WordPress Beta Tester





For the more adventurous there is the option to switch to the bleeding edge (trunk) of development.

始める前にバックアップをお忘れなく !

PRs are welcome on GitHub.


  • プラグインの管理画面


  1. プラグインフォルダーにアップロードします。通常 wp-content/plugins/ です。
  2. プラグイン画面でプラグインを有効化する。
  3. 「ツール → ベータテスト」画面に移動し、プラグインを設定する。
  4. Under Mulitsite, navigate to Settings … Beta Testing to configure the plugin.
  5. 「ダッシュボード → 更新」(バージョン 3.0 以前では「ツール → 更新) 画面に移動し、最新版ベータリリースに更新する。


Installation Instructions
  1. プラグインフォルダーにアップロードします。通常 wp-content/plugins/ です。
  2. プラグイン画面でプラグインを有効化する。
  3. 「ツール → ベータテスト」画面に移動し、プラグインを設定する。
  4. Under Mulitsite, navigate to Settings … Beta Testing to configure the plugin.
  5. 「ダッシュボード → 更新」(バージョン 3.0 以前では「ツール → 更新) 画面に移動し、最新版ベータリリースに更新する。


Not recommended for 4.8.3

When I activated my plugins page returns 503: Server runs out of time. Deactivated this plugin and all back to normal. Not recommended for 4.8.3!

Must-have for any theme or plugin developer

This plugin works great, as advertised.

A lot of people complain that you can’t revert the DB changes. I bet (hope) that they are not plugin developers. The plugin warns you about this. You are meant to keep a backup of your site first. If you are testing in a container such as docker or a VM, then it’s even easier.

This highlights the issue that user reviews are not always reliable. A lot of users click on plugins and run arbitrary code on their sites without even reading the readme, then they come here and complain. Makes you wonder if there should be a feature on this site for users to rate the usefulness of reviews. Oh well, I’m getting side-tracked!

Anyway, thanks for a great plugin.

Good. But Please note:

Good. But Please note: (This is the bleeding edge development code which may be unstable at times. Only use this if you really know what you are doing.)

A Must have Developer Plugin

Very useful to test plugins against latest beta/rc versions.

But keep in mind, that this plugin is designed for developers only to use it on their development sites – never try to use it on a production site! you may not to be able to go back to stable releaes!

Excellent – Usage: For Development testing ONLY

I see a lot of 1 star reviews from people who obviously do not understand what this plugin is for. It is ONLY for Development testing and should ONLY be installed on a Development site/server. This plugin should ONLY be used by Coders and Developers (plugin authors, theme authors, custom coders) to test their code against the latest non-Publicly released WordPress versions. If you install this plugin on a Development site then there would be no reason to change to a publicly released Production version of WordPress since this plugin is ONLY for Development sites/servers and NOTHING else.

If you want to install and use this plugin then create a Development WordPress website (a copy of your Live Production website). If you accidentally installed this plugin on a Live Production website then restore your website from a backup.



WordPress Beta Tester はオープンソースソフトウェアです。以下の人々がこのプラグインに貢献しています。


“WordPress Beta Tester” は10ロケールに翻訳されています。 翻訳者のみなさん、翻訳へのご協力ありがとうございます。

“WordPress Beta Tester” をあなたの言語に翻訳しましょう。

開発に興味がありますか ?

コードを閲覧するか、SVN リポジトリをチェックするか、開発ログRSS で購読してみてください。



  • Escape output
  • Indicate that Bleeding edge nightlies are trunk
  • new screenshot
  • code improvements from linter


  • Remove anonymous function for PHP 5.2 compatibility.


  • fixed PHP notice for PHP 7.1
  • made URL scheme agnostic


  • Fixed to work properly under Multisite.


  • Update tested up to version to 4.7.
  • Fix the location of the settings screen in Multisite (moved under Settings in Network Admin).
  • Minor text fixes.


  • Update tested up to version to 4.5.
  • Fix PHP7 deprecated constructor notice.
  • Change text domain to match the plugin slug.
  • Update WordPress.org links to use HTTPS.
  • Remove outdated bundled translations in favor of language packs.


  • Update tested up to version to 4.2.
  • Update screenshot.
  • Fix a couple typos.


  • Add support for HTTPS urls on WP.org as well as non-HTTPS ones.


  • Unforce HTTPS for all api.wordpress.org requests.


  • Force HTTPS for all api.wordpress.org requests.


  • WordPress 3.4.x compatibility fixes


  • Further WordPress 3.2 compatibility fixes from nacin
  • Addition of activate and deactivate hooks to clear down the update core transient.


  • WordPress 3.2 compatibility fixes from dd32


  • Fixed a bug in the point release nightlies stream whereby we displayed the downgrade message erroneously


  • Add support for converting WordPress mu installs over to WordPress 3.0 RC 1 dev track


  • Fix bug which causes the message to always display


  • Added a big error message to warn people that there configuration is going to downgrade the version of WordPress they have installed


  • Fixed an issue in the version mangling for the bleeding edge develpment track which didn’t handle the x.9 => y.0 transition
  • Added translation files for Albanian and French.


  • Fixed noticed on dashboard after upgrade and before the update api data was refreshed
  • Added translation files for German, Bosnian, Italian, Polish and Romanian.


  • Completed support for translations
  • Added translation files for Japanese
  • Fixed issue with calls to get_preferred_from_update_core() when running on a cron hook.


  • Update the code to validate the returned upgrade url so as to ensure that we only offer to upgrade to builds that exist.


  • Initial Release containing support for switching your blog to point release nightlies or bleeding edge nightlies