PDF Poster – Embed pdf file in WordPress -Pdf Viewer


Pdf poster is a awesome plugin which you can use to display /embed a pdf file in your wordpress website/blog easily.

Wanna see how it works? Click Here To see demo

Pro version features

  • No ads.

  • Control over download button.

  • Control Over View full screen Button.

  • Prevent Right Click to protect your file content.

  • Set Jump to page number to show a specific page of pdf file.

  • Added Shortcode generator in post / page editor.

  • Improved performance.

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  • Sidebar menu
  • Adding a pdf file in dashboard area.
  • Output / Frontend preview
  • Full Screen preview


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.


  1. Upload plugin-directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Use shortcode in page, post or in widgets.
  4. If you want news ticker in your theme php, Place <?php echo do_shortcode('YOUR_SHORTCODE'); ?> in your templates


How much Pdf file i can embed using the plugin?

There are no limitation ! you can embed unlimited pdf file.

Is the plugin contain any ad?

No the plugin does not show any ad.

Can I embed a video using the plugin ?

No, you only can embed pdf file.


This is the only pdf embed plugin that worked on my site !
Fantastic! This just works really well. Cross browser, iPhone, etc.
The plugin does what it is supposed to do and works fairly well as long as it is the only plugin you plan on using. The first issue I noticed was the fixed admin notice placed on all of your back end pages. Even if you click on the links wanting you to rate the plugin or fill out a Google feedback form, the admin notice remains. I had to edit the plugin to remove this irritating admin notice. The novice user is not going to know how to do this. Add a couple of slashes to the beginning of line 279 in pdf-poster/pdf-poster.php which will remove this notice. 279 // add_action( 'admin_notices', 'pdfp_review_request' ); The other issue I have is the way the stylesheet is done. Instead of creating ID's for the HTML tags used in the plugin, the author chose to use core tags (no ID's) which totally messes up your site. It's much easier to delete the pdf-poster/style/stl.css file and rewrite the css for his plugin than it is to try and correct where this plugin messes up your site. Either way you're dealing with a totally unnecessary nightmare. If the author of this plugin were to correct these very annoying issues, I would be more than happy to reevaluate the plugin and rate it higher.


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  • Initial Release


  • fix an issue with pdf positions


  • removed an ad.
  • fix issue which causes centralize the content.
  • Improved performance.


  • Fix an issue