Block Pattern Builder


WordPress 5.5 came with a great new productivity feature that allows theme and plugin developers to include pre-composed groups of blocks; ‘patterns’. Those patterns can simply be inserted into any post or page.

BlockMeister brings you the power to visual design your own block patterns or to convert a selected group of blocks to a custom block pattern.

You can add your patterns to any existing or a custom category and optionally set one or more keywords.


  • Visual design custom block patterns using the pattern builder
  • Or create a custom pattern from one or more selected blocks in the post editor
  • Assign your patterns to one or more categories
  • Optionally add any keywords (makes them easy to find in the block inserter)
  • Create custom pattern categories
  • Set a viewport width to optimize the scaled width of the preview in the block inserter

Getting Started

  1. Locate and click on the ‘Block Patterns‘ menu item in the sidebar admin menu.
  2. Click on the ‘Add New‘ button.
  3. Give your pattern a name.
  4. Start writing or choose any blocks you want to be part of your pattern.
  5. Publish the pattern
  6. Go to a test page and locate your pattern in the Block Inserter under the pattern tab and click on it.
  7. The block pattern will now be added to your page. All contained blocks are now independent from the original pattern and can be editted as any regular block.


  • Block patterns list table screen.
  • Categories list table screen.
  • Block pattern settings sidebar.


Installation directly from your site

  1. Log in and navigate to Plugins → Add New.
  2. Type “BlockMeister” into the Search and hit Enter.
  3. Locate the BlockMeister plugin in the list of search results and click Install Now.
  4. Once installed, click the Activate link.

Manual installation

  1. Download the BlockMeister plugin from
  2. Unzip the package and move the blockmeister folder to your plugins folder.
  3. Log into WordPress and navigate to the Plugins screen.
  4. Locate BlockMeister in the list and click the Activate link.


Will this work with any theme?

Yes, as long as the theme works with the block editor.

Can I add custom CSS?

Yes, select the block you want to style:

  • Open the ‘Advanced’ panel
  • Add a ‘Additional CSS class’
  • Add the styles for that class to your (child) theme stylesheet or add them via the customizer’s ‘Additional CSS’ section.

What happens to my patterns, after I **deactivate** the plugin?

  • The patterns will no longer be available from the inserter.
  • Patterns inserted in posts and pages will not be affected.
  • As soon as you re-activate the plugin the patterns will be available again from the inserter.

What happens to my patterns, after I **uninstall** the plugin?

  • The patterns will no longer be available from the inserter.
  • Patterns inserted in posts and pages will not be affected.
  • Your patterns and all BlockMeister related data will be deleted from the database permanently!
    So please don’t uninstall unless your are 100% sure it’s okay to lose the data.
    For test/debug purposes it is probably better to temporary deactivate the plugin instead.


Block Patterns are great for providing layouts for use by non-designer content editors, and this plugin - Block Pattern Builder - is the best tool for creating them! Easy to use: design inside the plugin with the Block Editor, choose a category for your Pattern (or create you own) and Voila! your new Patterns are available to insert. Best of all, your patterns are inside the plugin and easy to tweak and re-edit. Great plugin author support too! 5 stars from me.
A must for guttenberg users. I like it from the first sight 🙂 Dont know why the usage is so low (for now). Very well developed, many thanks for the creators! EDIT: Excellent support!
I totally agree with Kimberly, for me it's a life saver rebuilding a site after changing a set of Gutenber blocks. Speeds u devellopement very much.


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[2.0.8] – 2021-04-16

– Allow unfiltered pattern HTML for users who have the ‘unfiltered_html’ capability

[2.0.7] – 2021-03-06

– Too strict run context check excluded post-new screen

[2.0.6] – 2021-02-27

– Custom categories missing in inserter due to failed run context check; WP core test method not yet loaded

[2.0.5] – 2021-02-19

– Unnecessary term updates in synchronisation method (leading to unintended cache purging in cache plugins)

– syncing and re-translating of dynamically registered categories and custom category terms
– run context

– code run contexts

[2.0.4] – 2021-01-19

– prevention of term deletion of third party custom taxonomy

[2.0.3] – 2020-09-18

– excerpt screen option and control panel unintentionally removed from other post type edit screens

[2.0.2] – 2020-09-12

– path normalizing issue

[2.0.1] – 2020-09-03

– keywords taxonomy’s edit capability

[2.0.0] – 2020-09-01

Initial public release.

– completely refactored v1.0

– Block settings menu item to add selected blocks to a new block pattern
– Categories
– Keywords
– Viewport width setting
– Added pattern editing related capabilities
– Limit pattern building to administrators by default
– Made translatable
– Added Dutch translation