Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)


Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) turns WordPress sites into a fully-fledged content management system by giving you all the tools to do more with your data.

Use the ACF plugin to take full control of your WordPress edit screens, custom field data, and more.

Add fields on demand.
The ACF field builder allows you to quickly and easily add fields to WP edit screens with only the click of a few buttons! Whether it’s something simple like adding an “author” field to a book review post, or something more complex like the structured data needs of an ecommerce site or marketplace, ACF makes adding fields to your content model easy.

Add them anywhere.
Fields can be added all over WordPress including posts, pages, users, taxonomy terms, media, comments and even custom options pages! It couldn’t be simpler to bring structure to the WordPress content creation experience.

Show them everywhere.
Load and display your custom field values in any theme template file with our hassle-free, developer friendly functions! Whether you need to display a single value or generate content based on a more complex query, the out-of-the-box functions of ACF make templating a dream for developers of all levels of experience.

Any Content, Fast.
Turning WordPress into a true content management system is not just about custom fields. Creating new custom post types and taxonomies is an essential part of building custom WordPress sites. Registering post types and taxonomies is now possible right in the ACF UI, speeding up the content modeling workflow without the need to touch code or use another plugin.

Simply beautiful and intentionally accessible.
For content creators and those tasked with data entry, the field user experience is as intuitive as they could desire while fitting neatly into the native WordPress experience. Accessibility standards are regularly reviewed and applied, ensuring ACF is able to empower as close to anyone as possible.

Documentation and developer guides.
Over 10 plus years of vibrant community contribution alongside an ongoing commitment to clear documentation means that you’ll be able to find the guidance you need to build what you want.


  • シンプルで直感的
  • 強力な機能
  • 30種類以上のフィールドタイプ
  • 豊富なドキュメント
  • 何百万人ものユーザー



The Advanced Custom Fields plugin is also available in a professional version which includes more fields, more functionality, and more flexibility. The ACF PRO plugin features:

  • The Repeater Field allows you to create a set of sub fields which can be repeated again, and again, and again.
  • ACF Blocks, a powerful PHP-based framework for developing custom block types for the WordPress Block Editor (aka Gutenberg).
  • Define, create, and manage content with the Flexible Content Field, which provides for multiple layout and sub field options.
  • Use the Options Page feature to add custom admin pages to edit ACF fields.
  • Build fully customisable image galleries with the Gallery Field.
  • Unlock a more efficient workflow for managing field settings by reusing existing fields and field groups on demand with the Clone Field.

Upgrade to ACF PRO


  • 簡単で直感的

  • Made for Developers

  • All About Fields

  • Registering Custom Post Types

  • Registering Taxonomies


WordPress ダッシュボードから

  1. プラグイン画面へ移動 > 新規追加
  2. Search for “Advanced Custom Fields” or “ACF”
  3. プラグインページから Advanced Custom Fields をインストールして有効化
  4. Click on the new menu item “ACF” and create your first custom field group, or register a custom post type or taxonomy.
  5. Read the documentation to get started


どのようなサポートを提供していますか ?

Support Forums. Our ACF Community Forums provide a great resource for searching and finding previously answered and asked support questions. You may create a new thread on these forums, however, it is not guaranteed that you will receive an answer from our support team. This is more of an area for ACF developers to talk to one another, post ideas, plugins and provide basic help. View the Support Forum


ACF has become a staple in my web design workflow. With it, I can easily create custom fields and options for different pages and posts, allowing me to create custom websites for each client. It's easy to use and highly customizable, and has helped me create amazing custom templates. I highly recommend it!
I have finished the Korean translation.I just want to say thank you for developing such a good plugin.And I hope it will be translated into more languages so that many WordPress users can use it conveniently. Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) 한국어 번역을 모두 마쳤습니다.좋은 플러그인을 개발해 주어서 고맙다는 인사를 전하고 싶습니다.그리고 보다 많은 언어로 번역되어 많은 워드프레스 사용자들이 편리하게 사용할 수 있기를 바랍니다.


2023年5月9日 1 reply
If we use location rule by template name, saving image and oEmbed fields does not work. This two fields does not save data on page save, text field works normaly.
2023年4月25日 2 replies
Even with an agency license, their support is trash. So that means if you have a client with an issue, be prepared to deal with the headaches.


Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) はオープンソースソフトウェアです。以下の人々がこのプラグインに貢献しています。


“Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)” は30ロケールに翻訳されています。 翻訳者のみなさん、翻訳へのご協力ありがとうございます。

“Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)” をあなたの言語に翻訳しましょう。

開発に興味がありますか ?

コードを閲覧するか、SVN リポジトリをチェックするか、開発ログRSS で購読してみてください。



Release Date 4th May 2023

  • Security Fix – This release resolves an XSS vulnerability in ACF’s admin pages (Thanks to Rafie Muhammad for the responsible disclosure)
  • Fix – Duplicating fields in a new field group with field setting tabs disabled now behaves correctly


Release Date 2nd May 2023

  • Enhancement – Creating a new field group from the post-save actions for a post type or taxonomy will automatically populate the field group title
  • Enhancement – Empty values in list tables now display as a dash, rather than blank
  • Enhancement – The Generate PHP export tool for field groups now displays the code wrapped in the acf/include_fields action hook to match the recommended way of using acf_add_local_field_group, and the code is formatted correctly
  • Enhancement – Post count and Term count values in list tables now link through to the matching posts or terms
  • Enhancement – Added post-save actions to post type and taxonomies to create another
  • Enhancement – Selecting existing taxonomies when registering a Custom Post Type is now available in the Basic settings section rather than Advanced
  • Fix – Exclude From Search setting for custom post types now behaves correctly
  • Fix – Duplicating fields with sub fields no longer results in JS errors
  • Fix – Select2 field settings now render correctly when duplicating fields
  • Fix – Checkbox fields allowing custom values which use integer keys can now be updated over the REST API
  • Fix – Using the No Permalink rewrite setting for post type will no longer generate PHP warnings
  • Fix – The minimum rows not met validation message for the Repeater field type now correctly states the minimum rows are not met
  • Fix – The Range field type no longer cuts off three digit values
  • Fix – Created on and Delete Field Group now correctly only appear on the Group Settings tab of a field group
  • Fix – Padding for field settings tabs is now correct
  • i18n – Updated all PRO translation files, removing legacy free strings which are now handled through
  • i18n – Updated PRO translations with the latest contributions from GitHub (Thanks to @MilenDalchev, @Xilonz and @wiliamjk)


Release Date 12th April 2023

  • Fix – ACF now detects when another plugin or theme is loading an incompatible version of Select2, and will fallback to a basic select field for the field type selection
  • Fix – Post Object, Page Link and Relationship field types now use a default post_status filter of any, matching the behavior prior to ACF 6.1. This can be edited per field in the field group admin or via the acf/fields/$field_type/query filters
  • Fix – Post Type and Taxonomy key generation now uses dashes rather than underscores
  • Fix – The “add first” text no longer appears when no search results are found for ACF field groups, post types or taxonomies


Release Date 5th April 2023

  • Fix – ‘Create Terms’ button for taxonomy fields now displays correctly
  • Fix – ACF JSON field group files which have unsupported keys (not beginning with group_) will now load as field groups
  • Fix – Renaming capabilities for post types will now set map_meta_cap to true solving an issue with assigning permissions to roles for that post type


Release Date 4th April 2023

  • View Release Post
  • Fix – Calls to acf_add_options_page after acf_add_local_field_group before acf/init will now behave correctly
  • i18n – All new ACF 6.1 strings are now correctly English (United States) by default


Release Date 3rd April 2023

  • Fix – Calls to acf_add_local_field_group before acf/init now behave correctly


Release Date 3rd April 2023

  • View Release Post
  • New – Register Custom Post Types and Taxonomies using ACF. View the release post for full information
  • New – A new field type selection browser providing details on each type of field. View the release post for full information.
  • New – PHP 8.1 and 8.2 support
  • Security Fix – ACF’s data serialization system will now prevent classes being unserialized. This prevents a potential security issue should an attacker know a vulnerable class is available, and can write malicious data to the database.
  • Enhancement – Post Object, Page Link and Relationship fields now support filtering by post status
  • Enhancement – Checkbox fields which allow custom entries can now be filtered to set custom text for the “Add New Choice” button using the custom_choice_button_text property
  • Fix – ACF Block field edit view buttons now work correctly inside reusable blocks
  • Fix – An empty callback function in now passed to scripts to prevent JS warnings when using Google Map fields
  • Fix – Checkbox field values now support keys indexed as 0
  • Fix – Automatic deactivation of the free or PRO plugin when activating the other now displays the correct message in the admin notice
  • Fix – Empty Flexible Content fields will no longer cause an error when used in the block editor on save
  • Fix – Admin notices now behave correctly and are closable in RTL languages


Release Date 18th January 2023

  • Improvement – Removed unnecessary “Layout” prefix for Flexible Content field layouts
  • Fix – Dragging and dropping fields containing settings rendered as radio button groups no longer removes the selected value
  • Fix – Using the WordPress default_page_template_title filter with two parameters no longer causes a fatal error
  • Fix – Select2 inputs in the content editor are no longer receiving styles from the ACF 6 admin UI
  • Fix – acf_add_local_field_group() now works with field group titles containing non-ASCII characters
  • Fix – Flexible Content field no longer has a missing icon for the “Duplicate” button
  • Fix – Clicking the “Add Field” button in a Flexible Content layout no longer adds an invalid field if there are other Flexible Content fields in the layout
  • Fix – Edit buttons for ACF blocks now behave correctly inside reusable blocks
  • Fix – Field settings rendered as a select2 field now correctly reinitialize when changing between field types


Release Date 13th December 2022

  • View Release Post
  • New – Flexible Content field now has a new admin user experience when editing layouts
  • New – Tabs for field settings in the field group editor can now be disabled via a new “Field Settings Tabs” screen option or with the new acf/field_group/disable_field_settings_tabs filter
  • Improvement – General field settings tab now selected by default when a field is opened
  • Fix – Sub fields are no longer initialized by their parent, resolving performance issues when field groups contain many nested sub fields
  • Fix – Frontend forms now disable the submit button after click to prevent multiple submissions
  • Fix – Unknown field types no longer display broken HTML in the field group editor
  • Fix – Returning an empty string via the acf/blocks/no_fields_assigned_message filter will no longer result in blocks without fields assigned having an extra wrapping div
  • Fix – Sites with WPML enabled no longer experience failed ACF updates due to license errors
  • Fix – Buttons featuring icons no longer have display issues when using RTL languages


Release Date 18th November 2022

  • Fix – Uploading multiple files nested in a subfield no longer causes a fatal error when using basic uploader (props @JoKolov)


Release Date 8th November 2022

  • Improvement – JavaScript initialization performance while editing large field groups has been improved, especially in Safari
  • Improvement – Tooltips for field settings are now shown as inline instructions
  • Improvement – Saving a field group is now disabled until a field group title has been entered
  • Improvement – Additional sanitization across various internal parts of the plugin
  • Fix – Dragging and dropping a field in no longer opens the field settings in Firefox
  • Fix – Copying the field name or key to the clipboard now works as expected for new or reordered fields, and subfields
  • Fix – Saving a field group will now temporarily disable the “Save Changes” button while saving
  • Fix – Block templates that include html comments as the first DOM element no longer crash the block editor on edit
  • Fix – Block templates that include InnerBlocks on the DOM’s first level no longer trigger JS warnings
  • Fix – Block templates that render other blocks now correctly render their InnerBlocks
  • Fix – Legacy block attribute values are no longer overwritten by blank defaults of new versions
  • Fix – Paginated Repeater fields now work with non-paginated Repeaters as subfields
  • Fix – Repeater pagination is now properly disabled while inside blocks
  • Fix – REST API no longer causes a PHP warning if $_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] is not defined
  • Fix – REST API now supports integer keys for the Select field
  • Fix – REST API now supports passing null to Image and File fields
  • Fix – Invalid ACF meta keys no longer cause a fatal error when retrieved with get_fields()
  • a11y – The Relationship field is now fully accessible for keyboard navigation
  • i18n – Select dropdown arrow is now aligned correctly in RTL languages
  • i18n – Radio buttons are now aligned correctly in RTL languages


Release Date 18th October 2022

  • Security Fix – ACF shortcode security fixes detailed here
  • Improvement – Field names and keys now copy to clipboard on click, and do not open a field
  • Fix – The field type input now has default focus when adding a new field
  • Fix – ACF no longer publishes h1, h2 or h3 CSS classes outside of the ACF admin screens
  • Fix – Conditional field settings now work correctly across different tabs
  • Fix – The field list for sub fields are now full width
  • Fix – ACF admin notices now display with correct margin
  • Fix – Admin CSS improvements when using ACF in an RTL language
  • Fix – Clone fields now have the presentation tab for setting wrapper properties when in group display mode
  • Fix – Appended labels on field settings will now be displayed in the correct place
  • Accessibility – The move field modal is now keyboard and screen reader accessible


Release Date 29th September 2022

  • Improvement – Field group and field rows no longer animate on hover to reveal the action links
  • Fix – Field order is now saved correctly when fields are reordered
  • Fix – WordPress notice styles outside of ACF’s admin screens are no longer affected by the plugin’s CSS


Release Date 28th September 2022

  • Improvement – ACF’s header bar inside our admin pages is no longer sticky
  • Improvement – ACF’s admin pages no longer use a custom font
  • Fix – Duplicating flexible content layouts now works correctly
  • Fix – ACF CSS classes no longer target translated class names for sub pages, resolving issues when using ACF in a language other than English
  • Fix – ACF no longer reactivates when using WPML with different domains per language
  • Fix – i18n – Labels for some field settings no longer break onto multiple lines in languages other than English
  • Fix – Radio field types no longer generate a warning in logs due to invalid parameter counts
  • Fix – True/False field focus states no longer apply outside ACF admin screens
  • Fix – Focus states for many field types no longer show when interacting with a mouse input
  • Fix – ACF 6’s new Tab background colors no longer apply outside ACF admin screens, increasing readability
  • Fix – User fields named “name” no longer have a different label presentation view
  • Fix – Changing field types with subfields no longer removes those fields when switching field type and back
  • Fix – Resolved a potential fatal error if a third party plugin sets the global $post_type something other than a string
  • Fix – Tooltip alignment is no longer incorrect inside subfields
  • Fix – Resolved a potential JS error when third party plugins modify the metabox sort order


Release Date 21st September 2022

  • New – ACF now has a new refreshed UI with improved UX for editing field groups, including a new tabbed settings layout for fields. Third party ACF extension plugin developers can read more about the optional changes they can make to support the new tabs in our release announcement post
  • New – Repeaters now have an optional “Pagination” setting which can be used to control the number of rows displayed at once. More details can be found on our Repeater field documentation
  • New – ACF Blocks now have a versioning system allowing developers to opt in to new features
  • New – ACF Blocks now support version 2, enabling block.json support, reduced wrapper markup and significant other new features. Full details and examples of this can be found in What’s new with ACF Blocks in ACF 6
  • New – ACF Blocks no longer use Block IDs saved in the block comment. See What’s new with ACF Blocks in ACF 6 for more information.
  • Enhancement – Bulk actions for field groups now include “Activate” and “Deactivate” options
  • Fix – ACF will no longer perform a multisite database upgrade check on every admin load once each upgrade has been performed
  • Fix – ACF Blocks preloading now works for blocks saved in edit mode
  • Fix – ACF Blocks edit forms now behave correctly if they are not visible when loaded
  • Fix – ACF Blocks now always fire render_block_preview events when a block preview is displayed or redisplayed
  • Fix – ACF Blocks with no fields now display advisory text and are selectable in the block editor. This message is filterable with the acf/blocks/no_fields_assigned_message filter, providing both the message to be displayed and the block name it’s being displayed against
  • Fix – Accordions inside ACF Blocks now match the current native block styling
  • Fix – ACF Blocks which contain no fields now preload correctly
  • Fix – Changes to an ACF Block’s context now trigger a re-render
  • Fix – A rare warning inside wp_post_revision_field will no longer be possible
  • Fix – The field “move” option now no longer displays for fields when only one field group exists
  • Fix – Language for field group activation state now standardized to “active” and “inactive”
  • Fix – SVGs containing foreignObject tags now correctly render in JSX rendered ACF Blocks
  • Fix – Server errors during ACF updates or version checks are now cached for 5 minutes rather than 24 hours
  • Accessibility – The new ACF UI has significantly improved accessibility for screen readers and alternative input options
  • i18n – All strings inside ACF are now translatable
  • i18n – Accented term names in taxonomy fields are no longer corrupted at output
  • i18n – ACF translations are now synced with contributions from at each release, increasing ACF’s supported languages and updating many other translations. PRO strings should still be submitted as pull requests on GitHub (Additional thanks to maximebj, emreerkan and Timothée Moulin for their contributions which are included here)


Release Date 4th May 2023

  • Security Fix – This release resolves an XSS vulnerability in ACF’s admin pages (Thanks to Rafie Muhammad for the responsible disclosure)


Release Date 3rd April 2023

  • Security Fix – ACF’s data serialization system will now prevent classes being unserialized. This prevents a potential security issue should an attacker know a vulnerable class is available, and can write malicious data to the database. See the 6.1.0 release post for more information


Release Date 18th October 2022

  • Security Fix – ACF shortcode security fixes from the ACF 6.0.3 release. See the 6.0.3 release post for more information


Release Date 14th July 2022

  • Security Fix – Inputs for basic file uploads are now nonced to prevent an issue which could allow arbitrary file uploads to forms with ACF fields (Thanks to James Golovich from Pritect, Inc.)


Release Date 6th April 2022

  • Fix – Cloned fields in custom named options pages now behave correctly
  • Fix – Default values and the acf/load_value filter are now applied if a field value load fails security validation
  • Fix – The ACF field is no longer present in REST responses if the ACF REST API setting is disabled
  • Fix – Duplicating a flexible content layout or repeater row now also replaces the field ID in for attributes


Release Date 23rd March 2022

  • New – REST API now supports the comment route for displaying ACF fields.
  • Fix – ACF now validates access to option page field values when accessing via field keys the same way as field names. View More
  • Fix – REST API now correctly validates fields for POST update requests
  • Fix – Fixed an issue where invalid field types caused an error during REST API requests
  • Fix – Fixed a PHP warning when duplicating an empty field group
  • Fix – Fixed a bug preventing block duplication detection changing an ACF Block’s ID if it was nested deeper than one level inside another block
  • Fix – Fixed a bug where the acf-block-preview wrapper might not appear around a block if it was saved in edit mode
  • i18n – Updated several translations from user contributions (Thanks to Dariusz Zielonka, Mikko Kekki and Alberto!)


Release Date 23rd February 2022

  • View Release Post
  • New – ACF blocks now support the new Full Site Editor included in WordPress 5.9
  • New – ACF blocks now support the WordPress Query Loop block
  • New – Added block caching system to reduce the number of AJAX calls in the block editor
  • Enhancement – Block preloading can now be disabled by using “acf_update_setting( ‘preload_blocks’, false );” in the “acf/init” action hook
  • Enhancement – ACF and ACF PRO will now detect if each other are active and deactivate the other plugin on plugin activation
  • Fix – Fixed an issue with the media library not working correctly in ACF Blocks in WordPress 5.9.1
  • Fix – Fixed an issue where anchors weren’t working correctly in WordPress 5.9
  • Fix – Fixed an issue where the “unfiltered_html” capability wasn’t being used by ACF blocks
  • Fix – Fixed an issue where it was impossible to update an ACF block inside the widget block editor
  • Fix – Fixed an issue where ACF fields might not appear in REST API calls made via internal WordPress functions
  • Fix – Warnings and PHP 8.1 deprecation notices in REST API
  • Fix – Better support for double byte characters in “acf_get_truncated()” (props @cabradb)
  • i18n – Broken link in the Croatian translation
  • i18n – Automated building of acf.pot for translators in each release


Release Date – 2nd December 2021

  • Fix – Fixed several Select2.js conflicts with other plugins
  • Fix – Fixed an issue where block name sanitization could change valid block names containing double hyphens
  • Fix – Fixed an issue where blocks with integer IDs could fail to load example field data


Release Date – 24th November 2021

  • Fix – Fixed a bug when accessing field values for options pages registered with a custom post_id


Release Date – 24th November 2021

  • Fix – Previously implemented data access changes for get_field() and the_field() are now limited to the ACF shortcode only. Learn more
  • Fix – get_field() and the_field() functions can once again access meta values regardless of being registered with ACF, restoring functionality that existed before 5.11
  • Fix – get_field() and the_field() functions now are only able to access site options which are ACF fields
  • Fix – UI issues for select boxes related to Yoast and WooCommerce’s select2 versions by upgrading our select2 version, and updating our CSS to support older versions
  • Fix – User fields failed to load values when using the legacy select2 v3 option
  • Fix – acf_slugify() now correctly supports special characters which solves issues with block names or field group names (during imports) containing those characters
  • Fix – PHP Notice generated while processing a field group’s postbox classes


Release Date – 18 November 2021

  • Enhancement – Added “acf/admin/license_key_constant_message” filter to allow changing of the “Your license key is defined in wp-config.php” message
  • Fix – Added warning for when get_field() or similar functions are called before ACF has initialized. Learn more
  • Fix – Fixed fields not appearing on user REST API endpoints if their field group location was set to a user form other than “all”
  • Fix – Fixed warning in REST API if a custom field type did not have the “show_in_rest” property
  • Fix – Fixed an error that could occur if value of WYSIWYG field was not a string


Release Date – 10 November 2021

  • View Release Post
  • New – Fields can now be viewed and updated with the WordPress REST API (props @mishterk)
  • New – License key can now be defined in code with the “ACF_PRO_LICENSE” constant
  • Enhancement – Improved error handling for expired or deactivated licenses
  • Enhancement – Improved support for various block editor features, such as block styles and padding/spacing
  • Enhancement – Added support for using WordPress “Screen Options” to hide field groups in Classic Editor
  • Enhancement – Support filters adding custom classes on date and time field inputs
  • Enhancement – Support filtering ACF shortcode attributes (with the “shortcode_atts_acf” filter)
  • Fix – Removed usages of PHP “extract()” function
  • Fix – Fixed a security issue with user field
  • Fix – Fixed a security issue with “acf_get_value()”
  • Fix – Correctly set “.acf-block-preview” wrapper when previewing a block in auto mode
  • Fix – Resolved an issue with select2 rendering for nav menu fields
  • Fix – Fixed an issue with file validation that occurred when removing a file that failed validation
  • Fix – Fixed a notice in “acf_prepare_field()”
  • Fix – Prevented an issue where setting an empty string for the return format of date and time fields would cause JS errors
  • Fix – Fix issues with conditional logic for multi-select fields (props @bhujagendra-ishaya)
  • Fix – Added support for Google Maps schema change which prevented Google Maps fields from correctly saving the city for some areas
  • Fix – Fixed an issue where removing the collapsed property of a repeater prevents viewing previously collapsed rows
  • i18n – Updated Polish Translations (props @webnatural)
  • Dev – Formatted JavaScript to WordPress code standards


Release Date – 31 August 2021

  • Fix – Fixed block duplication issues which created blocks with duplicate block IDs
  • Fix – Fixed an issue with ACF errors displaying in the media library outside of ACF fields
  • Fix – Changed label of “Enable Opacity?” to “Allow transparency” in the colour picker
  • Fix – Revert “style” attributes of ACF Blocks to 5.9.x behaviour for template compatibility
  • Fix – Allow safe HTML inside select2 field labels
  • Fix – Don’t render the “acf-block-preview” div when preloading blocks in edit mode


Release Date – 26 August 2021

  • Fix – Fixed conflict with WooCommerce loading SelectWoo which is not directly compatible with Select2.


Release Date – 25 August 2021

  • View Release Post
  • Enhancement – Improved security by running all user-generated content through wp_kses() by default
  • Enhancement – New ACF Blocks features
    • Switched to v2 of the Blocks API for WordPress 5.6+
    • Block preloading now enabled by default
    • Block preloading now supports blocks set to “Edit” mode
    • Add support for full height alignment setting
  • Enhancement – Added setting to color picker field to enable an opacity slider
  • Enhancement – Allow deletion of first field group location rule if multiple rules have been added thanks to Arthur Shlain
  • Fix – Fixed vulnerability with acf_shortcode() where users with subscriber role could view arbitrary ACF data, thanks to Keitaro Yamazaki
  • Fix – Fixed vulnerability where users with subscriber role could move fields and view field groups, thanks to Keitaro Yamazaki
  • Fix – Fixed issue where fields in legacy widgets weren’t saving in new widget block editor
  • Fix – Fixed issue with custom field validation in scheduled posts
  • Fix – Fixed warnings thrown by clone field if the cloned field group is empty
  • Fix – Fixed issue where Select2 search input wouldn’t have focus in WordPress 5.8+
  • Fix – Fixed issue with Select2 value sorting when Yoast SEO is installed
  • Fix – Fixed deprecation warnings in block editor in WordPress 5.6+
  • i18n – Updated Swedish translation thanks to Erik Betshammar


Release Date – 20 July 2021

  • Fix – Fixed warning when deleting fields which don’t exist
  • Fix – Fixed issues with older browsers and the blocks JavaScript
  • Fix – Fixed file size & file type validation for front end forms using the basic uploader


リリース日 – 2021年7月08日

  • Fix – Fixed bug causing multiple image fields to not validate files properly
  • Fix – Fixed bug preventing case-sensitive HTML tags from working in blocks
  • Fix – Fixed bug causing JSX-enabled blocks to improperly remove whitespace in preview
  • Fix – Fixed bug causing text fields to remove HTML entities when editing saved fields
  • 修正 – jQuery の非推奨 (deprecated) 表示が “フィールドグループの追加” ページで通知されるのを修正


リリース日 – 2021年6月22日

  • 修正 – add_menu_page()/add_submenu_page() への不正なパラメーター型によって PHP 警告がログ記録されるのを修正
  • Fix – Fixed bug causing WYSIWYG field to not keep line breaks
  • Fix – Fixed bug causing Email field to incorrectly invalidate emails with unicode characters
  • Fix – Fixed bug causing file type validation to fail in some cases
  • Fix – Fixed bug where newly uploaded or selected images do not contain custom preview size data


リリース日 – 2021年5月20日

  • 拡張 – 「オプションページ」サブメニューに「位置」設定の互換性を追加。
  • 拡張 – メタボックスをドラッグする際に、メタボックスの「高」領域を視覚的に強調表示。
  • 修正 – Block マトリクスの位置揃え設定と最新バージョンの Gutenberg (10.6) との間の互換性の問題を修正。
  • 修正 – ブロックのツールバーの上/下ボタンを使用して子ブロックを並べ替えた後、WYSIWYGフィールドを壊すバグを修正。
  • 修正 – DateTime および Time ピッカー のフィールドに、欠落している “readonly” および “disabled” 属性を追加。
  • 修正 – 特殊文字を含む電子メールフィールドの値を誤った検証をするバグを修正。
  • 修正 – フロントエンドのフォームで依存するアセットの “ダッシュアイコン” が見つからない問題を修正。
  • 修正 – JSON 差分の確認用 モーダルがWP 5.7 以降狭い列で表示されるバグを修正。
  • 開発 -「繰り返し」「フレキシブルコンテンツ」「フィールド複製」のテーブルのヘッダータイトルにラベル要素を追加。
  • 開発 – 新しい ACF_EXPERIMENTAL_ESC_HTML 定数を追加。続きを読む


リリース日 – 2021年2月11日

  • 修正 – WordPress 5.5 のエディタ内でブロックの正常な読み込みを妨げる退行不具合を修正。
  • 修正 – WordPress 5.6 でごみ箱からフィールドグループを復元するときに不適切な post_status プロパティを発生させるバグを修正。
  • 修正 – 「オプション」という名前のタクソノミーがオプション値の保存と読み込みを妨げる可能性があるエッジケースのバグを修正。
  • 修正 – 追加の PHP 8.0 警告を修正。
  • i18n – Mikko Kekki によるフィンランド語訳を更新


リリース日 – 2021年1月14日

  • 拡張 – 電子メールフィールドの PHP 検証を追加 (以前はブラウザの検証のみに依存していました)。
  • 修正 – PHP 8.0 への追加対応 (警告ログが記録されるのを修正) 。
  • 修正 – jQuery 3.5 への追加対応 (警告ログが記録されるのを修正) 。
  • 修正 – WYSIWYG フィールドが Gutenberg エディタ内で応答しなくなるバグを修正。
  • 修正 – カスタムタクソノミータームに対し有効な $post_id 値として “blog_%d” および “site_%d” が使用できなくなる退行不具合を修正。
  • 修正 – ラジオフィールドラベルが最初の選択肢を選択するバグを修正。
  • 修正 – 複数の親 DOM 要素を含むブロックのプリロードを防ぐバグを修正。
  • i18n – 高橋良氏による日本語訳を更新。
  • i18n – Pedro Mendonca によるポルトガル語訳を更新。


リリース日 – 2020年11月3日

  • 修正 – リビジョンメタが誤って親の投稿メタを更新するバグを修正。
  • 修正 – “Filter by Post Type” と “Filter by Taxonomy” フィールド設定を壊すバグを修正。


リリース日 – 2020年10月29日

  • 拡張 – 先読み込みによってページのロード時に HTML をブロックしたり AJAX 要求が発生するのを抑制する実験的機能を追加。
  • 修正 – JSX パーサーにブーリアン属性値の検出を追加 (templateLock=”false” の問題を修正) 。
  • 修正 – JSX パーサーのルールセットに “dateTime” 属性を追加。
  • 修正 – 行またはレイアウトを複製した後、Select2 インスタンスが応答しなくなるのを修正。
  • 修正 – 以前の WordPress バージョンで消失していた Color Picker スクリプトの翻訳を追加。
  • 修正 – Clone Field で、存在しなくなった Field Group をクローンして潜在的に PHP エラーを引き起こす可能性があるバグを修正。
  • 修正 – 存在しなくなったフィールドの値を含むリビジョンを比較する際に PHP 警告が記録されるのを修正。
  • 開発 – render_callback と render_template をブロックするための $wp_block パラメーターを追加 (AJAX プレビューのリクエストでは利用不可)。
  • 開発 – acf_get_term_post_id() 関数を非推奨 (Deprecated) とした。


リリース日 – 2020年9月8日

  • 修正 – Gutenbergで “Preview Post” ボタンを押すと変更内容が公開されてしまうバグを修正。
  • 修正 – Elementor または Beaver Builder で編集するときに JS エラーを引き起こす guten-bug を修正。
  • 修正 – Color Picker フィールドでフロントエンドフォームで JS エラーを引き起こすバグを修正。
  • 修正 – Post Taxonomy の場所ルールに、ルール選択のリストを不完全にしてしまうバグを修正。
  • 修正 – DX フィードバックにより、ローカル JSON の「ソースパスに保存」機能強化を差し戻し。
  • i18n – Rio Bahtiar によるインドネシア語訳を更新。
  • i18n – Emre Erkanによるトルコ語訳を更新。


リリース日 – 2020年8月17日

  • 拡張 – 新しいフィールドグループ管理画面。
    • ACF のすべての管理ページにツールバーを追加。
    • 新しいテーブル列を追加: 説明、キー、場所、ローカル JSON。
    • 同期前にローカル JSON の変更を確認するためのポップアップモーダルを追加。
    • Added visual representation of where Field Groups will appear.
    • 新しいヘルプタブを追加。
    • レイアウトを簡略化。
  • 拡張 – 新しい ACF ブロック機能。
    • 内部ブロックのサポートを追加。
    • 新しい “jsx” 設定を追加。
    • 新しい “align_text” 設定を追加。
    • 新しい “align_content” 設定を追加。
  • 拡張 – Repeater とFlexible Content フィールドの重複機能を追加。
  • 拡張 – Gutenberg の PHP 検証サポートを追加。
  • 拡張 – 確認ツールチップをバイパスする機能を追加 (シフトを保持するだけ)。
  • 拡張 – ローカル JSON ファイルは、それが読み込まれた元のソースパス (“save_json” 設定ではなく) に保存されるようになりました。
  • 微調整 – すべてのカスタムアイコンを dashicons に置換。
  • Tweak – Changed custom post status label from “Inactive” to “Disabled”.
  • Tweak – Improved styling of metaboxes positioned in the block editor sidebar.
  • Fix – Improved AJAX request efficiency when editing block className or anchor attributes.
  • Fix – Fixed bug causing unresponsive WYSIWYG fields after moving a block via the up/down arrows.
  • Fix – Fixed bug causing HTML to jump between multiple instances of the same Reusable Block.
  • Fix – Fixed bug sometimes displaying validation errors when saving a draft.
  • Fix – Fixed bug breaking Image field UI when displaying a scaled portrait attachment.
  • Fix – Fixed bug in Link field incorrectly treating the “Cancel” button as “Submit”.
  • Fix – Fixed bug where a sub field within a collapsed Repeater row did not grow to the full available width.
  • 修正 -「ページ リンク」フィールドのドロップダウンに表示されるアーカイブ URL がすべて固有であることを確認。
  • Fix – Fixed bug causing incorrect conditional logic settings on nested fields when duplicating a Field Group.
  • Fix – Fixed bug causing license activation issues with some password management browser extensions.
  • 開発 – ACF_Location クラスの主な改善。
  • 開発 – パフォーマンスを最適化するために、すべてのロケーション クラスをリファクタリング。
  • 開発 – コア JavaScript を “acf-input.js” から別の “acf.js” ファイルに抽出。
  • 開発 – Field Group のエクスポートで、今後は “アクティブ” 属性を int ではなく bool として表示。
  • 開発 – “acf/get_object_type” フィルタを追加。”ラベル” や “アイコン” などの WP オブジェクト情報がカスタマイズ可能に。
  • 開発 – フッターにアップローダー (WP メディア) スクリプトを出力するときに発火されるアクション “acf/admin_print_uploader_scripts” を追加。
  • 開発 – 添付ファイルの詳細をカスタマイズするためのフィルター “acf/pre_load_attachment” と “acf/load_attachment” を追加。
  • 開発 – 管理ツールバー項目をカスタマイズするためのフィルター “acf/admin/toolbar” を追加。
  • 開発 – 行を複製するときに発火される新しい JS アクション「duplicate_fields」と「duplicate_field」を追加。
  • i18n – クロアチア語のロケールコードを「hr_HR」から「hr」に変更。
  • i18n – Pedro Mendonca によるポルトガル語訳を更新。
  • i18n – Bérenger Zyla によるカナダフランス語訳を更新。
  • i18n – Maxime Bernard-Jacquet によるフランス語訳を更新。
  • i18n – Ralf Koller によるドイツ語訳を更新。


リリース日 – 2020年8月13日

  • Fix – Fixed bug breaking ACF Block $is_preview parameter in WordPress 5.5.
  • Fix – Fixed bug breaking seamless postbox style in WordPress 5.5.


リリース日 – 2020年8月10日

  • 微調整 – WordPress 5.5 のスタイルの互換性を追加。
  • Fix – Implemented new wp_filter_content_tags() function in “acf_the_content” filter.
  • i18n – Karim Ramadan によるアラビア語訳を更新。


リリース日 – 2020年6月10日

  • Fix – Improved string escaping in Select2 drop-downs to address XSS concerns.
  • Fix – Fixed bug causing PHP error when updating the settings of a Checkbox field.
  • Fix – Fixed bug causing WYSIWYG field to hide when toggling between Document and Block tabs within the Block editor.
  • Fix – Fixed bug incorrectly validating the length of Text and Textarea field values that contained HTML entities.


リリース日 – 2020年5月12日

  • Fix – Fixed bug in ACF Blocks where “inserter examples” and “block templates” did not load the defined “data”.
  • Fix – Reverted “fix” in 5.8.9 regarding Taxonomy fields saving terms to non “post” objects.
  • Fix – Fixed bug allowing the Image field to save the value of a deleted attachment.
  • Fix – Improved Select field format_value() behaviour to correctly cast value types depending on the “multiple” setting.
  • 微調整 – “zh_HK” の言語フォールバックを “zh_TW” に変更。
  • 微調整 – Time Picker フィールドの設定を、date_i18n() を介してローカライズされた形式で表示するよう変更。
  • 微調整 – メニュー項目フィールドの CSS スタイルを改善。
  • i18n – Mikko Kekki によるフィンランド語訳を更新
  • i18n – Maxime Bernard-Jacquet によるフランス語訳を更新。
  • i18n – Emre Erkanによるトルコ語訳を更新。


リリース日 – 2020年5月12日

  • See hotfix version 5.8.11 for release notes.


リリース日 – 2020年3月26日

  • Fix – Fixed bug in ACF Blocks causing default “align” property to be ignored.
  • Fix – Fixed bug allowing Taxonomy field to save terms to a non “post” object.
  • Tweak – Improved User field AJAX query performance.
  • 微調整 – Range フィールド入力の幅を決定するロジックを改善。
  • 微調整 – ACF Blocks コンポーネントのスタイルを改善。
  • 開発 – 新しい “acf/register_block_type_args” フィルターを追加。
  • 開発 – 新しいジェネリック ACF_Ajax_Query と ACF_Ajax_Query_Users クラスを追加。
  • i18n – Bérenger Zyla によるカナダフランス語訳を更新。
  • i18n – Audi Lu による中国語の繁体字訳を更新。
  • i18n – Ralf Koller によるドイツ語訳を更新。
  • i18n – Pedro Mendonca によるポルトガル語訳を更新。


リリース日 – 2020年3月4日

  • Fix – Fixed bug in have_rows() function causing a PHP warning when no value is found.
  • Fix – Fixed bug in Google Maps field causing marker to snap to nearest address.
  • 修正 – WordPress 5.4で2回表示されるナビゲーションメニュー項目を避ける。
  • 微調整 – Google マップのフィールド値に地名データを追加。
  • 微調整 – PHP 登録フィールドのパフォーマンスを向上。
  • 開発 – 新しい “acf/prepare_field_group_for_import” フィルターを追加。
  • i18n – Audi Lu による中国語の繁体字訳を追加。
  • i18n – Jordi Tarrida によるカタロニア語訳を追加。
  • i18n – Maxime Bernard-Jacquet & Bérenger Zyla によるフランス語訳を更新。


リリース日 – 2019年11月12日

  • New – Updated admin CSS for new WordPress 5.3 styling.
  • Fix – Fixed various issues affecting dynamic metaboxes in the block editor (requires WordPress 5.3)
  • Fix – Fixed performance issue when checking network sites for upgrades.
  • Fix – Fixed Select2 clones appearing after duplicating a Relationship field.
  • Tweak – Repeater field “Add row” icons will now hide when maximum rows are reached.
  • 微調整 – Gutenberg の新しいバージョンの ACF ブロックキーワード制限を削除。


リリース日 – 2019年10月24日

  • New – Added more data to Google Maps field value including place_id, street_name, country and more.
  • Fix – Fixed bug in Gallery field incorrectly displaying .pdf attachments as icons.
  • Fix – Fixed bug in Checkbox field missing “selected” class after “Toggle All”.
  • Dev – Added compatibility for Attachments in the Post Taxonomy location rule.
  • 開発 – acf_get_form() 関数から欠落した return ステートメントを追加。
  • 開発 – “google_map_result” JS フィルターを追加。


リリース日 – 2019年10月8日

  • New – Added new choice “Add” to the User Form location rule.
  • New – Optimized acf_form() logic when used in combination with acf_register_form().
  • Fix – Fixed bug causing incorrect field order after sync.
  • Fix – Fixed bug reverting the first field type to Text in Firefox version 69.0.1.
  • Fix – Fixed bug causing tinymce issues when changing between block modes.
  • 修正 – カテゴリーが存在しない場合にブロック登録ができないバグを修正。
  • Fix – Fixed bug preventing block registration when no icon is declared.
  • 開発 – 内部ブロックの正規表現互換性を追加。


リリース日 – 2019年9月3日

  • New – Optimized Relationship field by delaying AJAX call until UI is visible.
  • Fix – Fixed bug incorrectly escaping HTML in the Link field title.
  • Fix – Fixed bug showing Discussion and Comment metaboxes for newly imported field groups.
  • Fix – Fixed PHP warning when loading meta from Post 0.
  • Dev – Ensure Checkbox field value is an array even when empty.
  • 開発 – 新しい ACF_MAJOR_VERSION 定数を追加。


リリース日 – 2019年8月7日

  • 微調整 – “menu_title” ではなく “page_title” を表示するよう、オプションページの位置ルールを変更。
  • Fix – Fixed bug causing Textarea field to incorrectly validate maxlength.
  • Fix – Fixed bug allowing Range field values outside of the min and max settings.
  • Fix – Fixed bug in block RegExp causing some blocks to miss the “acf/pre_save_block” filter.
  • 開発 – “enqueue_assets” コールバックの設定をブロックする $block_type パラメーターを追加。
  • i18n – Bérenger Zyla によるカナダフランス語を追加。
  • i18n – Bérenger Zyla によるカナダフランス語訳を更新。


リリース日 – 2019年7月15日

  • Fix – Fixed bug where validation did not prevent new user registration.
  • Fix – Fixed bug causing some “reordered” metaboxes to not appear in the Gutenberg editor.
  • Fix – Fixed bug causing WYSIWYG field with delayed initialization to appear blank.
  • Fix – Fixed bug when editing a post and adding a new tag did not refresh metaboxes.
  • 開発 – “acf/pre_format_value” フィルターに不足していた $value パラメターを追加。


リリース日 – 2019年6月3日

  • New – Added “Preview Size” and “Return Format” settings to the Gallery field.
  • 微調整 – Gutenberg のメタボックススタイルを改善。
  • 微調整 – デフォルトの「プレビューサイズ」を「画像」フィールドの中に変更。
  • Fix – Fixed bug in media modal causing the primary button text to disappear after editing an image.
  • Fix – Fixed bug preventing the TinyMCE Advanced plugin from adding < p > tags.
  • 修正 – HTMLの選択が条件付きロジックのドロップダウンに表示されなかったバグを修正。
  • 修正 – インポート/同期されたフレキシブルコンテンツサブフィールドの順序が誤っていたバグを修正しました。
  • i18n – Ralf Koller によるドイツ語訳を更新。
  • i18n – Majix によるにペルシャ語翻訳を更新。


リリース日 – 2019年5月8日

  • New – Added ACF Blocks feature for ACF PRO.
  • Fix – Fixed bug causing duplicate “save metabox” AJAX requests in the Gutenberg editor.
  • Fix – Fixed bug causing incorrect Repeater field value order in AJAX requests.
  • 開発 – Relationship フィールド AJAX データをカスタマイズする 'relationship_ajax_data' JS フィルターを追加。
  • 開発 – $field_group パラメーターを 'acf/location/match_rule' フィルターに追加。
  • 開発 – サポートされる最小 WP バージョンを 4.7.0 に更新。
  • 開発 – サポートされる最小 WP バージョンを 4.7.0 に更新。
  • i18n – Ralf Koller によるドイツ語訳を更新。
  • i18n – Pedro Mendonça によるポルトガル語を更新。


リリース日 – 2019年3月6日

  • 修正 – switch_to_blog()中に登録されたフィールドに関する問題を引き起こすバグを修正しました。
  • 修正 – サブフィールドが複数の親にまたがって再利用されるのを妨げるバグを修正。
  • 修正済み – 選択されたフィールドと同じ名前のタブフィールドが存在する場合に get_sub_field()関数が失敗する原因となるバグを修正しました。
  • Fix – Fixed bug corrupting field settings since WP 5.1 when instructions contain < a target="" >.
  • 修正済み – カスタムメタボックスの場所(acf_after_title)が最初のページ読み込み時に表示されなかったグーテンベルグのバグを修正しました。
  • 修正済み – クローンフィールドを含む複数のフィールドグループをインポート/同期するときに問題が発生するバグを修正しました。
  • Fix – Fixed bug preventing the AMP plugin preview from working.
  • Dev – Added new ‘pre’ filters to get, update and delete meta functions.
  • i18n – Emre Erkan によるトルコ語訳を更新。


リリース日 – 2019年2月15日

  • 修正 – 不足している関数 register_field_group() を追加。
  • Fix – Fixed PHP 5.4 error “Can’t use function return value in write context”.
  • Fix – Fixed bug causing wp_options values to be slashed incorrectly.
  • Fix – Fixed bug where “sync” feature imported field groups without fields.
  • Fix – Fixed bug preventing get_field_object() working with a field key.
  • 修正 – get_sub_field()で誤った結果を招くバグを修正しました。
  • 修正 – シリアル化された値で下書きとプレビューの問題を引き起こすバグを修正。
  • Fix – Fixed bug causing reversed field group metabox order.
  • Fix – Fixed bug causing incorrect character count when validating values.
  • Fix – Fixed bug showing incorrect choices for post_template location rule.
  • Fix – Fixed bug causing incorrect value retrieval after switch_to_blog().
  • i18n – Majix によるにペルシャ語翻訳を更新。


リリース日 – 2019年2月11日

  • 新規 – 永続的オブジェクトキャッシングのサポートを追加。
  • Fix – Fixed PHP error in determine_locale() affecting AJAX requests.
  • Fix – Fixed bug affecting dynamic metabox check when selecting “default” page template.
  • Fix – Fixed bug where tab fields did not render correctly within a dynamic metabox.
  • 微調整 – 「zh_TW」から「zh_CN」へ言語フォールバックを削除。
  • 開発 – さまざまなコア関数をリファクタリング。
  • 開発 – 新しいフックバリエーション関数 acf_add_filter_variations()acf_add_action_variations() を追加。
  • i18n – Pedro Mendonça によるポルトガル語を更新。
  • i18n – Ralf Koller によるドイツ語訳を更新。
  • i18n – Raphael Hüni によるスイスドイツ語訳を更新。


リリース日 – 2019年1月16日

  • Fix – Fixed bug preventing metaboxes from saving if validation fails within Gutenberg.
  • Fix – Fixed bug causing unload prompt to show incorrectly within Gutenberg.
  • Fix – Fixed JS error when selecting taxonomy terms within Gutenberg.
  • Fix – Fixed bug causing jQuery sortable issues within other plugins.
  • Tweak – Improved loading translations by adding fallback from region to country when .mo file does not exit.
  • 微調整 – 管理者通知全体で句読点を改善。
  • 微調整 – ユーザー フィールド値を読み込むときのパフォーマンスと精度が向上。
  • Dev – Added filter ‘acf/get_locale’ to customize the locale used to load translations.
  • Dev – Added filter ‘acf/allow_unfiltered_html’ to customize if current user can save unfiltered HTML.
  • 開発 – 新しいデータ ストレージ関数 acf_register_store()acf_get_store() を追加。
  • 開発 – .less から .scss に移動し、すべての css を縮小。
  • i18n – Maxime Bernard-Jacquet によるフランス語訳を更新。
  • i18n – David Rychlyによるチェコ語翻訳を更新。


リリース日 – 2018年12月17日

  • 修正 – Gutenberg とのカスタムメタボックスの場所 (acf_after_title) の互換性を追加。
  • 修正 – Gutenberg との動的メタボックスチェックの互換性を追加。
  • Fix – Fixed bug causing required date picker fields to prevent form submit.
  • Fix – Fixed bug preventing multi-input values from saving correctly within media modals.
  • Fix – Fixed bug where acf_form() redirects to an incorrect URL for sub-sites.
  • Fix – Fixed bug where breaking out of a sub have_rows() loop could produce undesired results.
  • 開発 – 添付ファイルを投稿に接続しないようにするためにフィルター ‘acf/connect_attachment_to_post’ を追加。
  • Dev – Added JS filter ‘google_map_autocomplete_args’ to customize Google Maps autocomplete settings.


リリース日 – 2018年12月7日

  • 修正 – 作成者権限グループがフィルタリングされていない HTML 値を保存できる脆弱性を修正。
  • Fix – Fixed all metaboxes appearing when editing a post in WP 5.0.
  • i18n – Dariusz Zielonka によるポーランド語訳を更新。
  • i18n – Veronika Hanzlíková によるチェコ語訳を更新。
  • i18n – Emre Erkan によるトルコ語訳を更新。
  • i18n – Pedro Mendonça によるポルトガル語を更新。


リリース日 – 2018年10月1日

  • Fix – Fixed various plugin update issues.
  • 微調整 – Google マップ API の URL に「言語」を追加。
  • 開発 – acf.models.Postbox モデルの主な改善。
  • Dev – Added JS filter ‘check_screen_args’.
  • 開発 – JS アクション ‘check_screen_complete’ を追加。
  • 開発 – アクション ‘acf/options_page/submitbox_before_major_actions’ を追加。
  • 開発 – アクション ‘acf/options_page/submitbox_major_actions’ を追加。
  • i18n – Pedro Mendonça によるポルトガル語を更新


リリース日 – 2018年9月12日

  • Fix – Fixed unload prompt not working.
  • Dev – Reduced number of queries needed to populate the relationship field taxonomy filter.
  • 開発 – get_field_groups() クエリーに ‘nav_menu_item_id’ と ‘nav_menu_item_depth’ を追加。
  • 開発 – さまざまなアクションとフィルターを並べ替えて、より便利にします。
  • i18n – Dariusz Zielonka によるポーランド語を更新