GD Mail Queue

Intercept emails sent with wp_mail and implements a fle…

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Mail Queues by PBCI

Queue, Throttle, Send SMTP email through multiple provi…

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Mail Queue

Take control of emails sent by WordPress. Queue outgoin…

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Post to Queue

Stack posts to queue and auto publish them in chosen in…

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Simple Email Queue


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Queue Posts

Allows you to place new posts in a queue for later publ…

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Schedule YAPB images from a directory with an interval …

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Virtual Queue

By using this plugin you'll be able to allow only …

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Allows you to create you very own loop order of posts

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LH Email Queue and Log

LH Email enables you to queu your emails so they are se…

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Allows you to divert excess traffic from your site to a… 有効インストール数: 10未満 5.5.9で検証済み 2年前に更新