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Table Block by Tableberg – Best WordPress Table Plugin

Table Block by Tableberg – Best WordPress Table Plugin


The “Table Block by Tableberg” plugin for WordPress simplifies creating and managing tables within the block editor. It features intuitive sub-blocks, allowing users to add and customize tables easily.
From pricing tables to product tables, you can build any type of tables using Tableberg. The plugin is designed for both novices and experienced users. It offers advanced functionalities like responsive controls, alignment adjustments, and cell merging, ensuring that tables look great on all devices without the need for coding skills.

It comes with the following easy-to-use sub-blocks:

  • Paragraph: Allows for simple text entries within a table cell.
  • List: Facilitates the addition of organized lists to enhance clarity.
  • Button: Enables the insertion of clickable buttons for calls to action.
  • Image: Supports adding images directly into the table cells.
  • Star Rating (Pro): Provides an option to include interactive star ratings.
  • Styled List (Pro): Offers lists with additional styling options.
  • Icon (Pro): Allows for the integration of icons to visually represent concepts or actions.
  • Ribbon (Pro): Adds decorative ribbons for highlighting special information.
  • Custom HTML (Pro): Enables the use of HTML for complex customizations.

And here are the key features of the Tableberg plugin:

  • Header Settings: Options to disable the header, designate the top row as header, or insert a new header.
  • Footer Settings: Similar to header settings, with options for the footer including disable, designate, or insert.
  • Table Width & Alignment: Adjust the overall table width and its alignment on the page.
  • Responsive Settings: Ensures the table adapts to different device screens (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile) for optimal display.
  • Color Customizations: Change colors for the header, footer, even and odd rows for better visual hierarchy.
  • Cell Padding & Cell Spacing: Customize the space within and between cells to improve readability.
  • Border Options: Set the table border size, color, and decide whether to include inner borders with customization.
  • Global Font Style: Control the font color, link color, and font size across the entire table.
  • Column Width & Row Height: Adjust the size of columns and rows to fit content or aesthetic preferences.
  • Customizations for Each Block: Detailed settings for each type of block inserted into the table.

Now let’s see some of the use cases of the Tableberg plugin:

  • Pricing Tables: Ideal for displaying different pricing tiers with clear comparisons of features and costs.
  • Comparison Tables: Compare products, services, or options side by side to aid decision-making.
  • Amazon Product Tables: Showcase Amazon products effectively, enhancing affiliate marketing efforts.
  • Pros & Cons Table: Clearly list the advantages and disadvantages of any item, helping readers make informed choices.
  • Team Members Table: Display team member information such as roles, bios, and contact info in an organized manner.
  • Schedule Tables: Perfect for laying out event schedules, class times, or appointment slots.
  • Restaurant Menu Tables: List menu items along with descriptions and prices in an attractive, easy-to-read format.
  • More: The plugin’s flexibility supports a wide range of other applications tailored to specific needs.

If you have any suggestions or have faced any issues, contact us here. You can also follow Tableberg on Twitter.


  • Creating a table with Tableberg
  • Core Table Block vs Tableberg Block



  • Tableberg Table Block By Tableberg – Advanced Table Block for Block Editor
  • Image Tableberg Image
  • Button Tableberg Button: Add a button to your tableberg table
  • Cell Tableberg Cell: Individual cell of a tableberg table


  1. Upload the plugin zip file via the plugin page of WordPress by clicking \’Add New\’ and selecting the zip from your local computer.
  2. Activate the plugins through the Plugins menu in WordPress.


Table Block by Tableberg is a user-friendly WordPress plugin with an intuitive interface and responsive design, making table creation and customization easy and professional-looking. While the extensive customization options are a highlight, advanced features like star ratings and custom HTML are only available in the premium version. Mastering advanced options takes time. Overall, it’s a powerful tool worth considering if you need advanced features.
I typically create my tables for products using the old fashion columns/rows with native WP blocks. I don’t like to use plugins for this purpose because they add code/script processing impacting page load. Tableberg has the three main aspects I look (apart from many others) light, all in one and responsive(real responsiveness). I look forward to test the Pro version, but for now the free one works for me!
I was looking for a simple way to display a grid of images (book covers for example, with or without links) with a small comment or title. Since Tableberg lets you add different blocks (text, images, …) to cells (which is not the case with WP’s standard “table” block), it’s pretty ideal.I could achieve a similar result with a column layout, but it’s less practical. So, I’m definitely keeping this plugin. The formatting options are very easy to implement too.
2024年7月17日 2 replies
After years of trying to find a good plugin that works within WordPress and is easy to batch style, I was very happy to see something being worked on by the UB team. It’s still rough around the edges but I can see it having potential. My main complaints are The CSS classes are not sanitized. I spent a whole hour banging my head on the table trying to figure out why certain cells wouldn’t work with my styling at all only to find out that the plugin puts all of its important stuff in completely unmodified .entry-content classes instead of something more specific, making it super susceptible to other stuff in the theme CSS. I managed to work around it myself, but this would definitely be a serious issue for anyone who doesn’t understand how CSS or CSS debugging works. It’s hard to navigate and find this and that; I have to constantly check the documentation every 10 seconds. No ways to batch edit everything in one row or column a la Excel (not even in the pro version). But if a plugin this new is able to do this much already, I’d like to keep my eye on it.
I’ve been looking to replace an older pro plugin I’ve been using for tables that wasn’t designed from scratch for blocks, making it have multiple interfaces and be clumsy. I think this is it. I love that you can put blocks inside a cell, and the capabilities for differing table setups is excellent.


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  • FIX: Odd Even row incorrect style
  • FIX: Fixed width table in frontend
  • FIX: Inner Border Radius problem
  • FIX: Table Border Radius problem


  • FIX: A notice being shown about block registration if pro is not active.
  • FIX: Table border having problem when cell radius is set
  • FIX: Cell spacing in wrong axes
  • FIX: Even odd color getting swapped in frontend
  • FIX: Button text styling not getting rendered
  • PRO: FIX: Use iframe to display custom html
  • PRO: FIX: Make row/col only border work with no outside border
  • NEW: Table border radius control
  • NEW: Item spacing inside cells
  • NEW: Tableberg patterns
  • PRO: NEW: Added badge ribbon
  • PRO: NEW: Sort rows & columns by drag & drop
  • PRO: NEW: Individual Row/Col background
  • PRO: NEW: Individual Row/Col border with radius
  • IMPROVE: Control cell outside border
  • IMPROVE: Deactivate pro version when free version is deactivated
  • IMPROVE: Show Tableberg when searched for Row/Column in editor
  • PRO: IMPOVE: Added center position in badge ribbon
  • PRO: IMPOVE: Added rotation option in badge ribbon


  • NEW: Fixed width columns
  • PRO: NEW: Row-only/Column-only border option
  • PRO: NEW: Sticky row/column
  • PRO: NEW: Duplicate row and column
  • PRO: NEW: Individual cell background
  • PRO: IMPROVE: Change default star rating color
  • PRO: IMPROVE: Add font size changer for styled list item
  • FIX: Escape all strings that come from attributes
  • FIX: Issue with default border in frontend
  • FIX: Button font size in frontend


  • NEW: Added table alignment option for full screen
  • FIX: Tableberg breaks dashboard in lower PHP versions
  • FIX: Cell padding not working on frontend
  • IMPROVE: Reduce css variables


  • NEW: Add device type switching in responsive mode
  • PRO: NEW: New pro blocks: custom html, styled list, star rating, icon, ribbon
  • IMPROVE: Show table block controls in cell block (toolbar and sidebar)
  • IMPROVE: Split js bundles and reduce bundle sizes
  • IMPROVE: Exclude empty paragraphs when cells are merged
  • IMPROVE: Change toolbar button labels to differentiate
  • IMPROVE: Show block toolbar when creating table
  • FIX: An issue with even odd row color
  • FIX: An issue with cell background color in responsive mode
  • FIX: An issue where tableberg will not load on a fresh wordpress install
  • FIX: Move blocks to the proper cells on undo of cell merge
  • FIX: An issue where splitting rows on last column would break
  • FIX: Resetting values now work properly


  • NEW: Add padding controls to button block
  • IMPROVE: Change table border in responsive mode
  • IMPROVE: Add a button to responsive controls to convert top row to header
  • FIX: A problem with unsplitting at the end of a row


  • NEW: Add support for responsive table
  • NEW: Alignment control for cell child blocks
  • NEW: Add support for converting core table to tableberg
  • IMPROVE: (Image block) Preserve aspect ratio while resizing
  • IMPROVE: Display block appender when cell children are selected
  • IMPROVE: Shift+click multi selection update (behaves like MS Excel)
  • FIX: Wrong css placeholder in cell child blocks (e.g. list)
  • FIX: (Button block) Incorrect hover colors in editor
  • FIX: (Image block) Aspect ratio not preserved when resizing via handles
  • FIX: (Image block) Center alignment not working
  • FIX: (Image block) Images float when multiple consequent images
  • FIX: (Image block) URL not set in editmode
  • FIX: (Paragraph block) First and last margin issue


  • NEW: Split merged cells
  • IMPROVE: Change table header and footer controls
  • IMPROVE: Paragraph block placeholder text shortened
  • FIX: Use th tags in header and footer


  • FIX: Default value of column and row in blank table creator dialog
  • FIX: Row color problem


  • HOTFIX: Fixed the issue where plugin could not be activated.


  • NEW: Add cell spacing functionality.
  • IMPROVE: Row block removed. Cell blocks are added directly to tableberg table block.
  • IMPOVE: Multiple cells can be merged now.
  • FIX: Adding non-cell blocks to table block breaks the layout.


  • FIX: (Button Block) Fixed PHP errors on frontend.


  • NEW: Added plugin page with instructions, documentation, and support.
  • NEW: Added table block preview.
  • NEW: (Table Block) Added custom block logo.
  • NEW: (Table Block) Added block transform: transform core block into tableberg block.
  • NEW: (Table Block) Added table alignment control to toolbar.
  • NEW: (Table Block) Added global font style controls: Text Color, Link Color, Font Size.
  • NEW: (Button Block) Added gradient support.
  • IMPROVE: Decreased initial spacing
  • IMPROVE: Changed block name from “Tableberg Image” to “Image”.
  • FIX: (Table Block) Fixed an issue with table footer toggle.
  • FIX: (Table Block) Show block toolbar when add table placeholder dialog is shown.
  • FIX: (Table Block) Fixed an issue with adding a new row.
  • FIX: (Table Block) Fixed an issue with undoing adding a row.
  • FIX: (Table Block) Fixed an issue with undoing adding a column.
  • FIX: (Button Block) Fixed an issue with color.