EAN for WooCommerce

Manage product GTIN (EAN, UPC, ISBN, etc.) in WooCommer…

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HUB3 payment details for Direct bank transfers (Croatia…

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Barcode QRcode Generator

This plugin adds the functionality to output barcodes a…

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Generate QR Code by shortcode for WordPress

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UPC/EAN Code Generator

Generate UPC/EAN codes for your WooCommerce products.

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WCS QR Code Generator

This plugin is a QR Code (Quick Response) image generat…

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Input Scanner

This WordPress plugin contains a web barcode and a QR s…

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Barcode Generator

Barcode Generator is a Wordpress Plugin which will allo…

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QR code generator

This plugin will display a QR code of the actually load…

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Wa Qrcode

Use Wa QRcode generate to put QR code to you post, page…

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Barcode Reception

This plugin creates an online barcode reception system …

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Allows post authors to easily add qrencoded images to t…

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