CM Tooltip Glossary

Easily create a glossary, encyclopedia or dictionary of…

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WordPress Tooltips

Add custom tooltip automatically for post's conten…

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CSSIgniter Shortcodes

This plugin defines and allows you to use a lot of usef…

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Allows users to turn text into a tooltip or popup using…

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Improve your UX & SEO with Codeat's Glossary: …

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ACF Tooltip

ACF フィールドの説明をツールチップとして表示します。

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Tooltip CK

Tooltip CK allows you to put some nice tooltip effects …

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WordPress Tooltip

WordPress tooltip lets you add tooltips to content on y…

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WP Wiki Tooltip

Adds explaining tooltips querying their content from a …

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Tipso is a simple WordPress tooltip plugin.

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Tooltipster is a jquery tooltip plugin. you can use it …

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WP Tooltip with Image

displays a tooltip including an image on hover by addin…

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