LikeCoin – Decentralized Publishing


LikeCoin is an infrastructure to decentralize publishing.

Digital evidence can now be secured, validated, and made readily available in perpetuity with #DePub.

What DePub offers

LikeCoin aims to empower content ownership, authenticity, and provenance. Creators can register content metadata to guarantee its integrity by acquiring an International Standard Content Number (ISCN). ISCN is a tool to authenticate and track content, just like a digital footprint.

Features of LikeCoin WordPress plugin

  • Register ISCN, an immutable metadata registry on blockchain, for your content
  • By publishing to, store your content on IPFS – a decentralized file system
  • Monetizing your content by LikeCoin button. Share your Civic Liker sponsorship link to your fans for monthly subscription.

Ready for NFT

Bringing NFT to publishing. Register now, publish anytime. LikeCoin helps secure and freeze content metadata permanently, lock and store it in the content registry. It will allow your metadata to be accessible for future use and distribution. It can also provide a way for the public to verify that the metadata was not changed when a related NFT is minted.

Immutable Content Registry

ISCN is a unique identifier to catalog metadata assigned to content such as articles and images. It helps to identify the metadata – creator, date, time, location, version – of the content, akin to a book’s distinctive ISBN.

Integrated with Decentralized Storage

Creators, curators, publishers, and readers can easily circulate and distribute content as ISCN allows for more efficient retrieval from databases. LikeCoin chain will dedicate to serve as a metadata registry, and integrate with storage like IPFS and Arweave to provide a one-click solution for users to store their content.

Permissionless Participation

LikeCoin operates under liquid democracy as a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Anyone can publish content, build applications and participate in governance without gaining permission. No one may censor anyone.

Trading LikeCoin

LikeCoin tokens can be changed to fiat currencies or other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. The most convenient way for trading LikeCoin is on DEX (decentralized exchange) such as Osmosis and Emeris, which can be used immediately with a LikeCoin wallet like Keplr without registering any account.

You can also trade LikeCoin on centralized exchanges such as LiquidDigiFinex and Information of the LikeCoin token (LIKE) can be found in CoingeckoCoinMarketCap and Big Dipper blockchain explorer.


LikeCoin is an open-source project. You are welcome to contribute to the plugin on Github if you are a developer.

Welcome to sponsor LikeCoin by being our Civic Liker.


  • LikeCoin button in a Post
  • LikeCoinプラグインのオプション
  • LikeCoinプラグインメタボックス


Installing LikeCoin WordPress plugin is easy-peasy, it takes only a few steps, within one minute.

Before installing the LikeCoin plugin, please register a Liker ID.

Follow the steps:

  1. Go to the WordPress admin panel and login ( For example if your website is, the admin panel address is usually on
  2. Click on the Menu on the left, go to “Plugin” and click on “install plugin” on top.
  3. Search for “LikeCoin” and find the LikeCoin plugin, click “Install Nowl” and wait for the system to finish the job, then click “Activate”.
  4. After installation, there will be a “LikeCoin” option in the menu. Congratulations, installation is done!

Configuring LikeCoin plugin

Before configuring the LikeCoin plugin, please register a Liker ID.

  1. On the menu, select “Your LikeCoin button”, then fill in your Liker ID in the Liker ID field.
  2. Click “Confirm” to finish setting up your LikeCoin button, the button will appear at the bottom of each article.

Configure LikeCoin button to appear at anywhere of the articles – use the shortcode [likecoin] to display extra LikeCoin buttons.


  1. How to register a Liker ID?
    For users who are familiar with crypto currencies, you can register a Liker ID by Keplr wallet, which you can have full control of your wallet private key.
    An easier way to register a Liker ID without any crypto knowledge, however, is to register via email/password or social accounts such as Google or Facebook. Read the guide here.

  2. How to change LikeCoin to fiat currency?
    Can do it in, which supports more than 10 types of popular fiat currencies. LikeCoin can be converted to other currencies in many exchanges, for details please refer to this guide.

  3. What is Civic Liker?
    Civic Liker is a movement to reward good content and encourage openness. The Civic Liker subscription plan provides a convenient way for supporters to sponsor creators by monthly subscription, and let the creators focus on their work with decent rewards. Readers can pay for at least the cost of a coffee, or up to the cost of a bottle of champagne, to support creators.
    For details please refer to this guide.

  4. How to earn bonus from Creator’s Fund?
    Creators Fund will be distributed daily according to the claps via LikeCoin buttons by Likers. You can add LikeCoin button to your works by installing LikeCoin WordPress plugin. Note that Civic Likers’ claps has a much heavier weight for the distribution.

  5. What is Civic Liker Classic?
    Civic Liker Claiss is a USD 5 monthly subscription plan. The amount will be distributed to the creative work’s owner according to the subscrber’s claps. The budget will stay in the civic liker’s account unless the subscriber claps. Unused budget in a billing cycle will be carried through to the next billing cycle.

  6. How to check my LikeCoin balance?
    Users can check LikeCoin balance by:

    Keplr wallet

    Liker Land mobile app


  7. Possible to have different Liker ID within the same WordPress site?
    This function can be confiigured under the LikeCoin WordPress plugin setting.

  8. LikeCoin button is not shown after I edited other’s post?
    Post author’s account must be linked to a Liker ID for the LikeCoin button to show in posts. Please login the LikeCoin plugin with the author’s WordPress account once before editing with other editor account. You can also use the “Site Liker ID” option to force all posts to use a site-wise Liker ID.


不好意思 謝謝你們給予如此棒的機制 不過我下載一堆文件之後 依然不會安裝 想請問是否能幫忙拍安裝影片呢 感謝您
好用又好看囉~ 如果可以的話想要shortcode功能,有時候文章長可以把like button插在中間的話效果應該不錯


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  • Added error message when ISCN widget popup is blocked by browser
  • Allow re-triggering popup widget after refresh


  • Improved user experience for Arweave and ISCN submission
  • Fix broken admin settings links
  • Fix ISCN button was not available if Matters options are not enabled
  • Fix missing i18n string
  • Added ISCN description


  • Fix handling of files already exist Arweave
  • Fix restful API error handling
  • Fix parsing of post image src with querysring


  • Fix invalid error notice in post editor
  • Fix wrong license in ISCN for Arweave integration


  • Integrate upload to Arweave + ISCN feature


  • Fix matters CORS issue


  • Revamp plugin admin pages


  • Fixed an issue where matters publish status won’t auto refresh when entering post editor


  • Support url field in ISCN widget


  • Add ISCN status column in post list
  • Support ISCN FoTan upgrade


  • Fix buggy LikeCoin button display logic


  • Add display of ISCN badge in posts submited to ISCN testnet.
  • Simplify Matters and IPFS column in admin panel post list.
  • Fix a bug that affects parsing of post tags to ISCN transaction.


  • Add publish to ISCN testnet feature


  • Fix “Illegal string offset ‘matters_id'” error
  • Fix invalid noopener syntax


  • Add refresh publish status button in post metabox
  • Add Web Monetization setting


  • Add Matters and IPFS status display in metabox and post management list
  • Add class to LikeCoin button


figure> to allow CSS customization


  • Fix LikeCoin button size issue in Twenty Twenty-One


  • Fix Matters session expiration message is unreadable
  • Sync post tags to Matters


  • Unify brand name
  • Improve Matters publish support for classic editor
  • New option to add post link in footer when publishing


  • Fix publish to matters checkbox status does not display properly


  • Fix typo in description
  • Fix users’ LikeCoin button setting cannot be updated


  • Try to fix title encoding issue when saving draft to matters
  • Fix cannot save draft to matters when publishing article
  • Improve formatting of matters ID display
  • Add short introduction on


  • Add display of current matters ID in settings
  • Add sponsor information


  • Add publish to matters function beta


  • Add become civic liker button and update help url


  • Add liker-id param in [likecoin] shortcode
  • Rename Like Rewards banner to LikeCoin button


  • Use LikeCoin wallet when updating user info.


  • Allow user to input Liker ID directly
  • Remove Metamask related code


  • Fix Like Rewards banner not showing when using site Liker ID


  • Add shortcode [likecoin] for displaying Like Rewards banner


  • Fixes options in metabox did not follow current config


  • Fixes Android Facebook Browser stuck in redirect issue
  • Inject sandbox attributes in iframe only in AMP mode


  • Support Metamask privacy mode


  • Update names and branding
  • Do not display Like Rewards banner in password-protected post


  • Remove button referrer when in preview mode


  • Support AMP plugin in paired/native mode


  • Like.coでLikeButtonを設定することができる。
  • 古いPHPバージョンとの互換性が上がる
  • ヘルプと設定リンクへのショートカットを追加する


  • ページビルダー(elementorやbeaverなど)のサポート強化
  • LikeButton表示設定の優先度とデフォルトオプションを微調整する


  • ローカリゼーション機能問題を修正


  • タイプミスを修正する


  • LikeCoin Plugin設定ページを追加する
  • サイトLikeButton機能を追加する
  • UI改革する


  • Minify JS
  • ローカリゼーションを更新する


  • ローカリゼーションヘッダーを追加する


  • 初回リリース