Shortcodes by Angie Makes


The Shortcodes by Angie Makes plugin adds a family of easy to use shortcodes to your WordPress theme. These shortcodes work flawlessly with Angie Makes WordPress themes.


See A DEMO of These Shortcodes Here:




  • 1/2 + 1/2
  • 1/3 + 1/3 + 1/3
  • 1/3 + 2/3
  • 2/3 + 1/3
  • 1/4 + 1/4 + 1/4 + 1/4
  • 1/4 + 1/2 + 1/4
  • 1/2 + 1/4 + 1/4
  • 1/4 + 1/4 + 1/2
  • 1/4 + 3/4
  • 3/4 + 1/4


  • Button
  • Font Awesome Icon
  • Heading
  • Highlight
  • Spacing
  • Clear Floats
  • Inline Code
  • Divider


  • Pricing Table
  • Social Icon
  • Share Buttons
  • Testimonial
  • Countdown
  • Skillbar
  • Image
  • Box
  • HTML
  • Preformatted Text


  • Masonry – Box
  • Masonry – Borderless
  • Grid – Box
  • Grid – Borderless
  • Post Slider 1
  • Post Slider 2


  • Accordion
  • Accordion Section
  • タブ
  • Tab Section
  • Toggle
  • Google Map
  • RSVP


  • Center Content
  • Full Width

Professional Support

We have tested this plugin to work with the latest version of WordPress, but do not offer individual troubleshooting support as this is a free plugin. If you need individual support, we’re happy to assist you if you purchase our premium support by purchasing a premium, Angie Makes WordPress theme from


  • 使い方
  • ビジュアルマネージャー
  • ショートコードの編集
  • ショートコードの表示


  1. Uzip the folder.
  2. Upload the wc-shortcodes folder to your /wp-content/plugins directory.
  3. In your WordPress dashboard, head over to the Plugins section.
  4. Activate WP Canvas – Shortcodes.

See our help article on how to manually upload a plugin.


Installation Instructions
  1. Uzip the folder.
  2. Upload the wc-shortcodes folder to your /wp-content/plugins directory.
  3. In your WordPress dashboard, head over to the Plugins section.
  4. Activate WP Canvas – Shortcodes.

See our help article on how to manually upload a plugin.




Works like it claims

I’m using this on a Genesis site and it does exactly what it says. I’m not really pushing it to the limit, but it’s a decent plugin.

EXcellent! Works!

This plugin never fails me! I’ve used tabs, accordions, columns, social icons… probably more and they all work! It’s also updated regularly!

Very great plugin – I love it !!

So many great features and a thorough guide

I use this plugin all the time!!

Especially the columns shortcode I use a lot – and the columns are responsive 🙂

Works with WP 4.4




Shortcodes by Angie Makes はオープンソースソフトウェアです。以下の人々がこのプラグインに貢献しています。



Version 3.40

  • Fixed bug with date format on borderless template

Version 3.39

  • Fixed css bug with box shortcode and last element margin.

Version 3.38

  • Better responive display for call to action.

Version 3.37

  • Added call to action.
  • Added overflow hidden to collage wrapper.

Version 3.36

  • Added collage widget
  • Added break to one of the case statements
  • updated sanitation function for posts, post_slider, and featured post

Version 3.35

  • updated box slider to version 4.2.12
  • added show button option in post slider

Version 3.34

  • added ability to add custom template shortcodes

Version 3.33

  • Updated WPC Settings Framework to 1.0.7

Version 3.31

  • fixed bug with accordion not closing
  • Added reset button

Version 3.29

  • allowed sanitation of multiple pixel values
  • added read more button to post shortcode
  • updated sanitize for css_pixel
  • updated accordion, toggle, and tabs, javascript

Version 3.28

  • Added style format for image links

Version 3.27

  • Added color options for image links

Version 3.26

  • Added featured posts widget

Version 3.25

  • added image links shortcode and widget
  • added max height rule when default is set.

Version 3.24

  • smoother masonry loading
  • updated images loaded to 4.1.1

Version 3.23

  • added attributes for fullwidth shortcoded

Version 3.22

  • fixed format class name in social icons and share icons

Version 3.21

  • Added retina support for social and share icon images.

Version 3.20

  • Removed extra closing tag

Version 3.19

  • updated text domain
  • added language pot file

Version 3.18

  • Fixed bug with social icons widget title being out of place.

Version 3.17

  • Fixed bug with class not being applied to button shortcode.

Version 3.16

  • Fixed bug with social icons shortcode

Version 3.15

  • Fixed javascript bug that was breaking visual manager in Google Chrome.
  • Removed from default url.

Version 3.14

  • Fixed bug with pricing shortcode color options.

Version 3.13

  • Fixed bug with button attribute.

Version 3.12

  • Updated readme file

Version 3.11

  • Fixed bug with sanitizing column values.

Version 3.10

  • Fixed bug with testimonail sanitize function.

Version 3.9

  • Added visual manager for shortcodes.

Version 3.8

  • If theme support options are set, assume theme_reset is true, unless user-defined.

Version 3.7

  • Inserted message to encouarge google map users to enter API key.
  • Fixed bug with JS error being produced when Google API Key was not inserted.

Version 3.5

  • Fixed bug with “no” attribute value not being read correctly.

Version 3.4

  • Fixed bug with posts menu option not triggering visual manager

Version 3.3

  • updated posts shortcode to include visual manager for attributes

Version 3.2

  • updated old image path to new image path

Version 3.1

  • updated wpc settings framework to version 1.0.3
  • Added option to enter Google Maps API
  • Added style override when jquery ui style was enqueued.
  • Restructured files

Version 2.07

  • sanitized, escaped, and validated all POST calls

Version 2.05

  • minor style update
  • fixed posts_per_page query

Version 2.03

  • fixed bug with post_slider shortcode

Version 2.01

  • improved post_slider shortcode
  • added gui interface for post_slider shortcode

Version 1.97

  • updated post slider style

Version 1.95

  • settings framework 1.0.2
  • theme reset option when supported themes are activated
  • Updated post slider function and style

Version 1.94

  • Added post_slider shortcode
  • Added text selection to shortcode inserts
  • Fixed bug with width of social icon square

Version 1.93

  • added ability for themes to disable share buttons filter

Version 1.92

  • removed the_excerpt filter for share buttons

Version 1.91

  • Don’t output Share flair on excerpts

Version 1.90

  • added option for share buttons on woocommerce product page

Version 1.89

  • removed paginate text span element

Version 1.88

  • updated share button shortcode

Version 1.87

  • Added class name to paginate navigation

Version 1.86

  • minified rslides js file
  • 4.1.0 imagesloaded library
  • removed unused file
  • updated post js
  • updated settings framework
  • updated font awesome library 4.6.3
  • added class name to navigation pagination

Version 1.85

  • add support for single column in wc_posts

Version 1.84

  • Added share buttons shortcode

Version 1.83

  • fixed style bug with part of the social icon was clipped
  • Fixed style bug with Google Chome icon being cut off
  • update icon css
  • Added support for share buttons
  • Added format option for social icons widget.
  • Updated Font Awesome library to version 4.5.0

Version 1.82

  • Fixed bug with restructured WP_Query class in WordPress 4.4

Version 1.81

  • Load all sharing service scripts over SSL

Version 1.80

  • changed urlencode to rawurlencode
  • Updated share links

Version 1.77

  • minor update to shortcodes row structure
  • Made sure rslider CSS is not applied to other plugins
  • Updated version number for rslides script

Version 1.75

  • Improved logic for calculating colums of masonry grid for mobile and tablet devices.

Version 1.74

  • Fixed style bug with wc_posts category links

Version 1.73

  • Added support for navigation filter to also link to category pages if there is pagination.
  • Improved speed when loading gallery format
  • Code cleanup

Version 1.72

  • Fixed bug with post filtering

Version 1.71

  • Fixed bug with responsive style for post grid layout

Version 1.70

  • Fixed style bug with post grid layout being hidden

Version 1.69

  • Bug fix with masonry

Version 1.67

  • Masonry post items now load in series when each image is loaded

Version 1.66

  • Updated images loaded library to 3.1.8

Version 1.65

  • improved heading shortcode
  • css improvement for social icons

Version 1.64

  • Update to latest version of font awesome 4.3.0
  • Fixed bug with order options not being saved on update
  • Updated settings framework
  • Updated css for double borders

Version 1.63

  • Fixed bug with masonry posts show scroll bar when loading

Version 1.62

  • Fixed bug with accordion and tabs refreshing when inside customizer preview

Version 1.61

  • Fixed bug with print share link

Version 1.60

  • Removed namespace which is not supported in php 5.2

Version 1.59

  • minor bug fix

Version 1.58

  • Added date_format attribute to posts shortcode
  • Added alt text to social icon images thus fixing validation errors
  • adding settings link in plugin list page
  • Added Print Share Button Option
  • New options framework library
  • Changed name of social media image icon widget
  • Code cleanup

Version 1.57

  • Fixed overflow style bug with wc_posts
  • Updated default attributes on wc_posts shortcode

Version 1.56

  • Fixed Readme text

Version 1.55

  • Updated TinyMCE button options for shortcodes
  • Added new layout ‘grid’ and template options ‘box’ and ‘borderless’ for wc_posts shortcode
  • Fixed Translation issue – thanks ziofix

Version 1.54

  • Fixed bug with image settings not previewing images

Version 1.53

  • Added Icon+Text option for share buttons
  • Deprecated an attribute in social icons shortcode

Version 1.52

  • Added font icons for share buttons
  • Now supporting font icons and images for social media buttons
  • Fixed line-height style bug

Version 1.50

  • Social icons now open a new tab by default
  • Added ability to display share buttons as text

Version 1.49

  • Added padding around price heading
  • Added helpful classnames

Version 1.48

  • Fixed bug on masonry posts layout with the shortcodes displaying in the excerpt

Version 1.47

  • Trigger custom event so other javascript elements can refresh when accordion, tabs, or toggle elements are opened.

Version 1.46

  • hide fullwidth items until they have broken free from their container.
  • Fixed problem with plugins appending text to content in wc_post shortcode display
  • Update the wc_heading shortcode

Version 1.45

  • Added theme support for social icons and share buttons
  • Clean up

Version 1.44

  • Changed gutter width to fixed pixel value instead of percentage.

Version 1.43

  • Added theme support for developers
  • Updated settings for social media icons

Version 1.42

  • Improved social icons widget

Version 1.40

  • Fixed bug with Shortcode menu button hiding when latest WooCommerce plugin was installed.
  • Added share buttons short code
  • Added options for share buttons
  • updated name of widget
  • fixed bug where we didn’t enqueue media in plugin
  • optimize loading of js and css files
  • Changed name from WC Shortcodes to Shortcodes in menu
  • Updated to font awesome 4.1.0
  • removed console.log from javascript file
  • Use masonry library provided by WordPress
  • Give plugin ability to override font awesome icons in theme
  • changed links in read me

Version 1.39

  • Removed query ui for tabs and added custom tab script.
  • Removed query ui for accordion. Using custom built accordion script.

Version 1.38

  • Made an update to the responsive behavior of wc_posts short code

Version 1.37

  • Fixed bug with google maps not working

Version 1.36

  • switched out isotope library with open source masonry library
  • Increased number of pagination buttons

Version 1.35

  • wc_box short code needed line breaks inserted
  • update to image flag short code
  • changed name
  • added more options to image shortcode
  • removed unnecessary short code parameters from accordion
  • fixed style bug before accordion js was loaded
  • isotope appear and animation enabled after initial load.

Version 1.34

  • Updated plugin to be compatible with version 3.9

Version 1.33

  • Added shortcodes for inserting Font Awesome icons.

Version 1.32

  • Added Font Awesome Icons.
  • Added option to disable Font Awesome Icons. Enabled by Default.
  • Fixed bug with no excerpt showing on isotope posts after updating to 1.31.
  • Code clean up.
  • Style fix for isotope posts.
  • Title should not overflow the content area in the isotope posts.

Version 1.31

  • Added ability to insert excerpt under video and audio templates for isotope shortcode.

Version 1.30

  • Fixed bug with isotope pagination not working on homepage.
  • Removed invalid css syntax

Version 1.28

  • Added ability to add custom class to buttons.

Version 1.27

  • Removed non GPL library.

Version 1.26

  • Separated accordion shortcodes when inserting into editor.
  • Added option to display title on google map load.

Version 1.25

  • force link in social media icons have http at beginning
  • Fixed date format string on isotope posts shortcode.

Version 1.24

  • Changed permission from read to manage_options
  • Better code formatting on pages and posts.

Version 1.22

  • Added option for countdown shortcode to control labels.

Version 1.21

  • Better responsiveness logic for isotope posts.
  • Minor improvements for image shortcode.

Version 1.20

  • Added image shortcode.
  • Appended version number to JS file so new scripts get loaded.

Version 1.19

  • Refreshed isotope display on image load.

Version 1.18

  • Navigation element needed to return string and no echo value.

Version 1.17

  • Added ability to showcase posts of any post type in an isotope / masonry layout.

Version 1.16

  • updated youtube icon

Version 1.15

  • added block display to image anchor elements
  • updated icons

Version 1.14

  • Cleaned up code
  • Added 2 more image dividers
  • more support for different theme options

Version 1.13

  • added rsvp shortcode
  • removed focus css acting as hover
  • minor css fix for countdown shortcode

Version 1.12

  • cleaned up some code

Version 1.11

  • added countdown shortcode
  • added link to testimonial author
  • added support for buttons to be positioned left, right, or centered
  • added type attribute to pricing box

Version 1.10

  • Fixed style bug for testimonials

Version 1.9

  • Appended version number to css and js files

Version 1.8

  • Email link can be either mailto address or hyperlink

Version 1.7

  • Better facebook and pinterest icons

Version 1.6

  • Fixed bug with social icons displaying even if social link was not given.

Version 1.5

  • prepended mailto to email addresses

Version 1.4

  • Fixed minor JS bugs
  • Ran Javascript through jshint
  • Fixed minor shortcode button bug in TinyMCE editor

Version 1.3

  • Fixed style bug with columns not changing width on mobile devices

Version 1.2

  • Added banner image.

Version 1.1

  • Plugin released. Everything is new!