FileBird – WordPress Media Library Folders & File Manager


Best plugin of all time to categorize WordPress media library with folders.

Let’s organize WordPress media library folders using a drag and drop organizer.

TEST DRIVE | GO PRO (Lifetime License) 💎

FileBird enhances your media library with a clean user interface, native icons, smooth drag & drop, dynamic gallery, advanced sort options, and better organization.

The free version allows you to create unlimited main folders and subfolders.

📌 Documentation | Compare FileBird Free vs Pro

⚡️ 機能

FileBird allows you to create virtual folders to categorize your WordPress media file uploads. So when you move files and folders around, it won’t break the permalinks to your images in the page/post content.

With FileBird Pro you can save time on WP media management, search for any files & folders, sort them out, add product image gallery, download/export media folders, etc. That’s a great way to boost your admin workflow and productivity.

Download Media Folder (PRO)
Export an entire media folder including its subfolders and files in a single ZIP file. Keep the same folder structure. Backup categorized media files.

Multiple Tree View Styles (PRO)
Apart from hierarchical tree view, you have an option to hide levels from tree view, too. This flat tree view is very useful for those with a large number of folders.

Smart Startup Folder
Choose a specific folder or previously opened folder upon startup. Quickly get back to work. Save more time.

File Location
Locate any file in its details modal and easily change its containing folder.

ドラッグ アンド ドロップでファイルをアップロードしたり、フォルダーに一括移動したりできます。ドラッグ アンド ドロップでフォルダやサブフォルダを整理できます。

Smart Context Menu
Right-click on FileBird folders section to quickly create, rename, cut, paste, or delete folders just the way you do on your computer.

FileBird の折りたたみ可能なサイドバーは、すべての WordPress メディアライブラリーフォルダーを究極にコントロールすることができます。

拡張メディアライブラリー、JoomUnited のWP メディアフォルダー、Max Foundry の WordPress メディアライブラリーフォルダー、Real Media Library、HappyFiles からメディアカテゴリ / フォルダー構造をインポートしてシームレスに同期します。

Export Folders Organization
One-click to export the whole WP media folder structure so that you can migrate it to your live sites or simply keep a backup.

User Based Folder View
Enabling this mode allows admins and other users with access to create their own categories/directories. A user can freely manage his/her folders without affecting others’ directory structure.

Powerful Search Feature
You can sort and search for file and folder name not only in Media library but also in page/post editor.

さまざまなソートオプション (PRO)
フォルダーを並べ替える2つの方法とファイルを並べ替える8つの方法で上級に。これは、忙しいすべての WordPress 管理者とウェブマスターにとって大きな時間の節約になります。

Customizable Default File Order
Set a way of sorting files ascending/descending alphabetically by the file name, title, date, modified, and author.


RTL 対応
FileBird はヘブライ語、アラビア語などの RTL 言語をサポートしています。



WordPress のサイト管理者ですか ?

WordPress サイトを管理するということは、画像、動画、音声ファイル、ドキュメントなどの大量のマルチメディアファイルを WP メディアライブラリに追加することを意味します。

その結果、ライブラリは何千ものファイルを保存しなければならず、大混乱に陥る可能性があります。WordPress のデフォルトのファイル名検索機能は良いものですが、フォルダーに直接アクセスできる手軽さにはかなわないでしょう。そこで、WordPressでファイルを管理する FileBird の登場です。

このメディアファイルマネージャーは、フォルダー間のドラッグアンドドロップですべてのファイルを簡単に整理する機能を提供します。 FileBird が手元にあれば、物事は以前よりもずっと良くなります。


FileBird は一度に1つのフォルダーをスマートロードするため、WordPress メディアライブラリがロードされないことはありません。

🚀 FileBird で WP メディアフォルダをプロのように管理するためのヒント

  • Upload multiple folders and their files directly from computer to WordPress
  • Create gallery from folders using Gutenberg block of FileBird gallery
  • Create document gallery with shortcode
  • 左サイドバーのサイズを変更して、すべてのフォルダーの概要を表示します
  • Upload files to a specific folder by choosing the destination folder from the dropdown
  • Easily search for the name of file/folder
  • 固定ページ / 投稿のコンポーザーから、FileBird UI でファイルとフォルダーを参照します
  • ソート機能を使用して古いファイルを消去することにより、フォルダーを整理します
  • Press ESC to exit bulk select mode

⛩️ 互換性


  • Avada – #1 WordPress best selling theme of all time
  • Divi – ElegantThemes (PRO) からのテーマ
  • Enfold – これまでに作られた中で最もユーザーフレンドリーな WordPress テーマ
  • Uncode – 待望のフロントエンドエディター
  • Jupiter – Elementor 多目的テーマ
  • Flatsome – ベストセラー WooCommerce のテーマ
  • Salient – レスポンシブ多目的テーマ
  • XStore – レスポンシブ多目的 WooCommerce WordPress テーマ
  • KLEO – Community Multi Purpose BuddyPress Theme
  • 他にもたくさん +++


  • WPML – 任意の言語でサイトを翻訳して表示するための最高の WP のプラグイン
  • Polylang – プラグインを使用すると、バイリンガルまたはマルチリンガルの WordPress サイトを作成することができます
  • Gutenberg – WordPress 5.0からの新しいエディター
  • クラシックエディター – ツリービューのフォルダーを表示する古い WordPress エディター
  • Slider Revolution – ベストセラーの WordPress レスポンシブプラグイン
  • EWWW Image Optimizer
  • FooGallery Image Gallery – レスポンシブフォトギャラリー
  • Smush – 圧縮、画像オプティマイザ、遅延読み込み、WebP 画像
  • 他にもたくさん +++


  • Media library folders
  • Drag and drop to organize folders
  • Bulk select and move files to a folder
  • Rename folder in smart context menu
  • Sort folders
  • Sort files
  • Upload files to a specific folder
  • FileBird gallery block settings



  • FileBird Gallery



  1. プラグインを からダウンロードして解凍し、[FileBird] フォルダーを wp-content/plugins/ ディレクトリにアップロードします。
  2. WordPress の「プラグイン」メニューからプラグインを有効化します。
  3. WordPress のメインメニュー > メディアに移動して、ファイルを管理するフォルダーを作成します。



このプラグインを最初にインストールした後、以前にアップロードしたすべてのファイルは同じままですか ?


画像を別のフォルダに移動すると、このアクションは画像がページ / 投稿にどのように表示されるかに影響しますか?

No, it makes no changes to your images on the site front-end.

フォルダーやカテゴリーを作成した場合、WordPress のデフォルトのパス「wp-content/uploads/」を上書きしてしまうのでしょうか ?

いいえ、違います。このプラグインは、ファイルを視覚的にフォルダーに整理するのに役立ちます。すべてのファイルのパーマリンク / URL は変更されません。

FileBird をアンインストールすると、私のサイトはどうなりますか ?

No worries, your website will be completely unaffected. Upon deactivation, all your files can be found in the default WordPress media library.

どのようにサポートを受けることができますか ?



If you wish to use FileBird folders in all premium page builders, you can upgrade to FileBird PRO. Premium features include advanced sort & filtering for both files and folders; download folders; more themes, plugins & page builders supported.

Is that a one-time payment for FileBird Pro?

Yes! FileBird lifetime license costs you a one-time fee, you can use it on a single site, and get unlimited updates.

Happy Organizing! 😍


Organize WordPress media files into folders/ categories at ease. Best file manager by far that does what it says and more, and I'm still using the free option. Definitely a must-have for organizing any media. Wish I found it sooner. Just love it when a program gives you what you were looking for and more. Makes me a happy customer/supporter that will upgrade, and even donate.
Most of my sites present works of artists, so lots of images in various categories. This plugin makes my life so much easier now that I can sort images in folders and have an immediate overview of how many are in which categories. Total intuitive in use, very handy.


When downloading backup files, multiple selection forces accumulation to one ZIP file, which is too large. An option to download files as found (separately) would be very helpful to me since I do this approximately every week. In short, it is a significant part of how I use the program, so this is annoying. Program otherwise satisfactory; i.e., what one might expect.


FileBird – WordPress Media Library Folders & File Manager はオープンソースソフトウェアです。以下の人々がこのプラグインに貢献しています。


“FileBird – WordPress Media Library Folders & File Manager” は17ロケールに翻訳されています。 翻訳者のみなさん、翻訳へのご協力ありがとうございます。

“FileBird – WordPress Media Library Folders & File Manager” をあなたの言語に翻訳しましょう。

開発に興味がありますか ?

コードを閲覧するか、SVN リポジトリをチェックするか、開発ログRSS で購読してみてください。


Dec 30, 2021 – Version 4.9.8

  • Added: Import/Export folder structure into CSV
  • Added: Flat/Default tree view in modal
  • Improved: UI and text
  • Fixed: Conflict with Envato Market plugin

Dec 14, 2021 – Version 4.9.7

  • Fixed: Conflict with ACF
  • Fixed: Error in folder.php

Dec 06, 2021 – Version 4.9.6

  • Added: Support MailPoet

Dec 02, 2021 – Version 4.9.5

  • Added: Folder selector in Edit media
  • Fixed: WooCommerce conflict (break Upload Theme button)

Nov 10, 2021 – Version 4.9.4

  • Fixed: Elementor With PolyLang wrong folder counter
  • Fixed: Image ALT in FileBird Gutenberg Gallery

Sep 30, 2021

  • Updated: Some notice

Sep 14, 2021 – Version 4.9.3

  • Added: Import folders for Folders by Premio
  • Fixed: Compatible with WordPress old version.

Sep 9, 2021 – Version 4.9.2

  • Improved: Import notice
  • Fixed: Some small bugs

Aug 25, 2021 – Version 4.9.1

  • Fixed: Gutenberg widgets missing

Aug 13, 2021 – Version 4.9

  • Added: Infinite scroll
  • Added: Plugin activation alert
  • Added: Sorting by File Name in FileBird Gallery
  • Improved: Folder name sorting
  • Improved: German translation
  • Fixed: Drag files in Tablet

Jul 21, 2021 – Version 4.8

  • Fixed: Compatible with WordPress 5.8
  • Fixed: Replace image

Jul 15, 2021 – Version 4.7.8

  • Fixed: Conflict with Photo Gallery plugin
  • Fixed: ACF warning
  • Fixed: ACF meta field image can’t load
  • Fixed: WPML Counter (in WPML last version 4.4.10)

Jul 2, 2021 – Version 4.7.7

  • Added: Notice when a license was used
  • Supported: Enhanced Media Library
  • Supported: Media Library Assistant
  • Improved: Load large files
  • Improved: Translation (Added missing strings)
  • Fixed: Loading Uncategorized folder
  • Fixed: Context menu position
  • Fixed: Security
  • Fixed: Small bugs

Jun 11, 2021 – Version 4.7.4

  • Updated: Languages
  • Fixed: JS conflict with Divi builder
  • Fixed: WPML non translated mode make folder counter and files in folders get wrong
  • Fixed: Conflict with Debug Bar plugin
  • Fixed: PolyLang get missing files in folder
  • Fixed: Folder always loading
  • Fixed: Important security updates.

May 26, 2021 – Version 4.7.3

  • Improved: FileBird UI in Mobile
  • Improved: Library
  • Improved: Translations, update POT file
  • Fixed: Auto Update function conflict with plugins and themes
  • Fixed: Image validation for ACF plugin
  • Fixed: Gutenberg issues (Wrong tag in frontend, Large images chosen when create gallery)
  • Fixed: Missing language “NL”
  • Fixed: RestAPI (404 Error)
  • Fixed: WPML/Polylang Full Compatible modes in Setting Media, support “All languages in admin bar”, Counter

Apr 07, 2021 – Version 4.7.2

  • Improved: Tooltip
  • Improved: UI
  • Optimized: FileBird zip size
  • Fixed: Can’t set folder Uncategorized as default in folder load
  • Fixed: Update database make folders duplicated when “Each user folder mode” enabled

Apr 01, 2021 – Version 4.7.1

  • Added: Upload multiple images in multiple folders when upload processing
  • Fixed: Append wrong folders in right side

Mar 30, 2021 – Version 4.7

  • Added: New Resize bar
  • Improved: Performance
  • Improved: Optimize code
  • Improved: UI
  • Improved: Text
  • Supported: PHP 8 and greater
  • Supported: Tatsu Builder
  • Fixed: Counter in WPML
  • Fixed: Tooltip bugs
  • Fixed: Can’t set “Uncategorized” default folder load
  • Fixed: Reorder on Edit gallery
  • Fixed: Small bugs

Feb 5, 2021 – Version 4.5

  • New feature: Download folder (Pro)
  • Added: Unlimited folders
  • Added: Limited file explorer with 3rd party plugins
  • Improved: Performance
  • Fixed: Draggable for tablet
  • Fixed: Edit Gallery
  • Fixed: Over The Max Number Of attachmentID
  • Fixed: FileBird Gallery selector in Gutenberg
  • Fixed: Duplicate folder when import
  • Fixed: Folder scroll
  • Fixed: Folder counter bug when moving images in user-based folder mode
  • Fixed: Conflict with Picu plugin
  • Fixed: Conflict with TutorLMS plugin
  • Disable: Draggable attachment in Mobile

Dec 21, 2020 – Version 4.3.1

  • Added: Support shortcode for Document Gallery
  • Added: API – Get folder detail by folder_id
  • Fixed: Modal append (Conflict with Yoast SEO)
  • Fixed: Conflict with Uncode theme
  • Fixed: Not loading media when uploaded by different modal in Elementor
  • Fixed: Reset file selection when move file in bulk select

Dec 14, 2020 – Version 4.3

  • Added: Press ESC key to exit Bulk select mode
  • Improved: Alert text
  • Improved: Icon size and default folders with long names in some languages
  • Fixed: Missing folder container
  • Fixed: Security
  • Fixed: SQL
  • Fixed: Upload new image can’t insert to the post in modal
  • Fixed: Prevent reload attachments when sort folders

Nov 25, 2020 – Version 4.2

  • Added: Set previous folder selected as default folder
  • Added: Compatible with Oxygen Builder
  • Fixed: ACF warning
  • Fixed: Conflict with WPML rest API
  • Fixed: CSS conflict with The Grid plugin
  • Improved: Prevent warning when upload folder containing desktop.ini or .DS_Store file

Oct 27, 2020 – Version 4.1

  • Added: Set default folder to open
  • Added: New APIs
  • Added: Support ACF
  • Improved: Notice of creating the first folder
  • Removed: Folder selector when no item available in modal popup
  • Fixed: Some bugs in folder container

Sep 16, 2020 – Version 4.0.7

  • Added: User can use API to create folders
  • Improved: Cut/Paste function
  • Fixed: Counter with Polylang
  • Fixed: Import function
  • Fixed: Counter in import message

Aug 26, 2020 – Version 4.0.6

  • Added: Compatible with Cornerstone Page Builder (From X Theme)
  • Fixed: Browser security issue with Microsoft Edge, Firefox
  • Fixed: Conflict jQuery-UI with ACF plugin
  • Fixed: Can’t create table ‘fbv_attachment_folder’
  • Fixed: Screen Option hidden in Media Upload


  • Fixed: Cache issues
  • Fixed: Mobile view
  • Fixed: Compatible with The7 theme
  • Fixed: Improve performance on modal
  • Fixed: Upload bugs
  • Fixed: Count on parent folder
  • Fixed: Small bugs


  • Improved: Notifications
  • Improved: Keep old folders from 4.0 version
  • Improved: Performance


  • Added: Gutenberg block
  • Improved: Keep old folders from 4.0 version after update database
  • Improved: UI/UX


  • Fixed: Update FileBird database
  • Fixed: Bulk delete folders
  • Fixed: Some small bugs


  • Fixed: Auto import folders from old version


  • Added: New designs
  • Added: Use new technology
  • Added: Smooth performance for unlimited folders and large numbers of files
  • Added: REST API for developers
  • Added: Sort files by Name, Date, Modified, Author (PRO)
  • Added: Bulk select folders
  • Added: Bulk delete folders
  • Added: Wipe old data
  • Added: Clean all data
  • Added: Import from Media Library Assistant
  • Added: Import from WP Media Folder by JoomUnited
  • Added: Support Brizy builder
  • Added: Support Fusion builder (PRO)
  • Added: Compatible with KnowherePro theme
  • Improved: Switchers
  • Improved: Text and Popups
  • Improved: Documentation
  • Fixed: Special characters in folder name
  • Fixed: Auto detect site width
  • Fixed: SQL syntax errors
  • Fixed: Bugs in list view
  • Fixed: Duplicate queries
  • Fixed: Bugs with WPML
  • Fixed: Small bugs


  • Added: Support Thrive Architect
  • Added: Language files for Taiwan (Thanks to soga172)
  • Fixed: List view order item bug
  • Fixed: WPML bug
  • Fixed: Scroll bar
  • Fixed: Some smart bugs
  • Fixed: Tree view show modal


  • Added: New FileBird layout
  • Added: New icon
  • Added: Separate Folder(s) for different user
  • Added: Import files from 2 media library plugins (Enhanced Media Library by webbistro and WordPress Media Library Folders by Max Foundry)
  • Added: Folder sort, folder search
  • Fixed: Support PolyLang
  • Fixed: Count
  • Fixed: Splitter
  • Fixed: Rename folder in list view mode
  • Fixed: Some bugs in right to left screen
  • Fixed: Move large folders
  • Fixed: Filter is hidden when using Smush plugin
  • Removed: Unused css
  • Removed: Unused libraries


  • Added: FileBird Gallery Block
  • Improved: Optimize FileBird Modal
  • Fixed: Can’t edit Image in media setting
  • Fixed: CSS corrupts site menu
  • Fixed: Conflict with Menubar icon plugin
  • Fixed: Uncategorised view the following error message
  • Fixed: Some small bugs


  • Improved: Remove unuse CSS
  • Fixed: Elementor
  • Fixed: List view don’t load images
  • Fixed: ACF plugin CSS conflict
  • Fixed: Remove trigger which conflict with Divi builder
  • Fixed: Conflict with Gridd Theme
  • Fixed: Count uncategories items


  • Added: Option turn on/off load FileBird JS at front-end for page builders
  • Improved: Removed CDN for customScrollBar
  • Fixed: Small bug will Elementor
  • Fixed: Select option doesn’t not change in modal popup upload
  • Fixed: Only call move image when moving folder position


  • Fixed: Go Pro version links


  • Fixed: Security required


  • Improved: Performance and Optimize Code
  • Improved: Optimize Code
  • Improved: Optimize Code
  • Fixed: Sorting error in list view
  • Fixed: Conflict with WordPress Customize Function
  • Fixed: Some small bugs
  • Fixed: “nt_wmc_folder” in Google Search Console results
  • Fixed: Error in full front end Divi Page Builder editor
  • Fixed: PHP notice on line 582 and 586
  • Fixed: Load JS script on front end
  • Fixed: Error “FileBird is loading” on Elementor builder
  • Fixed: Compatible with FooGallery and Final Tiles Grid Gallery
  • Fixed: Warning notice in WordPress
  • Fixed: Margin Overlay
  • Fixed: Other small bugs


Jul 24, 2019 – Version 2.3
* Improved: Fast append treeview
* Improved: Prevent public folders link
* Improved: CSS UI
* Fixed: Prevent plublic taxonomy folder
* Fixed: Query database callback alltime
* Fixed: FileBird treeview show on top left in product editor in WooCommerce
* Fixed: Can’t drop file when create first folder
* Fixed: Work with WPML when Post Types Translation: Media tick not translatable
* Fixed: 10 folders create in Lite version
* Fixed: Bulk select moving images into folders by itself
* Fixed: Move folder with length folder text
* Fixed: Resize bar not save in min minimum width
* Fixed: Remove map file library
* Fixed: Conflict photo gallery


Jun 13, 2019 – Version 2.2
* Added: RTL display
* Added: Hebrew language
* Added: Support Advanced Custom Field
* Fixed: Create new folders in edit attachment page
* Fixed: RTL languages in Beaver and Divi builder


Jun 04, 2019 – Version 2.1
* Improved: Change drag-drop library
* Improved: Optimize drag-drop
* Improved: Change drag-drop to trigger folders, list view
* Improved: Change syntax jQuery
* Fixed: CSS not show in all folders treeview from classic editor
* Fixed: Move many files
* Fixed: Move all categories
* Fixed: Auto Deselect bulk when none file
* Fixed: Count file selected in bulk select
* Fixed: Conflict with Avada theme
* Updated: CSS
* Removed: Unused files


May 29, 2019 – Version 2.0
* Added: Treeview interface in page, post, custom post type
* Added: Treeview interface in Divi Builder, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, WPBakery Page Builder, Elementor Builder
* Added: Treeview interface for Gutenberg
* Added: Bulk auto deselect when change folder
* Added: Compatible with WPML 4.x version
* Fixed: WPML 3.9 conflict
* Fixed: Move one file not click image
* Fixed: CSS over when edit folder
* Fixed: Load too much database
* Fixed: Treeview interface Elementor Builder
* Fixed: Upload images
* Improved: No load FileBird files on frontend if not use builder
* Improved: Optimize FileBird
* Improved: UI/UX
* Removed: Unused files


Mar 13, 2019 – Version 1.8
* Added: Compatible with Elementor
* Added: Compatible with Visual Composer
* Added: Compatible with Beaver Builder
* Added: Refresh folder
* Added: Save position for resizable sidebar
* Added: Russian Translation
* Improved: Languages and Documentation
Improved: Doesn’t jump to destination folder when moving files
* Improved: CSS
* Improved: Clean code
* Fixed: Removed WordPress notification
* Fixed: Categories dropdown from Media Library popup
* Fixed: Folder structure when insert files in page/post
* Fixed: Press double clicks for OK/cancel button
* Fixed: Bulk select error
* Fixed: Scroll to view folders
* Fixed: Many small bugs


Dec 14, 2018 – Version 1.7
* Added: Drag and drop files to folders for List mode
* Added: Count items after dragging
* Added: Load effect while dragging
* Added: Hover effect (List mode and gird mode)
* Added: Show loading progress bar when upload file
* Improved: CSS
* Improved: Clean code
* Improved: Loading effect smoother
* Fixed: Resize bug when dragging back
* Fixed: Hide list attachments after load attachment
* Fixed: Conflict with 404 to 301 plugin
* Fixed: Error in Theme Customize Tab
* Fixed: Some small bugs


Aug 15, 2018 – Version 1.6
* Fixed: Some small bugs


July 2, 2018 – Version 1.5
* Added: Display location latest folder place use.
* Improved: New UI/UX
* Improved: Change icons
* Improved: CSS styles


March 28, 2018 – Version 1.4
* Improved: New drag and drop Javascript
* Fixed: JS conflicts


March 18, 2018 – Version 1.3
* Fixed: Load files in folder
* Fixed: More bugs


March 10, 2018 – Version 1.2
* Fixed: Drag and drop files
* Fixed: More bugs


March 5, 2018 – Version 1.1
* Fixed: JS conflicts
* Fixed: Drag and drop folders


May 1, 2016 – Version 1.0
* Version 1.0 Initial Release