices missing easy-access hashes will regenerate one when saving in the invoice editor
  • Improved: menus items should now load in a consistent order no matter the menu mode
  • Improved: refactor of Client Portal backend code
  • Improved: refinements to mail delivery setup wizard
  • Improved: removed old dompdf library
  • Improved: switching between tabs in the System Assistant page now updates the URL
  • Improved: visual tweaks and refinements
  • Improved: WooSync now connects to external stores via authentication dialog, rather than credentials (simplified)
  • Added: increased minimum PHP version to 7.2
  • Added: CRM settings are now found in the Jetpack CRM menu
  • Added: Gmail via API as a mail delivery method
  • Added: OAuth 2.0 Connection support for Google
  • Added: Package Installer to support sideloading of larger dependencies
  • Added: WooSync can now synchronise data from multiple WooCommerce stores into one CRM instance
  • Added: WooSync now has ‘pause sync’ mode per store connection

v5.1.0 – 30 June 2022

  • Fixed: unpaid/uncompleted transactions imported from Woo now show a blank completed/paid date
  • Fixed: orders could be skipped if they didn’t exist during partial order page retrieval
  • Fixed: domain field in WooSync settings no longer shows 0 if blank
  • Fixed: WooSync connection settings did not toggle visibility properly in some cases
  • Fixed: WooSync now correctly reports partial percentage of pages completed
  • Fixed: second address custom fields can now be used as columns in a list view
  • Fixed: second address label is now properly used throughout the CRM
  • Fixed: orders from external sites were sometimes not synced
  • Fixed: data imported from GiveWP now adds to existing tags instead of replacing them
  • Fixed: the Client Portal page can now be set as the homepage
  • Improved: transaction statuses imported from Woo are now properly shown when editing a transaction
  • Improved: 0% tax rates are now possible
  • Improved: better translation support on tax settings page
  • Improved: ensures the zbs_end_emails_ui action fires on the single email page
  • Improved: WooSync hub now syncs latest data on load
  • Improved: better translation support for second address fields
  • Improved: catch a PHP notice when processing a Jetpack contact form
  • Improved: WooSync Hub stats automatically update during AJAX sync
  • Improved: The transaction listing in the Client Portal now shows the transaction status
  • Added: WooSync Hub now supports syncing orders that have a custom number structure
  • Added: new _DATETIME_STR and _DATE_STR placeholders based on unix timestamp values

v5.0.1 – 5 June 2022

  • Fixed: emails properly send when a quote is accepted
  • Fixed: catch Woo API headers when server maps them to lowercase keys
  • Fixed: catch division by zero error in Woo edge cases
  • Improved: removal of legacy code
  • Improved: contact placeholders can now be used in system email templates
  • Improved: update link to Woo learn content
  • Improved: better handling of larger numbers in WooSync hub

v5.0.0 – 25 May 2022

  • Fixed: Contact/company creation logs now show more useful data when created from external source.
  • Fixed: Bug where in some external site syncing situations external sources were duplicated in WooSync
  • Fixed: Segment date range outputs correctly when editing
  • Fixed: WooCommerce Bookings from the current day are now correctly listed.
  • Fixed: Database query filter bug around external source retrieval
  • Fixed: Contact names now show on company list view when contact image mode is set to none
  • Fixed: Caught PHP notice when regenerating API keys
  • Improved: External source system now records ‘origin’ (Domain) for external sources.
  • Improved: WooSync now records domain origins for Synced orders and customers.
  • Improved: Expanded DAL to allow additive tagging.
  • Improved: External source system now displays grouped by source, with clearer UI.
  • Improved: Added support so that Advanced Segments can segment by External Source
  • Improved: WooSync now stores Order ID above Post ID.
  • Improved: Refined query engine surrounding setting retrievals
  • Improved: WooCommerce integration performance
  • Improved: Cleanup of white label code
  • Improved: Refund transaction support improved throughout.
  • Improved: Increases the interval of the WooSync cron job
  • Improved: Increases the number of Woo orders retrieved per page
  • Improved: Local WooCommerce order trashing and deleting are now caught by WooSync Sync.
  • Improved: Add a notice to not allow to reactivate WooSync extension in Jetpack CRM v5+
  • Improved: Reduced amount of migrations, unified, simplified, optimised!
  • Improved: Brought base data model up to date with v3.0 DAL for fresh installs
  • Improved: Core CRM modules now have autoloading.
  • Added: WooSync module is now bundled in the core!
  • Added: WooSync module can now be enabled in welcome wizard
  • Added: Two new segment conditions, “Is WooCommerce Customer” and “WooCommerce Order Count”.
  • Added: Added filter bar button “Woo Customer”.
  • Added: System Assistant steps for the Woo module
  • Added: Automatic switching routine to let WooSync core module seamlessly replace the Extension variant.
  • Added: Update link to go to Woo hub from first use dashboard
  • Added: Support for new WooCommerce related Advanced Segments
  • Added: Support for WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor fields in WooSync
  • Added: Support for WooCommerce Checkout Add-Ons in WooSync
  • Added: Support for Checkout Field Editor (Checkout Manager) for WooCommerce
  • Added: New Quick Filter: Invoice from WooCommerce
  • Added: New Quick Filter: Transaction from WooCommerce
  • Added: Email and name changes made on WooCommerce My Account are now reflected against attached contacts.
  • Added: Email and name changes made on WordPress profile edits are now reflected against attached contacts.
  • Added: Support for WooCommerce refunds