Noto Font Loader


Noto Font Loader is a WordPress plugin that applies Noto font to your site. It loads the correct Noto font file from Google Fonts depending on the site’s locale and overrides theme’s font settings.

The Goal

Most of WordPress themes are designed to display western languages. When I try to use them on Japanese sites, it looks awkward due to lack of proper font settings (these languages need to use a font other than default in order to look cool). So when I met Noto font, I liked the font’s concept to cover every Unicode letters.

But the font files are separated for each language’s character set. I thought it might be handy if the site could automatically choose which Noto font to use based on the site’s locale.

When To Use

This plugin might be for you if you are in either of below situations:

  • Your site is translated into Chinese, Japanese and/or Korean
  • You just want to use Noto font

Covered Languages

The plugin currently handles the language-font combinations listed below:

  • Japanese – Noto Sans/Serif JP
  • Korean – Noto Sans/Serif KR
  • Simplified Chinese – Noto Sans/Serif SC
  • Traditional Chinese – Noto Sans/Serif TC

These are the languages graduated from Early Access directory and officially listed in Google Fonts. I intend to update the plugin when the more languages are added in the future.

For all other locales, it uses standard Latin subset (Noto Sans/Serif).


From admin panel, you can choose what style to use from these 4 options:

  • Sans-serif
  • Serif
  • Headers: Serif / Body: Sans-serif
  • Headers: Sans-serif / Body: Serif


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