BZScore – Live Score

BZScore – Live Scores. Get a livescore page. No Ads, no… 有効インストール数: 800+ 4.8.15で検証済み 4年前に更新

Music Sheet Viewer

« Music Sheet Viewer » plugin allows you to display and…

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Football Match Tracker

Football Match Tracker is a simple and easy wordpress p…

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StatsFC Score Predictor

This widget will place a score predictor for a football…

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Simple Poll

Plugin that allow admin to create infinite polls and re… di Luisa Mara 有効インストール数: 30+ 3.3.2で検証済み 9年前に更新

Cricket Score

Get the latest live Cricket Score for your website.

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Disc Golf Manager

A tournament management system for advertising, scoring…

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Web Page Speed Checker

Web Page Speed Checker is a plugin designed to control …

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Points loyalty system

Points is a powerful solution, providing a loyalty syst…

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scORE! is a WordPress plug-in you can use to publish sc…

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Golf Handicap Calculator

Works out the handicap for a user according to the UK C…

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