Data Tables Generator by Supsystic

Create data tables with charts and graphs. Custom desig… 有効インストール数: 30,000+ 5.2.3で検証済み 3日前に更新

Bulk Edit Posts and Products in Spreadsheet

Modern Bulk Editor for Posts and Pages, create and edit…

WP Sheet Editor 有効インストール数: 1,000+ 5.2.3で検証済み 2週間前に更新

CSV Importer Improved

Import posts from CSV files into WordPress.

Jason judge, Denis Kobozev 有効インストール数: 800+ 4.6.15で検証済み 3年前に更新

Import Spreadsheets from Microsoft Excel

Import live, calculating spreadsheets from Microsoft Ex…

SpreadsheetConverter 有効インストール数: 500+ 5.1.2で検証済み 3か月前に更新

WooCommerce Bulk Edit Products – WP Sheet Editor

Modern Bulk Editor for WooCommerce products, create and…

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Bulk Edit and Create User Profiles – WP Sheet Editor

Modern Bulk Editor for Users and Profiles, create and e…

WP Sheet Editor 有効インストール数: 100+ 5.2.3で検証済み 2週間前に更新

Bulk Edit Categories and Tags – Create Thousands Quickly on the Editor

Modern Bulk Editor for Blog Categories and Tags, create…

WP Sheet Editor 有効インストール数: 90+ 5.2.3で検証済み 2週間前に更新

WooCommerce Bulk Edit Coupons – WP Sheet Editor

Modern Bulk Editor for WooCommerce Coupons, create and …

WP Sheet Editor 有効インストール数: 70+ 5.2.3で検証済み 2週間前に更新

Woogs – WooCommerce orders to Google spreadsheet

Woocommerce orders + google spreadsheet = woogs. It wil…

javmah 有効インストール数: 40+ 5.1.2で検証済み 3か月前に更新