Table Block by Tableberg – Best WordPress Table Block Plugin


Meet TableBerg, a simple WordPress plugin that makes adding tables to your website easy as pie. With TableBerg, creating a table in the block editor is straightforward and hassle-free.

It comes with three easy-to-use sub-blocks: text, image, and button. The text block lets you type out information, the image block lets you add pictures, and the button block lets you insert clickable buttons. It’s all pretty intuitive!

Whether you’re sharing a list of your favorite books, showcasing a menu for your restaurant, or displaying a product catalogue, TableBerg helps you do it in a tidy and attractive way.

You don’t need to be tech-savvy to use it—TableBerg is designed for everyone.

It’s a simple tool to make your tables informative, engaging, and easy on the eyes, right within your WordPress block editor.


  • Core Table Block vs Tableberg Block



  • Tableberg Table Block By Tableberg - Advanced Table Block for Block Editor
  • Cell Tableberg Cell: Individual cell of a tableberg table
  • Button Tableberg Button: Add a button to your tableberg table
  • Image Tableberg Image


  1. Upload the plugin zip file via the plugin page of WordPress by clicking \’Add New\’ and selecting the zip from your local computer.
  2. Activate the plugins through the Plugins menu in WordPress.


I thought that creating tables in WordPress was a boring activity until I discovered Tableberg; it is a game changer!  It’s very user-friendly, even for someone like me who’s new to this.  Forget about the mess with heavy codes; just drag and drop, create tables, and design them with colors together with content blocks for text, images, or even buttons! What do I love most? There is no more fighting to make tables look good on mobile devices.  Because Tableberg does everything, my website looks fantastic!  I highly recommend it.
Loved the simplicity and and straight forwardness of this plugin. Fast and Responsive!!


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  • NEW: Add padding controls to button block
  • IMPROVE: Change table border in responsive mode
  • IMPROVE: Add a button to responsive controls to convert top row to header
  • FIX: A problem with unsplitting at the end of a row


  • NEW: Add support for responsive table
  • NEW: Alignment control for cell child blocks
  • NEW: Add support for converting core table to tableberg
  • IMPROVE: (Image block) Preserve aspect ratio while resizing
  • IMPROVE: Display block appender when cell children are selected
  • IMPROVE: Shift+click multi selection update (behaves like MS Excel)
  • FIX: Wrong css placeholder in cell child blocks (e.g. list)
  • FIX: (Button block) Incorrect hover colors in editor
  • FIX: (Image block) Aspect ratio not preserved when resizing via handles
  • FIX: (Image block) Center alignment not working
  • FIX: (Image block) Images float when multiple consequent images
  • FIX: (Image block) URL not set in editmode
  • FIX: (Paragraph block) First and last margin issue


  • NEW: Split merged cells
  • IMPROVE: Change table header and footer controls
  • IMPROVE: Paragraph block placeholder text shortened
  • FIX: Use th tags in header and footer


  • FIX: Default value of column and row in blank table creator dialog
  • FIX: Row color problem


  • HOTFIX: Fixed the issue where plugin could not be activated.


  • NEW: Add cell spacing functionality.
  • IMPROVE: Row block removed. Cell blocks are added directly to tableberg table block.
  • IMPOVE: Multiple cells can be merged now.
  • FIX: Adding non-cell blocks to table block breaks the layout.


  • FIX: (Button Block) Fixed PHP errors on frontend.


  • NEW: Added plugin page with instructions, documentation, and support.
  • NEW: Added table block preview.
  • NEW: (Table Block) Added custom block logo.
  • NEW: (Table Block) Added block transform: transform core block into tableberg block.
  • NEW: (Table Block) Added table alignment control to toolbar.
  • NEW: (Table Block) Added global font style controls: Text Color, Link Color, Font Size.
  • NEW: (Button Block) Added gradient support.
  • IMPROVE: Decreased initial spacing
  • IMPROVE: Changed block name from “Tableberg Image” to “Image”.
  • FIX: (Table Block) Fixed an issue with table footer toggle.
  • FIX: (Table Block) Show block toolbar when add table placeholder dialog is shown.
  • FIX: (Table Block) Fixed an issue with adding a new row.
  • FIX: (Table Block) Fixed an issue with undoing adding a row.
  • FIX: (Table Block) Fixed an issue with undoing adding a column.
  • FIX: (Button Block) Fixed an issue with color.