Yes/No Chart

This plugin provides the function to create a set of qu…

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Question Answer

Create Awesome Question and Answer Website in a Minute

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FAQ Block

Very simple and clean Gutenberg Block for FAQ (Frequent…

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CM Answers

Enables users to post questions and answers with our fo…

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WP No-Bot Question

Simple question that blocks most spambots (and paid rob…

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Quizzin lets you add quizzes to your blog. This plugin …

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Question answer

Question-answer, ajax, bootstrap, gravatar avatar plugi…

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WP doodlez

Everyone knows doodle It's a cute plattform to pol…

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Create FAQ and Question / Answer Pages with optional sh…

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SS Quiz

With this plugin administrator can easily and fast crea…

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WP DS FAQ Plusは、WP DS FAQ 1.3.3をベースにカスタマイズしたプラグインです。

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Create Surveys for WordPress.

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シンプル Q&A


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Simple FAQ

Simple FAQ gives you ability to create very simple FAQ …

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WPQuiz allows you to add a simple quiz/questions to any…

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