Medium lets you publish posts automatically to a Medium profile.


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  • The additional profile settings where you can specify default cross-posting behaviour.
  • The cross-post dialog which is visible on the new post page.


  1. Extract to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. In the admin panel under plugins, activate Medium.
  3. Add an Integration Token on your profile page.
  4. Were you expecting more steps? Sorry to disappoint!


Can I edit posts once I’ve published them to Medium?

Any modifications you make to a post after you have sent the post to Medium will not be reflected on Medium. Editing of posts is not yet supported in the Medium API, but may be in the future.


Almost works

Medium will only post from WordPress on an original publish. It does not work with any scheduled posts. Which is disappointing as we schedule nearly everything ahead of time.

Image links don’t get published

When adding a link to an image, that link doesn’t get published on medium. Please fix that.

A feature request would be an option to add the **originally published on ** message in the beginning of the medium post instead of the bottom.

Poor Design

Too many hoops to jump through just to get this to work, downloads, confusing set ups, authorization codes . SO many steps that it becomes too confusing how to place your post in the right spot.

Wasted half the day trying to get my blog post to show on their website and it showed, but not where it was supposed to. Then I tried to edit it and once it’s posted, your edit options disappear so you’re stuck. I then just deleted the submission, deactivated the plugin, reactivated it and then it wouldn’t let me do anything, just got stuck.

This is a horribly designed plugin/platform with terrible user interface. Moving on to better solutions.

Works fine for me

The plugin was easy to install and get working. The only problem I experienced was in finding the integration token. Another minor annoyance is that the WordPress image labels come across to Medium as file descriptors.

Some bugs

This plugin is supposed to cross-post to Medium, but it only does this if you explicitly post something. If you schedule your post on WordPress for later, it does not post to Medium.

Putting the plugin settings in with the WordPress user settings is a bit weird.

Also, not tested with more recent versions of WordPress.

Other nits. All in all, doesn’t seem ready for prime time.

Good first effort but will probably not use it for now

I’ve not tested this extensively but have published two articles and they went well. There are a few issues that mean I get better results using the Medium “Import Story” feature. But it’s a really good first effort and I can see me coming back to this when a few kinks have been ironed out.

– It does not seem to parse the caption short codes and published them as text on the Medium article, i.e., it displays
[caption id=”attachment_5647″ align=”alignnone” width=”1024″]
image caption[/caption]

It’s not difficult to edit in Medium but the Import Story feature doesn’t have this issue (as it parsing the generated HTML not the WP short codes I assume)

– There does not seem to be an option to not include an “Also published on Medium.” link on the WordPress article.

There is an option to select “cross-link post” yes/no, but this only affects whether there is a link back to your WP post on the Medium article. I’d really like to choose at both ends, i.e., link from “WP to Medium only”, “Medium to WP only”, “Both”, “Neither”.

The hint text implies it’s “both” or “neither” so this may be a bug as it is actually working as “WP to Medium” or “Both”

“Whether or not to cross-link posts between this blog and Medium. When enabled adds a link to the bottom of both your local post, and the Medium post. Can be changed for each post.”

I understand the desire to promote Medium but I’d prefer to choose as this might make it look like Medium is the master article to Google and so on.

– This is a feature request not a bug: it would be nice if it took the feature image and used it as a header image in Medium (or gave that as an option). My WP theme does that so it means I have to manually add it in Medium whereas an import into Medium would take it. It probably need to be optional as some themes don’t do that.

But in my case it means “Import Story” will pull the image but the plugin is not pushing it.

So in summary, a great effort but not quite there yet.



“Medium” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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Medium 1.4.0

  • New: Added support for featured image embeds from Valenti themes
  • Changed: Retry post creation on server response code failure
  • Changed: Get full image for featured images
  • Fixed: Bug when checking if posts starts with

Medium 1.3.1

  • Fixed: Tag retrieval
  • Fixed: Cases that resulted in duplicate images.

Medium 1.3

  • New: Featured images
  • Changed: Added fallback to post date when GMT time not set.
  • Changed: Added editor privileges to users that are both writer/editor of publication.

Medium 1.2.2

  • Fixed: Cross posting in timezones ahead of GMT
  • Changed: More details in exception message

Medium 1.2.1

  • Fixed: Increase Medium request timeout
  • Fixed: Strip HTML tags from post titles when cross-posting

Medium 1.2

  • Fixed: Shortcodes are now processed before sending to Medium.
  • Changed: Restructured remote API calling code.
  • New: Tool to migrate posts to Medium.

Medium 1.1.1

  • Fixed: Missing publication Id for publishing after upgrade.
  • Fixed: Make upgrading safer if WordPress sandboxing doesn’t catch activation errors.

Medium 1.1

  • New: Publish a post directly into a publication.
  • New: Posts are sent to Medium with the same publish date as on WordPress.
  • New: Optionally prevent your Medium followers from being notified of the published post.
  • Fix: No longer show cross-links to Medium if you didn’t want them. (Note to self: “no” is not falsey)
  • Changed: Use WP’s own remote request library to maximise compatibility with different server configurations.
  • i18n: German translation, contributed by

Medium 1.0

  • Initial release!


  • WordPress 3.3+
  • PHP 5.2.4+