F4 Post Tree


F4 Post Tree adds a neat and easy to use sidebar tree view to your posts and/or pages backend.

Once activated, your posts/pages will be displayed hierarchically in the tree sidebar.

The sidebar appears on every post related page in WordPress, so you don’t have to leave your current page to manage or sort the posts/pages.

For every post status there is a icon color, so you can see if a post/page is published, draft or planned.

You can also see if someone else is currently editing a post. In this case a small lock-icon appears in the tree.

This Plugin is currently not compatible with Multisites. This feature will be added in the near future.


This plugin works out-of-the-box. By default, the tree will be displayed for both pages and posts. You can enable/disable the tree for both individually on the settings page (Settings -> F4 Post Tree).

Features overview

  • Tree view sidebar for pages and posts backend
  • Hierarchical order and display
  • Drag and drop sorting
  • Colorful icons for every post status
  • Displayed on list view and edit page
  • Lock symbol for posts that are currently locked by another user
  • Automatically refresh if another user edits a page

Planned features

  • Context menu for quick actions
  • Multisite compatibility
  • More tba

Upcoming PRO version

We’re working on a extended PRO version for this plugin, which adds a few neat features:

First of all, it adds support for custom post types.

But the most interesting feature is the support for menus. With this feature you can manage and sort the menus you want directly in your tree sidebar.

That means, you can activate every menu you want to be shown in the tree, so you can drag&drop posts directly at the position you want the post to appear in the menu. You don’t have do add/remove/sort posts and pages through the awkward menu page (Display -> Menus).

This feature improves the handling for menus drastic. Your editors and authors will love this!

If you are interested in this neat fetures, you can write us an email to get notified when the PRO version will be released.


  • Hierarchical page tree in list view
  • Hierarchical page tree while editing a page


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/f4-tree directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Use the Settings -> F4 Post Tree screen to configure the plugin


How can I add the tree to my custom post types?

This feature will be avaiable with the PRO version of our plugin.

If you are interested, you can write us an email to get notified when the PRO version will be released.

When will the PRO version be released?

We don’t know yet, but as soon as possible!

If you are interested, you can write us an email to get notified when the PRO version will be released.

How much will the PRO version cost?

We don’t know yet, but the pricing will be pretty reasonable.

If you are interested, you can write us an email to get notified when the PRO version will be released.


2023年7月4日 1 reply
Why can’t WordPress do something this good by itself? I’ve been waiting for this for so long now. However, it would be even more perfect if the tree could always be seen fully expanded immediately.
Hi, this is exactly what i was looking for. Unfortunately i have an error message instead of the sitetree. 500 internal servor error. Thanks for your support


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  • Update freemius sdk to version 2.6.2
  • Support WordPress 6.5


  • Update freemius sdk to version 2.5.10


  • Remove drag&drop for main tree nodes


  • Fix support for PHP 8.1
  • Support WordPress 6.2
  • Update freemius sdk to version 2.5.4


  • Remove z-index properties from tree elements
  • Support WordPress 6.1
  • Update freemius sdk to version 2.5.2


  • Update www.f4dev.ch links


  • Better compability with WPBakery editor
  • Support WordPress 6.0


  • Update freemius sdk to version 2.4.3


  • Support WordPress 5.9


  • Fix incompatibility with WPML


  • Fix tree sidebar position on mobile and in block editor


  • Fix Freemius paid plan config


  • Support WordPress 5.8


  • Support WordPress 5.7
  • Update Freemius to version 2.4.2


  • Support WordPress 5.6


  • Update Freemius to version 2.4.1


  • Add special icons for WooCommerce pages (shop, cart, checkout, my account)
  • Refresh permalink if page is moved while on post edit page
  • Add F4 logo to settings page
  • Better compability with Gutenberg editor
  • Add Freemius


  • Support WordPress 5.5


  • Support WordPress 5.4


  • Fix wrong constant name
  • Update admin submenu style


  • Update compatibility for WordPress 5.3
  • Fix wpdb custom queries for more compatibility
  • Fix children tree function for custom post types
  • Fix tree output on unwanted pages


  • Fix fancytree init bug


  • Enable tree for posts and pages on initial install


  • Fix auto refresh for post slug


  • Initial stable release