FluentSMTP – WP Mail SMTP、Amazon SES、SendGrid、MailGun、およびあらゆる SMTP 接続プラグイン


あらゆるメールサービス用の WordPress Mail SMTP プラグイン

WordPress メールが送信されないという問題、または、配信元のメールアドレスを設定したいと考えていませんか ? 。このプラグインは、メールの到達性の問題をすべて解決します。FluentSMTP は、メールサービスプロバイダーにネイティブ接続し、メールが確実に配信されるようにする究極の WordPress メールプラグインです 💯。

私たちの目標は、WordPress のメールを高速かつ安全に送信し、メールの受信箱に届くようにすることです。

Fluent SMTP プラグインは、WordPress メールをメールサービスプロバイダーに接続することで、メール配信の問題を解決します。これらの統合はネイティブであるため、メールを超高速に送信します。

必要なメールサービスプロバイダーに接続すると、FluentSMTP がトランザクションメールやマーケティングメールを自動的にルーティングします。これは、FluentSMTP が提供する独自の機能の1つです。

🎉 利用可能なメールサービス接続

  • Amazon SES API 接続
  • Gmail OAuth API Connection
  • Google Workspace OAuth API Connection
  • Outlook OAuth API 接続
  • SendGrid API
  • Mailgun API
  • Sendinblue API
  • Pepipost API
  • PostMark API
  • TransMail API
  • SparkPost API
  • Elastic Mail API
  • Zoho via SMTP
  • All Other SMTP
  • More native integrations coming soon

FluentSMTP が無料なのはなぜですか ?

FluentSMTP プラグインは完全に無料で、オープンソースです。それを収益化することは決してありません。これは、WordPress 財団による「Five for the Future」イニシアティブの一環です。
弊社の親会社である WPManageNinja LLC は、WordPress ビジネス向けの製品を構築しており、非常に安定したビジネスモデルを持っています。私たちはコミュニティに何かを還元したいと考えており、FluentSMTP はその一環です。

🎉 Fluent SMTP の機能

Fluent SMTP は、市場で最も高速かつ最先端の WordPress Mail SMTP プラグインです。このプラグインは、速度、信頼性、拡張性を考慮して作成されました。

  • Real-Time Email Delivery
  • Email Routing to multiple email connections
  • Connect with Any Email Service Providers
  • メールのログ記録と再送信機能
  • メール接続を戻す
  • Resend Any Emails
  • In Details Reporting
  • リアルタイムのメール配信

Most importantly, This is plugin is free and always will be free.
👉 Read Why it’s 100% free (always) 👈

How does Fluent SMTP works

Fluent SMTP improves your WordPress mail by intercepting the wp_mail and then connecting with your email service providers to ensure deliverability. It uses a direct email service API to send emails faster and securely. It means emails are sent using the provider’s direct API. For your native SMTP connections, It uses the proper host, port, and credentials to send your WP Mails.


Fluent SMTP also logs (optional) your emails so you can check anytime and see your site health. You can also resend your failed emails or resend any previous emails from email logs that you need.

🎉 AMAZON SES (Native API Connection)

With Fluent SMTP SES Connection, you get the powerful, low-cost, high deliverability managed infrastructure from Amazon. With the support of Fluent SMTP, it’s super easy to set up and configure Amazon SES API and send all your WordPress emails. The integration is with amazon’s latest SES API so your emails will be delivered faster and the right way.

Fluent SMTP optimizes the API connection so it creates CURL-Tunneling to send your emails even faster. With Amazon SES connection, You can send emails faster than any other plugins.

🎉 Gmail or Google Workspace (Native API Connection)

Fluent SMTP – WP Mail Plugin は、Gmail または Google Workspace のメールに接続し、API 経由でメールを送信するオプションを提供します。速くて安全です。

🎉 SendGrid API Connection

SendGrid is the leading email sending service provider. You can rely on their globally distributed, cloud-based architecture for sending your WordPress Emails.

With Fluent SMTP, You can set up your SendGrid email service connection API in less than a minute. With this direct API connection, send your WordPress Mails fast and secure way.

Read about SendGrid connection documentation here

🎉 Mailgun Email API Connection

Mailgun is another leading email sending service provider and trusted by 225,000+ businesses. You can rely on their globally distributed, cloud-based architecture for sending your WordPress Emails.

Get your message to the right person at the right time with global infrastructure and industry expertise you can rely on.

With Fluent SMTP connection, You can set up your Mailgun email service connection in less than a minute. This is also a direct API connection so it’s faster than their SMTP connection.

Read about Mailgun connection documentation here

🎉 Sendinblue API Connection

Sendinblue is a platform for growing businesses and it has a great transactional email service. They serve more than 80,000 companies around the world and send millions of emails every day.

If you use Sendinblue then with the help of Fluent SMTP, You can easily connect with its API and send Your WordPress emails via an API connection.

Read about Sendinblue connection documentation here

🎉 Pepipost Email API Connection

Pepipost is a complete sending partner with a user-friendly dashboard and many extensive functions such as statistics and real-time information.

With Fluent SMTP connection, You can set up your Pepipost email service connection in less than a minute. With a direct API connection so it’s faster than their SMTP connection.

Read about Pepipost API connection documentation here

🎉 SparkPost Email API Connection

SparkPost is a great email sending service with lots of analytics features.
With Fluent SMTP, You can set up your SparkPost email service connection with your WordPress in less than a minute.

Read about SparkPost connection documentation here

🎉 Elastic Mail API 接続

Elastic Mail は、使いやすいダッシュボードと、統計やリアルタイム情報などの多くの広範な機能を備えた、トランザクションールやマーケティングメールを送信するための優れたソリューションです。Fluent SMTP プラグインは公式 API と完全に互換性があり、これを使用して Elastic Mail 経由で WordPress メールを送信できます。

🎉 Outlook / Office365 API 接続

Fluent SMTP – WP Mail Plugin は、Outlook または Office 365 メールに接続し、API 経由でメールを送信するオプションを提供します。速くて安全です。接続には oAuth2 認証システムを使用し、Office 365 / Outlook メールで簡単に接続をセットアップし、メールを送信できます。

Office 365 メールと WordPress の接続に関するドキュメントをお読みください。

🎉 Other SMTP

Fluent SMTP plugin works with all major email services that offer SMTP connections such as Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft Live, Zoho Mail, YandexMail, and any other email sending services.

You can set the following options:

  • Specify an SMTP Host.
  • Specify an SMTP Port.
  • Choose the Encryption option.
  • Choose to use SMTP authentication or not.
  • Specify the SMTP username and password.
  • That’s it 💯

Read about SMTP connection documentation here


  • Built with VueJS as a Single-page Application
  • Super fast and lean interface so anyone can use it without any learning curve
  • Super awesome Dashboard with charts, graphs, and stats to show how your emails are doing.

🚀 Automatic Email Routing 🚀

With Fluent SMTP’s unique multiple connection driver features, You can add as many email connections as you want. Based on your From Email Address, Fluent SMTP will route your emails to the appropriate email driver and send them securely. This is one of the unique and useful features that Fluent SMTP offers.

Now, you can route your transactional emails with one connection and marketing emails with another connection.

🚀 Email Logs and Reporting 🚀

Do you want to know how many and which emails your site is sending? Fluent SMTP got you covered. With powerful and super-fast email reporting and logs, you can easily view your WordPress Emails. You can also view charts and graphs about your daily email stats. Also, you can resend any emails anytime you want. This is super helpful for storing emails for your records, auditing outgoing emails, and debugging during site development.

Optionally, You can turn off this feature, and then only failed emails will be logged so you can take a look. Fluent SMTP uses a custom Database table so your WordPress Tables will not be bloated (we care).

🚀 Security 🚀

Fluent SMTP is built by professionals and security and scalability in mind. Fluent SMTP provides several options for you to keep your email sending secure and safe.

🚀 WPForms による WP Mail SMTP からのワンクリック移行 🚀

「WP Mail SMTP by WPForms」などの他の WordPress SMTP プラグインを使用している場合は、Fluent SMTP プラグインをインストールするだけで、ワンクリックで設定を移行できます。

  • Ability to store your SMTP / API credentials on the wp-config.php file
  • Ability to auto-delete old email logs
  • Fluent SMTP connects your email service providers directly via API

👉 Credits 👈

Fluent SMTP is built by WPManageNinja LLC. And yes, It’s built by the creator of popular plugins like FluentForms, FluentCRM, Ninja Tables.

Fluent SMTP is a 100% free and opensource plugin and we will never release a pro version. It does not mean, It will have lack features. Our aim is to provide the ultimate SMTP/Email Service connection plugin for your WordPress Mails. We wrote an article about why we made this plugin and our plan about Fluent SMTP.

The full source code is hosted in GitHub and you are welcomed to contribute to the development of this awesome WP Mail Plugin.
👉 View on GitHub 👈

Compatible With..

WPForms による WP Mail SMTP からの簡単な移行

現在 WPForms プラグインによる WP Mail SMTP を使用していて、FluentSMTP に移行したい場合、それは非常に簡単です。 数秒以内に「WP Mail SMTP by WPForms」から移行できます。

  • FluentSMTP プラグインをサイトにインストールするだけです
  • 「設定 -> FluentSMTP」に移動します。
  • 以前の「WP Mail SMTP by WPForms」の設定を自動的に表示します
  • 「WP Mail SMTPからインポート」ボタンをクリックするだけです
  • 「WP Mail SMTP by WPForms」を無効にして、FluentSMTP をお楽しみください

Easy WP SMTP からのワンクリック移行

現在 Easy WP SMTP プラグインを使用していて、FluentSMTP に移行したい場合、それは非常に簡単です。 数秒以内に「Easy WP SMTP」から移行できます。

  • FluentSMTP プラグインをサイトにインストールするだけです
  • 「設定 -> FluentSMTP」に移動します。
  • 以前の「Easy WP SMTP」の設定を自動的に表示します
  • 「Easy WP SMTPからインポート」ボタンをクリックするだけです。
  • 「Easy WP SMTP」を無効にして、FluentSMTP をお楽しみください

What’s Next

If you like this plugin, then consider checking out our other plugins:


  • FluentSMTP Dashboard
  • Setting up a connection
  • Settings Overview
  • Sending a test email
  • Email Logs
  • View Email from Log


  1. Install Fluent SMTP either via the WordPress.org plugin repository or by uploading the files to your server.
  2. Activate WP Fluent SMTP.
  3. Navigate to the Settings area of Fluent SMTP in the WordPress admin.
  4. Choose your SMTP option (Mailgun SMTP, SendGrid SMTP, Amazon SES, or Other SMTP) and follow the instructions to set it up.
  5. Need more help? Get support with WPManageNinja Support.


Can I send email via SMTP from my WordPress site using this plugin?

Yes, FluentSMTP plugin’s aim is to let you deliver your WordPress emails securely and as fast as possible.

Can I connect Amazon SES API with FluentSMTP?

Yes, FluentSMTP let you connect with native via Amazon SES API Key and Secret key and on the top of it, We optimize the api connection to send faster.

Can I store my Email Service Credentials to wp-config.php file?

Yes, when you create your connection you can choose how you want to store your connection credential. You can store at database or store at wp-config.php (recommended) file.

Can I send WordPress mails with SendGrid?

Yes, FluentSMTP let you connect your SendGrid via API. It’s faster and reliable than SendGrid SMTP. But if you prefer SendGrid SMTP connection, You can also connect with that too.

Can I send WordPress mails with Mailgun?

Yes, FluentSMTP let you connect your Mailgun via API Key. It’s faster and reliable than Mailgun SMTP. But if you prefer Mailgun SMTP connection, You can also connect with that too.

Can I send WordPress mails with Sendinblue?

Yes, FluentSMTP let you connect your Sendinblue email sending service via API Key. It’s faster and reliable. But if you prefer Sendinblue SMTP connection, You can also connect with that too.

Can I send WordPress mails with SparkPost?

Yes, FluentSMTP let you connect your SparkPost email sending service via API Key.

Can I send WordPress mails with Pepipost?

Yes, FluentSMTP let you connect your Pepipost email sending service via secure API Key.

I am a developer, Where I can contribute to this project?

Thank you so much. We really appreciate it. Please check our github repository for more details.

I found a bug, where I can report?

Please submit an issue in our support portal. If you are a developer please create a github issue.


You all have done an absolutely fabulous job with this plugin. This is the only plugin I could get work correctly with our nonprofits 365 account. Your directions were straight forward and easy to follow. Thank You!!! FYI, Azure has been renamed to Entra and is found under the Microsoft Entra Admin Center.
J'utilise l'extension de blocks Stackable Pro et le thème Blocksy Pro. FluentSMTP et FluentForm complètent bien les blocks de Stackable et la traduction française est juste. Je regrette toutefois de ne pas pouvoir ajouter une adresse de réponse (ReplyTo) différente de l'adresse d'envoi, comme le fait l'extension WP Mail SMTP par exemple. Ce serait une option vraiment très pratique. Merci aux développeurs.
I had issues sending out forms from the provider - especially to Office 365 recipients. mail didn't delivery and didn't appear in any of the Exchange Transport Logs. Most of the mail plugins which support Office 365 are all premium/paid and I needed to know they would work before committing to them. FluentSMTP is absolutely awesome. Set it up and it works with Office 365 perfectly. Just remember that when you click on "Authenticate" that you must login with the account that is going to send the e-mail, not the tenancy admin. The API needs to communicate with an account that has an Office 365 license. And yes - the "Access Code" you get is way longer than the one shown in the documentation. this is totally normal. Thanks for a great plugin!
I work at a web agency and I've just completed the third install of this plugin this week. The number one complaint we've had with clients post-launch is that their contact form email notifications weren't getting into recipients' mailboxes. We finally stopped blaming firewalls and started asking for a little time to set up one of these SMTP plugins. Fluent is well-documented, free, and thus far has passed with flying colors. I use mail-tester.com to gauge the quality of our emails, and this setup has regularly been taking us from 3/10 to 10/10. Hopefully you have as easy of a time of getting IT to set up an email address for you as we have!


FluentSMTP – WP Mail SMTP、Amazon SES、SendGrid、MailGun、およびあらゆる SMTP 接続プラグイン はオープンソースソフトウェアです。以下の人々がこのプラグインに貢献しています。


“FluentSMTP – WP Mail SMTP、Amazon SES、SendGrid、MailGun、およびあらゆる SMTP 接続プラグイン” は10ロケールに翻訳されています。 翻訳者のみなさん、翻訳へのご協力ありがとうございます。

“FluentSMTP – WP Mail SMTP、Amazon SES、SendGrid、MailGun、およびあらゆる SMTP 接続プラグイン” をあなたの言語に翻訳しましょう。

開発に興味がありますか ?

コードを閲覧するか、SVN リポジトリをチェックするか、開発ログRSS で購読してみてください。


2.2.6 (Date: Oct 01, 2023)

  • Enable Encryption for All SMTP Connections Keys
  • Migrate SendInBlue API to Brevo API
  • Improved Plugin Conflict Detection and auto fix
  • Fixed UI conflict with Other Plugins

2.2.5 (Date: Jul 06, 2023)

  • (Security Fix) Email subject is now sanitized and escaped when preview
  • Showing Server Response by default on log
  • Fix http_build_query issue for latest version of PHP
  • Improved UI & UX for email preview

2.2.4 (Date: Feb 04, 2023)

  • Email preview is now sanitized
  • you can now define FLUENTMAIL_SIMULATE_EMAILS to simulate emails programtically
  • Fixed outlook API connection issues
  • Fixed inline documentation links
  • UX improvements

2.2.2 (Date: Nov 11, 2022)

  • Fix vendor Conflict for Google/Gmail Connection
  • UI Improvement on Connection Wizard

2.2.1 (Date: Nov 08, 2022)

  • Refactored Google API integration
  • Fix encoding issues for Outlook API connection
  • ElasticMail Attachment issues fixed
  • Fixed digest email esc_* issues
  • Added contributors to the plugin’s about page.
  • UI&UX Improvements

2.2.0 (Date: Aug 21, 2022)

  • Added Elastic Mail API
  • PHP 8.0 & 8.1 compatibility
  • UI Improvements

2.1.2 (Date: July 05, 2022)

  • Google/Gmail API Upgrade
  • UI Improvements

2.1.1 (Date: March 12, 2022)

  • Improved Email Logging Screen
  • Improved UI and Settings
  • Fixed auto-delete old email logs

2.1.0 (Date: October 24, 2021)

  • Fix Cron Issues
  • PHP 8.0 Compatibility issue fixed
  • Multiple Connection UX improvement
  • Ability to remove from email and name hook via filter

2.0.2 (Date: September 21, 2021)

  • Fixed Scheduled Database Cleanup
  • Improvement on wp_mail loading and sending emails
  • Pepipost Driver Improvement
  • SendGrid Driver Improvement
  • SendinBlue Drive Improvement

2.0.1 (Date: July 28, 2021)

  • Added Postmark API Connection
  • Fix Dashboard Stat Number
  • Fix Sanitization Issue

2.0.0 (Date: July 27, 2021)

  • Added Outlook / Office 365 API Connection
  • Improvements of Amazon SES Connection
  • Ability to disable force From Email for supported connections
  • Added Fallback Connection feature
  • Added One-Click migration from WP Mail SMTP Plugin
  • Added One-Click migration from WP Easy SMTP Plugin
  • UI Improvements
  • Added nonce and sanitization for connection inputs

1.2.0 (Date: May 26, 2021)

  • Added Gmail and Google Workspace API Connection
  • Added Built-in Docs
  • UI Improvements
  • PHP 8 compatibility issue fixed
  • Bulk Send Emails from logs
  • Added Email Simulator
  • Amazon API Fix

1.1.1 (Date: April 26, 2021)

  • Database Warning Issue Fixed

1.1.0 (Date: April 25, 2021)

  • Fix Error Handling Issues
  • DataBase Query Optimizations
  • Amazon SES Connection Optimization
  • UI Improvement
  • VueJS loading improvements

1.0.1 (Date: January 24, 2021)

  • Fix UTF-8 issues
  • Sendinblue wp-config constant issue fixed
  • Fallback from name issue fixed
  • Search for Email Logs has been fixed

1.0.0 (Date: January 18, 2021)

  • Initial Launch
  • 349 git commits so far
  • 698 cup of coffee (Just kidding, We lost count)
  • Work of 3 Months
  • Let’s Make Email Sending Easier!