Version Control for jQuery


Version Control for jQuery is one of the easiest ways to control the version of jQuery used on your website. Whether you just want to run a stable WordPress website, or if you are a developer and want to validate compatibility on your website with the various version of jQuery, the plugin will always have the latest minified version of jQuery ready for you. By default, the files will be loaded from the fast jQuery CDN, but you will also have the option to choose cdnjs or Google CDN.

Please notice that no files are replaced, therefore deactivation of this plugin returns your site to its original state.

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  1. Upload version-control-for-jquery/ to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Sit back and enjoy, or select your desired version of jQuery


I inherited an older site with a theme that never got updated. Recently, some of the functions started to fail. (drop down navigation, in particular) After much searching, I thought about how the jQuery might be in conflict. This plugin immediately solved the issue and the site is back up and running smoothly. I'll clearly need to get the theme updated and all the customization carried over, but for now, this was a lifesaver! Thanks.
It's a fantastic plugin. Does almost everything I want with this. The one thing I would suggest adding is to select which CDN you would like to pull the jQuery files from (jQuery, cdnjs/CloudFlare, Google, bootcdn, etc). The reason I say this is b/c doesn't have http/2, whereas cdnjs does, and the Google one I would imagine would be using gQUIC. Also, it would be nice if you only need the slim, vs the whole, etc. Another reason is that one CDN maybe a little faster in one specific area vs another (like if you get most of your traffic from a specific area... like let's say you're a small business in MN, USA... or maybe you are a business that only works with people in Germany - and so most your traffic is there?).
This plugin just saved my theme's jQuery issue! This plugin is simple and effective


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  • Fixed a bug that could cause an error if the settings were left untouched following installation of the plugin.


  • Fixed a bug where the ‘vcfj_core_disable’ array key could be undefined.


  • Added support to set cdnjs and Google as your preferred CDN. If the selected version is not hosted by these providers, it will fall back to the jQuery CDN.
  • Added support to disable jQuery Core.
  • Support for PHP 5.6 has been dropped. To continue using the plugin, please upgrade to PHP 7.4 or above.


  • jQuery Core version 3.6.1 has been added.
  • jQuery Migrate version 3.4.0 has been added.
  • Support for WordPress 4 has been dropped. To continue using the plugin, please upgrade to WordPress 5.0 or above.


  • jQuery Core version 3.6.0 has been added.
  • jQuery Migrate version 3.3.2 has been added.


  • Smaller improvements.


  • Added option to disable jQuery Migrate.


  • Complete rewrite of the plugin to facilitate future features.
  • Added latest versions of jQuery Core and jQuery Migrate.


  • jQuery Core versions 3.3.0 and 3.3.1 have been added.
  • Minor adjustments.


  • Minor adjustments.
  • Support for WordPress 4.9.


  • jQuery Migrate version 3.0.1 has been added.


  • A bug that caused jQuery Core and jQuery Migrate to be dequeued while logged in to the admin area has now been resolved.


  • Added the pre-versions of jQuery Core version 3.2.2 and jQuery Migrate version 3.0.1, in case you want to test your website with the upcoming versions of jQuery. The plugin still defaults to the latest stable version of jQuery.


  • jQuery Core versions 3.2.0 and 3.2.1 have been added.


  • Corrected the way of requiring the “Settings” page. Thanks to Ivaylo Draganov for noticing!
  • Minor adjustments.


  • jQuery Core version 3.1.1 has been added.
  • The plugin now supports the Norwegian language.


  • Initial release