Post Types Order

Post Order and custom Post Type Objects (custom post ty…

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Intuitive Custom Post Order

ドラッグ & ドロップで並べ替え可能な JavaScript を使って、直感的に項目 (投稿、ページ、カスタム…

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Posts Order

Order posts separately for each terms and taxonomies

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Multiple Post Type Order

Multiple Post Type Order plugin will generate multiple …

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GNA Post Order

Post order and custom post type objects (posts, any cus…

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Blog Posts Order

This plugin lets you order the posts on the blog by man…

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Sortable Posts

Sortable Posts is a small plugin for WordPress that add…

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GR Order Category Post

This plugin let you change the order from a category to…

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Drag UP Post Order

order post active on mobile and desktop(posts, any cust…

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