このプラグインの公開は2022年9月21日に停止されており、ダウンロードできません。 この公開停止は一時的なもので、完全なレビューを待っている状態です。


You search for a nice template, than you import it. What comes out is something completely different with different fonts, styles and features. Estimated 50% of the templates don't work.
Finally found what makes the editor of elementor had a lot of issues, issues from load in the editor, glhyps changed to unkown signs, have to reload twice to see how my changes worked, recently broken pages. it seems all the issues go away when uninstall, it has a great features, but its a headache. NEVER install this, well install copy and recreate again in vanilla elementor
Not loading properly loading issue with the Envato template, e.g., images and animations not loading properly. Some pages need to reload several times to load properly.
I'm recently making template kits and note that this plugin is kinda best option to have premium features without having Elementor pro. wondering why people gave 1 star, if you have Elementor pro already, yeah this plugin is useless, but if you don't have pro version, this is very good.


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