It does “what it states in the tin”, upload a whole bunch of plugins from a list, a URL list or from your downloaded plugins backups. An efficient way to upload all your usual plugins to a new WP installation. Makes a boring, time consuming and repetitive task just a breeze. Well done guys.
It could be a top plugin but the lack of information and the limitation makes it a poor tool. The good: you can install and activate plugins easily in one click if you got URL or name. The bad: the back up list is generated from the fresh installed plugins installed from the page of the Multi Plugin Installer and not from already installed plugins – so the plugin is pretty useless if you manage a site with a lot of plugins and you did not use MPI to install them. I’ve got permission problem to get the file list. No answer in FAQ or forum.
Huge time saver if you have to upload and activate a bunch of plugins. Does what it says and does it well.


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