Multi Device Switcher

この WordPress プラグインを使うと、デバイス(スマートフォン、タブレットPC、携帯電話、ゲームやカス…

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Multisite Language Switcher

マルチサイトの WordPress で多言語コンテンツを管理するための、シンプルでパワフル、かつ使いやすいプラ…

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Theme Switcha

Theme switching done right.

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Mobile Detector

Lightweight detector of mobile devices, OSs & brows…

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Simple Language Switcher

A simple and lightweight plugin that displays a customi…

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Adds the output of the Multisite Language Switcher to o…

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Image Switcher

Image Switcher plugin will give you ability to set two …

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Catch Duplicate Switcher

Catch Duplicate Switcher – Create duplicate posts/pages…

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