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Comic Easel

Comic Easel allows you to post webcomics to your theme.

Philip M. Hofer (Frumph) 有効インストール数: 5,000+ 5.0.11で検証済み 2年前に更新


Comic publishing power for the web. Turn your WordPress…

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Toocheke Companion

Transform your WordPress theme into a platform for publ…

Leetoo 有効インストール数: 500+ 5.6で検証済み 18時間前に更新

The Daily Dilbert

This plug-in adds a Daily Dilbert Comic widget to the S…

GrefTek 有効インストール数: 30+ 2.7.3で検証済み 12年前に更新

King Grabber

King Grabber is a WordPress post plugin which helps you…

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CC Manga Comic Reader

CC Manga Comic Reader help add manga with multi chapter…

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XKCD Embed

A simple plugin to display XKCD comics on your website.

Daniel J Griffiths 有効インストール数: 10未満 4.0.32で検証済み 6年前に更新

SMEW Comic Easel ♥ s2Member

s2member integration for Comic Easel for drip feeding o…

Christina "Smudge" Hanson, Philip M. Hofer (Frumph), s2Member / WebSharks, Inc. 有効インストール数: 10未満 4.8.15で検証済み 4年前に更新


This plugin lets you integrate the daily web cartoon fr…

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