Advanced Excerpt

Control the appearance of WordPress post excerpts

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Toggle wpautop

簡単に投稿ごとに wpautop フィルターを無効にします。

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Page Excerpt

This plugin adds the same functionality of the excerpt …

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RSS Image Feed

The RSS Image Feed adds the first image of a post to yo…

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This plugin generates a better excerpt for multi-byte l…

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Storefront Blog Excerpts


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Recent Posts Widget Plus

This plugin allows you to display the most recent posts…

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Excerpt Editor

Quick edit or create excerpts for both Posts and Pages,…

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Scroll post excerpt

Scroll post excerpt WordPress plugin create the informa…

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PJW Page Excerpt

This plugin allows you to specify a specifc excerpt for…

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Empty P Tag

This plugin hides empty paragraphs and make your butyfu…

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Excerpt Tools

Change the default text and description of the excerpt …

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Strips the #more fragments from the end of Read More te…

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Remove Wpautop

This plugin remove extra p and br tags from the_content…

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Excerpt Length

Adds an Excerpt Length field setting to the Reading Set…

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Remove Blank P Tag

This plugin remove extra p and br tags from the_content…

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WP CN Excerpt


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