Create a map in GoogleMaps with location you want (mark…

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Responsive iframe GoogleMap

ショートコードを使用したレスポンシブでフレンドリーな無料の GoogleMap 埋め込み。

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by this plugin you can display your location on the Par…

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Fare Calculator

Fare calculator can manage the fare amount between the …

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Dimme Googlemap

A simple googlemap plugin using custom post types.

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TZ Google Map

Display one or more Address on Google map with your ico…

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Witty Map

Witty Map, add google map in content area or in templat…

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A simple plugin to get google map with multiple markers…

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b-Locator is a plugin that can generate custom locator …

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shipcost plugin with googleMap

本外掛結合googlemap能用來做簡易的里程or時間->價格計算 適用於有需求將將里程或時間成本轉換成…

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Municipal Boundaries

Renders current Cyprus Municipal Boundaries on a Google…

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