Bit Form – WordPress Drag & Drop Contact Form, Payment Form Builder


Bit Form is a WordPress form builder. Just drag and drop the fields, the form will be created. It is so easy that you don’t need to write the code. Anyone can create form with Bit Form. Bit Form offer free and premium version.

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Not a typical but easy to use WordPress forms plug-in!

Bit Form – a simple yet user responsive form builder in WordPress! Its 19+ visual drag & drop fields allow you to create any multi-purpose form. It is beyond a normal contact form that helps users to create an eye-catchy form without any help of bulk coding sense. No hassle for designers as it provides a built-in style editor feature. Alongside, it is a user-interactive plug-in regarding all devices (phone, tablet, laptop) which makes it more useable. We offer both free & premium versions.
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Features that make Bit Form easy to use:

  1. Bit Form provides 19+ field types with drag & drop features.
  2. It supports a multi-column layout. You can add up to 6 columns in a row.
  3. Style your form using a built-in style editor with style customization & various field settings. Repositioning the field types makes it easy for the users to make an eye-catchy form in real-time.
  4. Unlimited forms & pre-built Contact form templates.
  5. You can view all of the submitted data through the Responses Management option where you can perform various actions like edit, delete, duplicate, and export. This precise response management will help you to track all the submitted form details.
  6. Admin label customization.
  7. For further improvement in work, Bit Form provides 13 types of integration that helps anyone to grow their business-related work.
  8. Email sending on form submit will be easy using built-in SMTP feature. Email services are MailGun, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, ZOHO Mail.
  9. From your timeline, you can see created records, edited records, and updated field values. If you create any notes regarding any lead/contact, you can see & edit the notes.
  10. The payment method is easy & safe by PayPal & Razorpay feature.

** Read about all features in-depth in our documentation

Categories of Form & Field :

Form Types:

  1. Sales Contact Form
  2. Event Registration Form
  3. Customer Feedback Form
  4. Payment Form
  5. Website visitor Feedback Form
  6. Contest Registration Form
  7. Reservation Form
  8. Subscriber Form
  9. Contact Us Form

Field Types :

  1. Text
  2. Multi line Text
  3. Check Box
  4. Radio
  5. Number
  6. Drop Down
  7. Password
  8. Email
  9. URL
  10. File Upload
  11. Date
  12. Time
  13. Date-Time
  14. Month
  15. Week
  16. Colour Picker
  17. Google Re Captcha
  18. PayPal* [ In pro version ]
  19. Razorpay* [ In pro version ]
  20. Decision Box

Workflow of Addons :

Form Entry Rules :

  1. Unlimited Form Submission/Entries.
  2. You can sort the entries depending on any field.
  3. Search Form entries.
  4. Hide/Show Column or Field.
  5. Edit entry.
  6. Bulk delete, duplicate.
  7. Export Entries with file type (CSV, Xls, Xlsx, Ods, Fods, Prn, Text, Html and Eth).

Form Entry Settings :

  1. You can control the submission of form using Time/IP/Entry.
  2. IP addresses can be allowed & blocked .
  3. You can set multiple success/error messages based on conditional logic.Also based on these conditions you can use redirect page & web hook. [ Unlimited conditional logic in pro version]
  4. Capture GCLID.

Built in Style Editor:

Now you can make your customized form with the help of Bit Form’s fastest built-in style editor. This style editor makes your form more beautiful that will help your visitor to spend more time. Customizations you will find in Bit Form are Background customization, Form customization, Field block customization & Field customization. Each customization Pannal is fully loaded with various types of design options. We ‘Bit Form’ can make sure that you may not find this huge range of built-in style editing options before. If you find any it may be not as feature-full as Bit Form. Bit Form is one of the cheapest contact form builders that allows you to create custom form as your choice.

Conditional Logic :

One of the most unique features of Bit Form is conditional logic.Without having any coding sense,you can run actions (Success/Error message, Redirect URL, Web Hook, Email notification, Integration) on a basis of some preset conditions.

Email Template:

Can be created using the text editor. You can use the form field in the email template. Also multiple email templates can be created for each form and you can send the email based on the condition.

SMTP Configuration :

SMTP is a protocol that helps your wordpress site to make its email deliverability more easygoing & reliable.By enabling this feature you can send mail from your site to your recipients via your preferred mail server. Give the details (Sender Name & Email, Recipients Email,Hosting Server Name, Type of Encryption,SMTP Port,Hosting Username & Password) to configure SMTP settings.You can give a test before using this feature to see whether it works or not.

Integrations :

A unique feature one can find on this form builder is Bit form integrations with third party apps.The integrations work when the conditions are triggered.

  1. Google Sheet*
  2. WooCommerce*
  3. CPT*
  4. MailPoet*
  5. Sendinblue*
  6. ActiveCampaign*
  7. MailChimp*
  8. Webhook
  9. Zapier
  10. Integromate
  11. Integrately
  12. Pabbly
  13. Zoho Flow
  14. Zoho CRM
  15. Zoho Recruit*
  16. Zoho Analytics*
  17. Zoho Desk*
  18. Zoho Campaigns*
  19. Zoho Project*
  20. Zoho Workdrive*
  21. Zoho Mail*
  22. Zoho Sheet*
  23. Zoho Sign*
  24. Zoho Marketing Hub*
  25. Zoho Creator*
  26. Zoho Bigin*

[ * In pro version ]

Payment Gateway Integrations:

  1. PayPal*
  2. Razorpay*
  3. Stripe*[Coming Soon]




  • Bit Form


  1. Download the plugin.
  2. From the WordPress Admin Panel, click on Plugins => Add New.
  3. Click on Upload, so you can directly upload your plugin zip file.
  4. Use the browse button to select the plugin zip file that was downloaded, and then click on Install Now.
  5. Once installed, click “Activate”.


Probably the simplest form builder I've ever used, yet one of the most powerful ones. And has an incredibly acceptable price. Even if you're suspicious, I would recommend not to pass by this plugin if you don't at least try it. I highly recommend it.
I just loved this plugin because of it's customizable feature. It has a huge range of style customization options I have seen till now. Also their support team is top-notch, you just have to tell them the issues & you will get your work done. Highly recommended the best drag & drop WordPress form builder plugin
I'm falling in love with BitForms. Why? 1- very easy to use with drag & drop builder. 2- very good team support. 3- building form for mobile devices is much easier and quicker than others I tried, like Piotnet. 4- I like the price and the price structure. Congratulation Bitpress team, you have a great plugin.
I have tested many form builders over the last few months and never really settled for a particular one until recently. Bit Form was suggested on a social media group and as I had never heard of this before I quickly tested the free version. I have since upgraded to the paid licence. The first thing I noticed was that this is the simplest form builder I have used. It is very easy to quickly create multi-column forms with no instruction. The formatting for the emailed reports is also straightforward and simple to setup to produce very nice looking results. I did my usual research to try and find reviews however as this is a relatively new form builder there were not many. I did read one where the reviewer noted the usual pros and cons and updated the review at the end as a member of the Bit Form team reached out to him which I valued. I have used their support via email and social media and my experience has been superb. They have been very quick to respond and assist which is a huge reassurance these days. I will be purchasing more licences to use this form builder on more of my sites in the very near future and it is definitely worth testing if you have not used this yet.
Takový formulář jsem hledal už dlouho, perfekní použití, konfigurace.. Věřím že se časem doladí pár věcí jako je editace CSS atd.. Jinak naprostá pecka!!
I'm using this free version of this plugin and faced an issue with database. After back and forth I shoot an email to their site's contact page and the developer offered to solve the issue over Anydesk. The dev spent few hours and we found out that it was a configuration issue of MySQL at my server and the issue was eventually resolved. Gonna buy their pro version as soon as I need their paid features.


Bit Form – WordPress Drag & Drop Contact Form, Payment Form Builder はオープンソースソフトウェアです。以下の人々がこのプラグインに貢献しています。




  • Fix: File url link on export entry


  • ReCaptcha v3: ReCaptcha v3 can protect your form from bot & spamming. Config your ReCaptcha; go to form settings, enable the ReCaptchav3.
  • Builder:
    1. Add Custom Button
    2. Button Color Change


  • Feature: HTML Field
  • Feature: Email Attachment
  • Fix: paypal dynamic amount does not change
  • Fix: recaptcha v2 bypass issue if js disabled


  • Feature: ActiveCampaign integration
  • Fix: mail validation issue on large tlds


  • Integrations:
    • New: 1. Sendinblue Integration – create/edit contact
    • Update: 1. WooCommerce Integration – External/Affiliate product can be added
      2. Zoho Recruit – zip/post code fixed
  • Features: Search box added in Integration
  • Fixes:
    1. Decision Box label issue fix
    2. Integ info added for integrations
    3. Tinymce issue fix
    4. Add Conditional Button issue fix in free version
    5. field map layout broken fix in integration
    6. Api response copy issue fix in timeline
    7. File upload issue fix in Bit Form Rest API


  • Feature: WooCommerce Integration – Create/Edit WooCommerce Product/Customer from Bit Form.


  • Fix: long text wrap on label removed
  • Fix: recruit attachment issue


  • Fix: decision box label empty after update
  • Fix: domain url truncate issue in email template


  • Fix: file upload
  • Feature: replay to added on mail send
  • Feature: code preview added on mail template editor


  • Fix: issues email in mulitple workflow. After changing workflow execution process.


  • Fix: Builder style cache issue.
  • Fix: JS conflict with optimization plugins.
  • Fix: Date format issue.
  • Feature: Mailchimp integration


  • Fix: Entry id added to callback url


  • Fixes:
    API issue
    CPT title
    option deleted
    uninstallation bitform


  • Features:
    1. Builder:
      i) Payment App Config
    2. Integrations:
      i) CPT (Custom Post Types)
      ii) Google Sheet
  • Fixes:
    1. Timeline Integration Response (On first submit & entry edit)
    2. Radio Button Conditional Logics issue fix
    3. Zoho Projects timelog issue fixed
      some minor fixes…


  • Bug fix
  • SMTP frontend updated


  • Fix: file upload issue
  • Feature: Api secret key


  • Fix: minor issues in API
  • Fix: dropdown not showing in Frontend when i18n disabled


  • Feature:
    Rest APi Added


  • Feature:
    1. Builder – Field Added
    • Razorpay: we have added the Razorpay payment field in our form builder. You can drag and drop the Razorpay field and use it with your preferred choices. We have added as much as possible functionalities and customizations.
  • Update: Decision Box icon updated.
  • Fix: Minor issues has been fixed.


  • Fix: Accessibility Improved
  • Feature:
    1. Builder – Field Added
    • Decision Box: the decision box is added to take agreement or acceptance of any statement by checking the decision box field.


  • Fix: style url protocol mismatch


  • Fix: field label and admin label null issue, now if both are empty field key will be shown
  • Update: Frontend form submit toast design changed


  • Fix: Email editor fallback issue


  • Feature:
    1. SMTP: you can send mail by your preferred email to your user with smtp support. to config the SMTP, you have to go all forms page, then go to settings->SMTP Settings. you can test the mail settings under the config section.


  • Fix: Oxygen Builder render issues

For changelog of all versions please check Changelog.txt