WordPress の特定のイベントが発生した時に、Slack のチャンネルへ通知を送ります。

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Slack Contact Form 7

Send notifications to Slack channels whenever someone s…

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Slack Live Chat

Chatlio lets you talk with your customers using Slack d…

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Hey Notify

Get notified when things happen in WordPress.

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Slack Chat

Slack Chat makes it insanely easy to chat with website …

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Rock The Slackbot

Rock The Slackbot helps you stay on top of changes by s…

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Send Chat Tools

Send Chat Toolsは、WordPressのお知らせをチャットツールに送信することができるプラグイン…

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WP Down Slack Alert

Connect WordPress Recovery Mode to a your Slack team to…

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Stream to Slack

Send your Stream records to Slack.

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Invitations for Slack

Build a Slack community by allowing your visitors (or r…

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Slack WooCommerce

Send notifications to Slack channels whenever payment i…

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Smallchat for WordPress

Add Smallchat to a WordPress website, allowing visitors…

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Vanilla Bean Slack Hooker

Notify one あるいは more slack, mattermost あるいは other endpo…

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WP Notifier To Slack

WPXpertise introduced WP Notifier to Slack, a powerful …

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