AdRotate Banner Manager


With AdRotate Banner Manager you can easily place advertising banners pretty much anywhere on your site while managing everything from the easy to use dashboard. No fussing with your themes code if you don’t want to.

Easily create your own adverts with basic HTML and/or Javascript code or use adverts from your favorite Ad Server such as, Blind Ferret, Yahoo! Adverts, DFP, Google AdSense, Google Ad Manager, Bing Ads, Amazon Affiliates, Chitika, Doubleclick, JuiceAds and many more similar ad servers and affiliate programs.

With AdRotate Banner Manager you manage your promotional campaigns and banners with ease, all from your dashboard.

With AdRotate Banner Manager it’s easy to check up on how many impressions your adverts have. Monitor advert groups and see which are the most effective. Make the most of advertising with the many features AdRotate Banner Manager has to offer.

AdRotate Banner Manager looks and feels similar to the WordPress dashboard you already know, this means you’re already familiar with AdRotate Banner Manager before you even start using the plugin. Familiarize yourself with the many useful features and you’ll be up and running minutes.

Want even more features? Get AdRotate Professional! AdRotate Professional has more features and gives you access to AdRotate Geo and Premium Support!
AdRotate Professional features include; Geo targeting for every country, Fine grained control with schedules, Adblock Disguise, Mobile adverts, Media/asset management and much more!
Check out the many extras on the AdRotate Professional website!

Getting started
You’ll be running your advertising campaigns in minutes.
If you need a hand installing AdRotate Banner Manager or you want someone to handle the initial setup. Take a look at these services.

Getting started with AdRotate Banner Manager is not complex, but a little help or advise is never bad.

Support and Bug Reports
All manuals, guides and support questions can be found and asked on the Support page.
Please post bug reports for AdRotate Banner Manager on the support forum for bug reports. I also have a Tumblr Page where you can ask your question.

I don’t always check the forums. For faster support use the AJdG Solutions Forum instead!

Some of the AdRotate Banner Manager Features

  • Works with ad servers such as;, Blind Ferret, Google AdSense, DFP and most other referrer/ad servers
  • Easy management of adverts and groups of adverts
  • Automatic rotation of adverts with Dynamic Groups
  • Have your advertisers add/edit/manage their own adverts
  • Geo Targeting for adverts in every country
  • Mobile adverts (differentiate tablets from phones or desktops)
  • Disguise adverts from ad blockers so they’re less likely to be blocked
  • Get email notifications when your adverts need you
  • Any size advertisement, including 125×125, 468×60, 729×90, 160×600 and every common format you can imagine
  • Easy to read stats so you can follow how each advert is performing
  • Automatically delete short running adverts and stats after they expire
  • Compatible with responsive adverts
  • Daily, monthly and yearly stats
  • Couple adverts to users for personalized stats
  • Track how many times a banner is clicked and show it’s Cick-Through-Ratio (CTR)
  • Put random, or selected, banners in pages or posts
  • Preview banners when creating or editing them
  • Advanced time schedules and restrictions you control
  • AdRotate Geo, AJdG Solutions’ exclusive Geo Targeting service
  • Export statistics to CSV
  • Multiple groups per banner location
  • Unlimited widgets
  • Show multiple adverts at once in a grid, column or row
  • Automagically disable ads after they expire
  • Dashboard notifications when ads are about to expire or need attention
  • Use shortcodes, widgets or PHP to put ads on your site

AdRotate Banner Manager and AdRotate Professional share many features. But some features are available in AdRotate Professional only. Learn more about AdRotate Professional on my website.


  • Creating / Editing adverts
  • Managing adverts
  • Scheduling adverts
  • Managing groups of adverts


Installing the plugin is as easy as searching for “Arnan AdRotate” or simply “AdRotate” in your plugin dashboard and clicking “Install Now” from your dashboards plugin page. Just like every other plugin.
Once activated, a new menu appears called “AdRotate” in the dashboard menu from which you manage everything in AdRotate Banner Manager.

For more detailed instructions check out the installation steps on the AdRotate Banner Manager website.


Can I migrate my data from another plugin to AdRotate Banner Manager?

Maybe. Take a look at AdRotate Switch and see if your current advertising plugin is compatible for migrating your data!

How do I use AdRotate Banner Manager

There are user guides with every popular feature explained.
You can also post your questions on the forum or via my Tumblr Page.

Is AdRotate Banner Manager compatible with Yoast SEO or other SEO plugins?

Yes, Yoast SEO, All in One SEO pack and all other SEO plugins work fine with AdRotate Banner Manager.

Is Jetpack compatible with AdRotate Banner Manager?


Does AdRotate Banner Manager work alongside caching plugins?

AdRotate Banner Manager works with W3 Total Cache and Borlabs Cache.
Other plugins such as WP Super Cache or WP Fastest Cache may work, but are untested.

Can I use my adverts from Google AdSense?

Yes, usually you can use their code as-is.

Does AdRotate Banner Manager support HTML5 adverts?

If you’re stuck installing your HTML5 advert consider the HTML5 setup service.

Does AdRotate Banner Manager work together with WooCommerce?


Can I use bbPress alongside AdRotate Banner Manager?


Does AdRotate Banner Manager offer click tracking?

Yes, and it counts impressions as well.

Can I place adverts on forms from Contact Form 7?

Yes! All contact form plugins should work fine.

Are emails sent by AdRotate Banner Manager sent through my installed SMTP plugin?

Yes! SMTP Mailer and similar plugins take over the wp_mail function which is what AdRotate Banner Manager uses.


I like this plugin a lot but the dynamic option does not work on cell phones as the ads don't rotate on a mobile device and act as static. Not sure this only happens to free version, which I find odd as it works fine on computers. Other than that, it's a great plugin.
The functionality of this plugin is good, and it's very easy to work with. I would highly recommend it and even purchase the Pro version if it wasn't for a couple of things: 1. When you install Adrotate free it places a menu item in your left menu. Fine. But also a menu item called "Feedback" which doesnt do anything. VERY annoying. 2. Adrotate Free places an advertisement in your WordPress dashboard which is persistent. You can't close it. VERY annoying and makes me NOT want to buy the Pro version. 3. Statistics is a little too light. You can't for instance filter ads based on the groups they are in. Meaning if you have a lot of ads in various groups, you can't se stats for ads just in one group. 4. You can sort ads based on date, shows, and clicks. But not on the column CTR, meaning I really can't sort ads based on best performers. 5. There's no import function. I can export ads to CSV, but not import. So if I want to copy my 200 ads from one site to another, there's no easy way to do that.
Having a lot of trouble with this plugin. I cannot add banner images from word press media because when I click on the select banner button, nothing happens. It's as if the button function has been disabled also I tried uploading media to the banner folder for this plugin and the button is greyed out and cannot be clicked. I've given up with it.


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Be a Professional and go Pro. With AdRotate Professional!

5.5.1 FREE

  • [i18n] Added several language mo files
  • [i18n] Renamed/converted en_US to proper pot file

5.5 FREE

  • [change] Removed many unused Debug code
  • [change] Tweaks to the installation script
  • [fix] Dashboard widgets

5.5 PRO

  • [new] Filter to prevent double adverts when using groups
  • [change] Removed many unused Debug code
  • [change] Tweaks to the installation script
  • [change] Better advert error state when no operating systems are selected
  • [change] Better advert error state when no devices are selected
  • [fix] Dashboard widgets
  • [i18n] Added missing strings in support dashboard
  • [i18n] Renamed/converted en_US to proper pot file

All recent changes are available on the AdRotate Banner Manager Changelog.