WordPress REST API (Version 2)

使いやすい HTTP REST API であなたのサイトのデータにアクセス (バージョン2)

WP REST API Team 50,000+ active installations 4.7-alphaで検証済み 1年前に更新

Disable REST API

Disable the use of the JSON REST API on your website to…

Dave McHale 30,000+ active installations 4.8.4で検証済み 2か月前に更新


Access your site's data through an easy-to-use HTT…

WP REST API Team 10,000+ active installations 4.4.13で検証済み 2年前に更新

WordPress REST API – OAuth 1.0a Server

Connect applications to your WordPress site without eve…

WP REST API Team 3,000+ active installations 4.7-alphaで検証済み 1年前に更新

Application Passwords


George Stephanis 3,000+ active installations 4.9.1で検証済み 1週間前に更新

REST API – Filter Fields

Filter the properties returned by the WordPress rest ap…

Stephan van Rooij 1,000+ active installations 4.7.8で検証済み 7か月前に更新


Automatically purge CloudFlare cache, including cache e…

Typist Tech 1,000+ active installations 4.8.4で検証済み 4か月前に更新


WordPress plugin to log REST API requests and responses

Pete Nelson 1,000+ active installations 4.9.1で検証済み 5か月前に更新

WP REST API Meta Endpoints

WP REST API companion plugin for post meta endpoints.

WP REST API Team 900+ active installations 4.5-alphaで検証済み 2年前に更新

WP REST API – Pure Taxonomies

This plugin include all available taxonomy attributes i…

Andrew MAGIK 800+ active installations 4.4.13で検証済み 2年前に更新

REST API Console

A console for your site's REST API that lives in y…

WP REST API Team 600+ active installations 4.4.13で検証済み 1年前に更新


This plugin help REST API for display featured media so…

JasmanXcrew 500+ active installations 4で検証済み 2か月前に更新

WP REST API Custom Fields

Shows Advanced Custom Field output to the WP REST API f…

André Boekhorst (based on work from @panman) 500+ active installations 4.2.18で検証済み 3年前に更新