You, as a developer often need to get different information from DB. This plugin will become a real time saver for you when creating the next plugin or theme. If you are not a developer, you may need to get general info about the WP installation, server info, php or mysql info, all this is included.

  • Get information about current WordPress installation.
  • Get information about current server.
  • Access to top level admin pages directly from front-end admin bar.
  • Inspect all WordPress Options and expand any of them for futher information.
  • Get a list of all available hooks and info about each.
  • View all available PHP classes and expand the source.
  • View all available PHP functions, expand the source and follow the direct link to WP Codex.
  • Get the users meta for a particular user by login.
  • Get detailed PHP info.
  • A list of all registered PHP constats.
  • MySQL configuration info.
  • A list of all registered widgets.

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  • General info tab
  • WP Options info
  • A single option unserialized with the controls that have been introduced in version 1.1
  • A list of all hooks
  • A list of all loaded PHP classes
  • A class source extended with separated info
  • All available user functions
  • Everything in searchable.
  • Details about a function
  • Get meta details by username
  • Enabled mime types


  • Like any other WordPress plugin.
  • Drop fastdev to wp-content/plugins/.
  • More info here:


I've got a number of development plugins installed and this brings something new to the table. Love the ability to see all the hooks, classes, functions etc and to quickly see where they're being used and triggered.
A really handy plugin for finding out active plugins, WP version, active theme and many other options that are clearly tabbed out from the plugins main tab.


FastDev はオープンソースソフトウェアです。以下の人々がこのプラグインに貢献しています。


“FastDev” をあなたの言語に翻訳しましょう。

開発に興味がありますか ?

コードを閲覧するか、SVN リポジトリをチェックするか、開発ログRSS で購読してみてください。



  • Improvement: User meta menu item from admin bar now redirects to the user meta directly if it’s accessed from a page which returns true to is_author();
  • New: Added “Post Meta” tab.
  • New: The new post meta menu item from the admin bar now redirects to the post meta directly if it’s accessed from a page that returns true to is_singular() or is_page();
  • Bug fix: Other bug fixes and minor changes.


  • Bug fix: Get site language from WPLANG options not from WPLANG constant.
  • Improvement: Better and more info on “Site info” page.
  • New: Now it’s possible to allow the view of “Site Info” and “PHP Info” pages by sharing a temporary generated link.


  • Added sidebars debug. Get all sidebars and active widgets with their options.


  • Bug fix: When accessing a single hook under Fastdev->Hook, it does not return its contents if the hookname contains uppercase letters, and or characters other than [a-z_-]. This is because the hook name is accessed from page url, and is not decoded.


  • Disable syntax highlighting if the string length exceeds 50k characters. Highlighting large block of data may crash the browser.
  • Allow to edit the key name of an option directly from admin.
  • Trim large block of data from “WP Options” page, and add a button that expands the code.
  • Added top level admin menus to admin bar on frontend: Plugins, Users, Settings and all public CPT.


  • New: Display the current site id in admin bar.
  • New: Display the current object id in admin bar.


  • Bug fix: Some files missing because they were not transfered in last update(v1.2.4).


  • Improvement: Code renderer performance.
  • New: Fastdev menu and its tabs are now accessible from admin bar.
  • New: Display active conditional tags in admin bar. Credits to QM.
  • New: Display the total time required to render the pag, in admin bar.


  • Fix: Fatal error because file names are case sensitive in Linux but not in Windows.
  • Readme update.


  • Wrong installation instructions.
  • Readme update.


  • User meta details page improvements.
  • Included an autoloader for PHP classes.
  • Code cleaning of trash.
  • Added localization template .pot and support for translation.
  • The license explicitly set to GPL-2.0+


  • Possibility to refresh an option via AJAX(manually or automatically when the page is active).
  • Possibility to delete an option. For advanced users.
  • Added mime type list. Show what mime types can be used for file uploading and if they are enabled.
  • Added function reference to
  • Use htmlspecialchars to properly display the source code in fd_code function.
  • Added autofocus to search field.