This plugin has been closed as of 2019年6月29日 and is not available for download. 理由: ガイドライン違反


My personal website is using this plugin. This plugin lets your run WordPress install with SQLite instead of MySQL, great for single user blogs and installs on low spec servers. I have written how to set it up.
I have been using this for local development on a Mac. I can sync between machines with dropbox in this way. It is great. Thank you for this great plugin.
Working great with WordPress 4.7.5 and PHP 7. Fix for Query Monitor ================== The Query Monitor plugin, and some other plugins, uses the $db->use_mysqli bool variable to detect if the driver support PDO (_mysqli functions), which is the case for SQLite Integration. But because the $use_mysqli variable is not defined in the PDODB class, this check fails. To fix it, simply declare the variable like this in the PDODB.CLASS.PHP file, right before the constructor function: /** * @var bool Support PHP MySQL Improved version. * @access public * @author Guy Dumais (https://guydumais.digital) */ public $use_mysqli = true;


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