Listdom – Advanced Directory and Listing Plugin


WordPress directory and listing plugin is a powerful free tool to create listing, directory and classifieds websites with modern and simple tools. Listdom has more than 80 different skins and views which are responsive, mobile-friendly, and Free. Also it has so many features which cannot find all of them in one plugin as free and in one package. Using Listdom listing plugin is as simple as WordPress and it is following all standard that this CMS has, On the other hand it is fully compatible with other plugins that follow WordPress rules.

WordPress Listing Plugin

Listdom has developed according to latest best practices, design patters, trending design methods and technologies. We are offering all the advanced features that a directory and listing plugin need in Listdom Pro, our pro and lite version has so many features which you can use to create listing, directory and classifieds website as you want.
Listdom Lite offer you everything that you need to create amazing listings and show them in 80 different ways.

As you know, WordPress does not have any built-in feature that you create listing and directory website, so Listdom is here to help you to create a website as you wish. Listdom is an amazing plugin which allow you to create your website so simple and it is compatible with WordPress and all plugins that follow WordPress standard. Listdom is compatible with all themes and you do not need to have extra CSS for that.

Amazing Documentation and Support

Listdom has an amazing documentation which explain everything about this powerful WordPress listing plugin. We are explaining the features step by step and you can see everything here.
Also we have Support and Live Chat which everyone can contact us and we will address everything as soon as possible.

Demo Link:
Live Chat:

Here you can have a look on some of listdom features!

Developer Features

  • Full developers friendly
  • Support changing archive page and single page structure in the active them
  • 100% use of WordPress structure
  • Override the skins and styles in the active theme
  • Define different filters for shortcodes to show different views
  • Ability to fire custom functions using WordPress actions API

Key Features

  • Different skins inclusing list, grid, masonry, single map, halfmap, carousel, slider and many more!
  • Listing Frontend Submission [PRO]
  • Listing Owner Module
  • Contact Owner
  • Social Share Module
  • Advanced Price Module
  • Image Gallery Module
  • Listing Contact Information
  • Advanced Availability Time Module
  • Nice Remark Module
  • Custom Fields [PRO]
  • Location Tools
  • Powerful Shortcodes Generator
  • Advanced Map Search Feature [PRO]
  • Draw Tools on Map for Search [PRO]
  • Map GPS Search [PRO]
  • Sort Module on All Applicable Skins
  • Ability to Change Default Sort Parameters
  • Easy Auto Updates
  • Advanced Configuration Options
  • Google Recaptcha
  • Advanced Label and Tagging System for Listings
  • Google Maps
  • OpenStreetMap [PRO]
  • Advanced Marker Clustering
  • Color Manager
  • Custom Styles
  • Friendly Slug Manager
  • Ability to Override Archive Page
  • Ability to Change Style and Modules per Listing [PRO]
  • Translation Ready
  • Multilingual Ready
  • Page Builders Compatibility
  • Cache Plugins Compatibility
  • Multi-Site Compatibility
  • SEO Plugins Compatibility
  • Block Editor Compatibility
  • WPML Compatible
  • Claim Feature [ADDON]
  • Topup Listings [ADDON]
  • Bookmarks Listings [ADDON]
  • CSV Importer [ADDON]
  • Android / iOS Mobile Application [ADDON]
  • Rank Addon [ADDON]

Display Features

Upcoming Features!

  • Local Logic Integration
  • Paid Member Subscriptions Integration
  • Rate and Reviews
  • Sell Labels
  • Sell Listing Packages
  • Currency Management
  • And many more …

Do you have a right to left website?! Do not worry! Listdom is RTL ready!


  • Listing Details (Style 2)
  • Listing Details (Style 1)
  • Halfmap Skin
  • Grid Skin
  • Masonry Skin
  • Table Skin
  • List Skin
  • Cover Skin
  • OpenStreetMap (Completely Free)
  • Add / Edit Listing Page
  • Powerful Shortcode Builder
  • Advanced Configuration Options



Listdom - Advanced Directory and Listing Plugin


For installing Listdom please follow below steps:

  1. Install it either via the plugin directory, or by uploading the files to your server.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.


Does Listdom have a feature to show listings on a map?

Absolutely! Listdom supports Google Maps! Also Listdom PRO includes OpenStreetMap too so you can use your desired map provider.

Does Listdom support custom fields?

Yes, of course! You’re able to create your desired custom fields using Attributes in Listdom Pro. Even you’re able to create category specific fields!

Is it possible to manage Listing details page modules?

Yes, using our advanced configuration options you’re able to disable / enable the modules on listing details page and also you’re able to change their positions if you’re using Style 1.

Do I have to use Google Maps? it’s a little expensive!

Listdom PRO supports free OpenStreetMap! Also it’s possible to use both of them at once! For example in details page you can use Google Maps but in List, Grid and other skins you can use OpenStreetMap.

I like to use OpenStreetMap but with more beatiful tiles! What can I do?

You’re able to insert your mapbox API key in configuration options and use mapbox tiles instead of OpenStreetMap tiles.


Been playing/toying with this new directory plugin. It ticks most boxes but will take some rearranging in terms of posts/categories. Some demo examples of other sites would be nice but not biggie; however their support is first class. Obviously it can take sometime ploughing thru extensive pdf for how stuff works so so far been very tolerant with my off cuff queries. Will update if poss if I go further with it. Thanks for your help so far.
I just started to use the Listom PRO. It is what I was looking for: A simple Listings Plugin for use with Gutenberg Editor. Simple because everyone without or with little knowledge (like me) can use it. There are some details to develop, but I got feedback from support for suggestions and questions related to the product. Thanks and keep going, Ralf


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  • [ADDON] Released Claim addon!
  • [ADDON] Released Topup addon!
  • Added an ability to show all values of a certain attribute in the search builder.
  • Improved security of listdom.
  • Fixed an issue regarding showing all attributes in API.


  • [ADDON] Released Favorites addon!
  • [ADDON] Released Rank addon!
  • [PRO] Added schema (Structured Data) feature to boost SEO.
  • Improved Listdom Restful API.
  • Fixed some issues in permission of Restful API.
  • Fixed an issue in search of text fields.
  • Fixed some issues.


  • [ADDON] Released Mobile Application addon!
  • Added Listdom Restful API.
  • [PRO] Added embed code feature to submit videos, virtual tours etc. for certain listings!.
  • Fixed category hierarchy issue on attributes menu.
  • Fixed a conflict between Listdom and Elementor.
  • Fixed some PHP notices.


  • [ADDON] Released CSV addon!
  • [PRO] Added dashboard module controls so the modules can be disabled / enabled.
  • [PRO] Added ability to export and import listing gallery.
  • Fixed an issue in target page of search form when the shortcode loads in archive instead of singular page.
  • Fixed some PHP notices.


  • [ADDON] Released Advanced Map addon!
  • [PRO] Added advanced import and export system.
  • Fixed an issue in map search feature.


  • [PRO] Added hierarchical support for category taxonomy.
  • Added an dashboard notification system to manage the system emails.
  • Added HTML marker to leaflet.
  • Improved leaflet clustering for polygon, rectangle and polylines.
  • Fixed an issue in leaflet clustering.


  • [PRO] Added dashboard shortcode to add and manage listings from frontend.
  • [PRO] Added clustering feature for leaflet map.
  • Added search functionality to the shortcode builder for different skins.
  • Fixed some issues on search builder.
  • Fixed an issue in availability form.
  • Fixed an issue in warning of Google Maps API Key.
  • Fixed an issue in saving the attributes.
  • Fixed a query issue on skins.


  • Added multiple dropdown search methods.
  • Improved dummy data importer to import a default search form too.
  • Fixed some issues on settings page.


  • Added Advanced Search Builder.
  • Added ability to hide email, fax, mobile, etc. in owner element.
  • Improved search widget to work with search builder!
  • Fixed some issues.


  • [PRO] Improved design of GPS icon in the map module.
  • Fixed some tiny issues.


  • [PRO] Improved activation and update process!


  • Initial version released with lots of features.