ARI Adminer – WordPress Database Manager


This plugin connects WordPress and Adminer database management tool. Can work with MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite databases.

ARI Adminer supports the following features:


  • Can connect to WordPress database automatically

  • Possible to save connection parameters. Enter parameters only once and next times choose only connection name to connect to DB

  • Supports 20+ themes for Adminer tool

  • Can test connection. Populate connection fields, click “Test connection” button and the plugin shows if any errors occur

  • Work in two modes: Advanced and Simple. All features for managing databases are available in advanced mode. Adminer Editor tool is used in simple mode , it provides limited functionality with user-friendly database data editing. Provides high-level data manipulation and suitable for common users

  • Only users with selected user roles will have access to the plugin

  • Run SQL queries, import and export data, create dump and backup

  • WordPress part contains English and Russian translations, can create your own. Adminer contains more than 35 translations

More information can be found in user’s guide.

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  • Run Adminer page
  • Connections page
  • Settings page
  • Adminer - Advanced mode
  • Adminer - Simple mode


  1. Open ‘Plugin -> Add New’ screen in admin part of your WordPress site, type ‘ARI Adminer’ in search box and click ‘Install Now’ button to install the plugin or use ‘Upload Plugin’ button on ‘Plugins -> Add New’ screen to upload file and install the plugin
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Use the ‘ARI Adminer -> Run Adminer’ screen to start manage databases.


Is a detailed documentation available?

Sure, it is available here.


Simple, effective, love it.

I only use it to view tables and checkout data. It's super easy and perfect for my uses. If I need to do operations or more, I go to phpmyadmin, but it's really not necessary, this plugin has you covered. Given it's power, I always deactivate the plugin when I'm not using it.

Everything you need!

I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that this tool has everything you need for a DB administration, even Export with Gzip compression! Great work!

Crazy Awesome

It's been very long time I'm giving feedback to any plugins or to the developer... The is F-ing crazy! In a wonderful way off course!!! OMG, I had been using notepad++ to delete tables (rows) for almost 2 day for hours. And the DB corrupted / errors big time! I now found this crazy Awesome DB plugin and take a test drive. My DB was 12.MB, NOW is down to 8.MB now. And it only took me about an hour to clean all that..Most of all, NO ERROR, NO CORRUPTION.. Way2Go.. I still have many to do. By the time I finish, it may be down to 6-7.MB. COOL..:) It will be so much Lighter DB means smoother site and loading wise too... I am giving 50 stars for the plugin, and 50 stars for the developer for having a brilliant brains making this Crazy Awesome plugin. YOUR PLUGIN ROCK BIG TIME, and YOU ROCK BIG TIME OFF COURSE 🙂 HAPPY CAMPER HERE... KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK... Thank you so very very very much!!!


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  • Update Adminer to v. 4.6.3


  • Fix bug: editing.js file is not loaded in Adminer


  • Update Adminer to v. 4.6.2
  • Update .htaccess file. Thank you to KZeni (


  • Better PHP 7.2.x support


  • Installer improved: if utf8mb4 charset is not supported by database, use utf8


  • Show quick icon on frontend part and take into account role of current user


  • Add ‘Show quick icon’ parameter to plugin settings


  • Fix bug: show Move/Copy buttons when only one database is available


  • Bug fix


  • Possible to select default connection


  • Update Adminer to v. 4.3.1
  • Check installed PHP extensions for PostgreSQL


  • Improve installer


  • Encrypt database passwords


  • Update Adminer to v. 4.3.0


  • Fix bug: javascript files are not loaded and search and other functions don’t work


  • Add .htaccess file to allow execution of Adminer wrapper to avoid “Forbidden” error


  • Compatible with WordPress 3.x


  • Improve uninstall routine


  • Russian translation is added


  • Ask confirmation on connections bulk delete


  • Added PostgreSQL support


  • Initial release