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The best free exit intent popup builder & lead generation platform for your website

Create beautiful popups, optins, and forms in less than 2 minutes with ease. Use exit intent popup and advanced targeting triggers to convert more visitors into leads, subscribers and sales.

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How Poptin Can Help Your Business Grow

  • Grow your email list
  • Capture more leads
  • Get more sales
  • Recover cart abandonment
  • Increase visitors’ engagement

Poptin popup plugin tracks the website’s visitors’ behavior and shows them the right message at the right time. The platform helps to improve conversion rate and turn more visitors into leads, gets them to subscribe to a newsletter, increases their engagement and recovers visitors that are about to abandon a website using exit intent technology and a lot of other triggers.

Open a Poptin account for free
Poptin is a web application that works perfectly with wordpress and many more web platforms. Start creating your first poptins by opening your free account here

Track visitors’ behavior and show them the right message at the right time. You can create pretty much anything your marketing heart desires from advanced overlays to pop-ups, lead form widgets, exit popups, and social widgets – it’s all on-brand and fully customizable with our powerful popup builder. Reduce cart abandonment and bounce rate and increase conversion rate!


  • New types of fields are available on all of the templates – you can now add number fields, textarea fields, website fields, date fields, select, radio buttons, checkboxes, and hidden fields. Use the new fields to make your forms better. You can also use it to gather feedback and to create surveys.
  • Faster loading time – got used to fast loading time? our popups are now loading much faster!
  • JS Trigger – in the previous update we added a targeting option based on JS. This time we added the possibility to pop a poptin right after a JS event occurs in your website.
  • Target JavaScript variables and page Titles: you can now display poptins based on JavaScript variables, for example show a poptin just to logged in users. You can also target page titles and show a poptin only on pages with a certain title based on rules to decide.
  • You can now load display rules from existing popups at the click of a button.
  • Our native Zapier integration now supports all field types.
  • You can now use Zapier to get the time and date of a conversation, traffic source, consent checkbox data and more.
  • You can now pass parameters to the redirected URL (you can use it to track UTMs and more)
  • Drafts and Autosaving: in case you design a new popup and the proccess stopped in the middle, your popup will be saved as Draft.
    If you work on an existing popup, all your changes will be saved automatically every 20 seconds, so you can recover last version in case something goes wrong.
  • From now on you can add tags to your Mailchimp integration
  • New integration with Zoho CRM, Leader, ProveSource, Drip, MailerLite, Sendinblue, and Sendlane
  • Create an automated WhatsApp message – you can now write a default message that will show up on WhatsApp interface once the visitor clicks on the WhatsApp popup
  • Landing page link: now you can display each popup as a landing page and share it via email, message or post it on social networks.
  • We’ve added a system alert to make sure your snippet was embedded the right way and that a popup was created (keep in mind that when you use the plugin the snippet is automatically embedded to your site)


Yes, it’s true. Our popup plugin includes exit intent trigger on the free plan and many other advanced features. The free plan comes with 1,000 views of popups per month.
Unlimited poptins, unlimited integrations, unlimited leads.

What do you get with Poptin?

  • Create popups in minutes using a drag & drop popup editor, no coding skills required!

  • Choose from a wide range of fully responsive and well designed popups and lead forms templates including lightbox, welcome screen, floating bar, slide-in, sidebar, facebook likebox, mobile popups, countdown & timer popups and many more

  • Exit intent technology – unlimited exit popups included.
    Yes! Our exit-intent trigger is included in the free plan.
    You can create any type of exit popup you want for your site (light box, bar, full screen etc.)

  • Stats at your fingertips – track your popup analytics. See how many people visit your site and how many of them saw your pop ups and overlays. You don’t need to hustle anymore to understand what works great and what doesn’t

  • Advanced targeting options including exit intent trigger, display after time spent on the website, scrolling trigger, display after X pages visited, display after X clicks, URL targeting (page level on-site targeting), device targeting, geo-location (by country), IP block lists, days and hours, new vs returning visitors (based on cookies), traffic source (Facebook, Google, Google Ads [Adwords] Youtube, Reddit, Ads, Twitter, Pinterest and any site you want), on-click popup display

  • Show awesome popups according to each visitor’s unique behavior

  • Add custom images and backgrounds, HTML elements, entry effects, CTA, change the height and width of your popups, control the display location (header and footer, all sides and corners) with our popup maker

  • Integrate your popups with your favorite emailing system, CRM or marketing automation platform including: MailChimp, Zapier, GetResponse, ConvertKit, Pipedrive, ActiveCampaign, Hubspot, Klaviyo, Zoho CRM and many more

  • A/B testing made simple: What does work better, video popup or popup form? Stop guessing! Test one popup against the other and improve conversion rate optimization

  • All type of fields – besides the regular name, email, and phone fields you you can now also add number fields, textarea, website field, date, select, radio buttons, checkboxes, and hidden field. Use the new fields to make your forms better. You can also use it to gather feedback and to create surveys.

  • Landing page link: Collect emails and leads using our simple landing page link. Each popup has it own unique landing page link that can be sent via email, message or post it on social networks.

  • Draft and Autosaving: In case you design a new popup and the proccess stopped in the middle (internet issues, a bug, your kid spilled water on your laptop etc), your popup will be saved as Draft. You can go back to it whenever you want from the Poptins tab.

    If you work on an existing popup, all your changes will be saved automatically every 20 seconds. Once you go back to the editing of the popup you changed, the platform will ask you if you want to load the last changes or work on the current version.

  • Agency package: manage users and sub-accounts

  • Run your popup with our Autopilot trigger and get optimized results

  • SEO friendly mobile and desktop popups

  • Ways to automate Poptin with Zapier:

    • Send an autoresponder with Gmail account
    • Add new Poptin leads to a Google Sheets spreadsheet
    • Integration with Aweber
    • integration with Salesforce and Pardot
    • integration with Intercom
    • Integration with Marketo
    • Add Trello cards from new Poptin submissions
    • Send Slack messages for new Poptin leads
    • Send Twilio SMS for new Poptin leads
  • You can create popups in any language you want: English, Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Russian, Hebrew, German, Japanese, Italian, Polish, Thai, Ukrainian, Dutch, Greek, Hungarian, Romanian, Persian, Korean and more

  • RTL support: all the popups you create are 100% RTL supported

  • Use our custom HTML feature to embed Playbuzz quizzes, social share buttons, Opinion Stage polls, Apester, Google surveys, Google maps, Typeform, Jotform, wufoo and more

  • You can launch poptin from another poptin and create double opt-in, triple opt-in or any flow you want. You can create 2-step lightbox or even slide-in with a button that will launch a light-box or a full-screen overlay with some input fields

  • You are able to track your popups’ performance not only on your dashboard but also with Hotjar, Lucky Orange, ClickTale, FullStory Smartlook, Crazyegg, MouseFlow or any other heatmap and session recording tool. Yeah, we’ve checked it!

  • Cookie targeting: you can now display popups to users with specific cookies. Use this feature to show poptins based on shopping cart data such as number of items, cart value, etc. You can also target logged in and logged out users.

  • Tested with all browsers – Chrome, Firefox, Android, iOS, Safari, Explorer, Edge, Opera and more, and with all of their versions. Tested with all Windows versions, macOS and other operating systems.

  • New GDPR features:

    • You can manually delete leads from the “Leads” tab
    • Change the email of your account from your profile page
    • You can automatically delete leads so they won’t be stored more than 1/3/6/12/18/24 months or never stored/never deleted
    • You can see the IP address of any lead you get. Just click on the eye icon on the “Leads” tab.
    • You can add a checkbox if you want your subscribers to agree to your terms of service before submitting a form
    • Decreased number of cookies
    • Click here to read more about Poptin’s GDPR changes

Open a Poptin account for free
Poptin is a web application that works perfectly with wordpress and many more web platforms. Start creating your first poptins by opening your free account here


The autoresponder feature will let you send an automatic email to visitors that submitted their email on your pop ups. Send an autoresponder for:
* A discount coupon to new newsletter subscribers
* A “Thank you” or a “Welcome” email when people fill out their information
* A discount coupon code when visitors try to leave your checkout page
* A link to download an eBook, video, guide or manual, or you can also attach the file to the email
The autoresponder is available on any paid plan

Popular use cases

  • Show an exit intent popup with a discount and a modal popup countdown to visitors who try to leave your eCommerce store checkout page and get more sales
  • Show a scroll box newsletter pop up to visitors who read and scroll down 60% of your blog post and grow your email list
  • Show a floating bar popup with a coupon code to visitors who came to your site from a campaign you run that includes a UTM
  • Show a click-to-call mobile widget to people that visit your site during your business work hours to get more leads
  • Create a feedback form or survey to gather information from your website’s visitors

Poptin works great with WordPress page builders including Elementor, Divi, Visual Composer, WPBakery Gutenberg and more.


” All lead capturing tools have failed me…except for Poptin. This is the only platform that gives me the necessary flexibility for my forms. My lead generation is stellar and Poptin is a big part of it.”

Ilan Missulawin, Co-founder, Clickcease

“Getting started with poptin was a breeze – we’ve implemented the widget and connected it to our newsletter within minutes. Our site’s conversion rate skyrocketed!”

Michael Kamleitner, CEO, Walls.io


  • Customize your poptin using a drag & drop user interface (WYSIWYG)
  • Choose from a wide range of fully responsive and well designed templates and themes
  • Create mobile popups
  • Exit intent trigger included in the free plan
  • Use advanced targeting triggers
  • Stats at your fingertips
  • Advanced drag and drop editor
  • Fully customizable popups and forms
  • 1-minute installation


  1. Install and activate Poptin plugin on your WordPress website
  2. Create a free account through the plugin signup screen
  3. You’re good to go! Every popup you create using the Poptin app will appear on your website


I have a small website, can I open an account for free?

Yes! You can open a free account which is unlimited for 1,000 views of popups per month. No credit card required.

How are the views counted?

A view is counted every time the poptin appears to a visitor. For example, if 1,000 people visited your website, but the poptin appeared to only 100 of them, then the counter will show 100.

Can I offer Poptin to my clients?

Yes! Owning an agency package allows you to create and manage user accounts for any one of your clients.
You can also create new free accounts for your clients and grant access to your account once they upgrade (even if yours is on the free plan).

What kind of conversion rates can I expect?

Conversion rates on your website may double, triple or increase even more. The extent of positive effect depends on a number of factors, such as: attractiveness of offers you make on the poptins you display, how many poptins you use, targeting, display timing, etc.

Will I need a web developer to handle code embedding?

There is no need for a web developer, use of the poptin system requires adding just a single line of code. In any case, you can send the code and instructions for embedding directly to a web developer. If you are not code savvy and have no one to assist you, just contact our support and we will be happy to guide you along.

Can I use my own designs?

Yes! You can create uniquely designed poptins of any size and upload them onto the system.

Do you include exit intent popup with the free plan?

Yes! You can easily create exit intent popups with the free plan.

Is there an affiliate program?

Yes! The Poptin affiliate program is open to all and grants a lifetime 25% monthly commission for each new paying member recruited.

What integrations does Poptin have?

You can connect Poptin for free to your favorite email platform and CRM including MailChimp, Zapier, GetResponse, ConvertKit, Pipedrive, ActiveCampaign, Hubspot, Klaviyo, and many more


I love the plugin as it allows the exit intent popup as part of the free package. Also, it shows you statistics in terms of views of the popup etc. You cannot ask for anything better. Thank you for allowing me to use your plugin.
I've been using Poptin for a few months now and I'm very satisfied. I've used both free and paid plans in Poptin and the free plan (ideal for new websites with smaller traffic) has lots of granular and detailed options to design and configure popups, including exit intent. It also has integrations with all the email marketing platforms I have used and will consider using in the future. Since I started using the plugin, my subscriber list has grown significantly. I've had to contact support for a few problems, and they have responded within the same day and successfully fixed 100% of my issues in the end, I'm very pleased. I recommend this plugin to anyone who is looking to engage their website visitors and increase their email marketing subscribers.
Its not free as advertised - its PAID. I immediately uninstalled it after first use for every popup had branding logo someplace on popup. Be honest have it clearly marked on Description.


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  • Added more cache plugins support including WP Rocket, WP Fastest Cache, LiteSpeed Cache, Autoptimize, and Hummingbird


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