C3 Cloudfront Cache Controller

投稿を公開した際に CloudFront 上の全てのキャッシュを消去するシンプルなプラグイン。

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The new & improved Amazon Cloudfront Distribution P…

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Easily Migrate, Clone or Transfer sites to AWS from wit…

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Publitio Offloading

This WordPress plugin offloads your media library to Pu…

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Cache Sniper for Nginx

Purge the Nginx FastCGI cache manually, or automaticall…

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Argiope amoena

Automatically upload media files to Amazon S3. Also cha…

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S3 Secure URL

S3 Secure URL plugin allows you to create temporary lin…

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AWS S3 Bucket Browser

S3 Bucket Browser allows users to search, view, and dow…

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Login with Cognito

WordPress Login with Cognito plugin allows Login ( Sing…

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CloudSearch is a flexible plugin that allows you to lev…

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WP easy mail SES

AWS Simple Email Service(SES) を使った簡単なメール送信

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Now WordPress site can store all its content (pages and…

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Kumori (曇)

It's a plugin that lets the users upload video fil…

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S3 Spaces Sync

This plugin is allow you to synchronize your WordPress …

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WP Rekogni

Assign Tags to Posts By Amazon Image Rekognition

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