Activate the Doshii WooCommerce Plugin for your venue

About the Doshii Plugin

Doshii now provides a WooCommerce plugin that enables a connection between your online store and your POS; making sure that orders from your website can flow directly into your kitchen.

E-Commerce for your venue

The new plugin will prove to be a huge benefit to venues, especially those who have pivoted their business in the light of Covid-19 and are now focusing a lot more on ecommerce.

Be it meal kits, merchandise, cooking classes or simply online ordering, any purchase via your WooCommerce website can now be connected directly to your POS – no more manual re-keying of orders or sales reports.

The plugin is available to all WooCommerce customers and a step by step guide with resources for help and support can be found here.

Support From Doshii

Contact and we can help you with your enquiry.


  • How do I configure the Doshii plugin?

Please review the setup instructions on the Doshii support site:

  • Does the Doshii plugin support the Personalized Product Option Manager (PPOM) plugin?

Yes, any options configured within PPOM will be pushed to your POS via the Doshii plugin

  • Does the Doshii plugin support Gift Cards?

Yes, the Doshii plugin integrates with the YITH Gift Cards plugin, and will ensure any payments made via a giftcard will be marked as paid in the POS

  • Does the Doshii plugin support future order dates?

Yes, the Doshii plugin has some level of integration with the Order Delivery Date plugin

  • Can the Doshii plugin integrate with other WooCommerce plugins?

Please contact us if you have the need for other WooCommerce plugins to be supported. This may involve additional development cost that would be discussed with you prior to commencement of any development.




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Updated to support latest versions of WordPress (5.8.0) and WooCommerce (5.6.0)


Updated to support product names with special characters


Updated to exclude orders where the payment has failed. Also sorted Doshii products alphabetically within lists.


Improved remote troubleshooting capabilities


Added support for real-time item availability updates from your Point of Sale (POS)


Improved support for bulk menu mapping


Improved handling of order notes


Added support for PPOM plugin


Updated integration layer with Doshii


Initial Release