I use X-theme, and the comments form styling was a little off. Some minor tweaks helped. The biggest issue was actually caused by another plugin, thought I'd mention it here in case anyone else comes across this. I use the "All In One WP Security" pack. I enabled a lot of security features, and suddenly I could no longer log in with the facebook button to comment. I tracked it down to this setting: WP Security -> Firewall -> Additional Firewall Rules -> "Bad Query Strings" With that option enabled, the redirect URL used by that facebook button, after logging in, returns a 404. So I had to disable that option. Otherwise everything works fine.
Muy buen plugin, me gusta mucho las opciones de este plugin, lo utilizo en la mayoría de mis paginas, la ultima y que me siento muy orgulloso por ser mi primer theme en wordpress, descargar viber, espero un día poder aportar en la comunidad y crear un plugin tan bueno como el que ustedes ofrecen.


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