• Hello.
    I started using WPtouch plugin.
    And I tried to sort my page menu order from admin setting page.
    But it seems not to work with sort-order logic.

    So I checked them.
    I think there is some problem with the code around L898-L920 of ‘wptouch.php’.

    page-area.php get the value of ‘sort-order’ around L47-L50.
    submit.php check the value around L164.
    But I can not find any code of processing $a[‘sort-order’]…
    Where is it?
    wptouch.php seems not to get the value.

    I can not fix the logic and this may not be right.
    Please check the logic…

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2件の返信を表示中 - 1 - 2件目 (全2件中)
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